By Eyo Charles

No other being was qualified enough to drive the Supreme of Spirits, the Ancient of Days, the Abba Father, the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu in a physical vehicle out of 34 Ambo, the citadel of power, but His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, who Himself is the Son of Man, Son of God and God Himself.

Recall that in 1962 two White men came all the way from the USA and pleaded with the Father to come with them and operate from their country; that it would be the most shameful thing for the world to know that this most wonderful Kingdom of power and splendor is physically emanating from Africa whereas they have the best of everything to use and launch Him and His Kingdom forth. To entice Him, they had persuaded the Father to drive in a car they brought, or merely sit inside of it. The Father had refused all their entreaties, saying this is the time for Africa. Eventually, the Holy Father entered the car they brought but it sunk!! It however came out from the ground when the Father alighted from it.

Recall, too, that in those days before it was time for Him to physically bring forth the BCS to the earth plane, the Holy Father had never entered a vehicle to travel but would merely appear at whichever places He needed to be simultaneously.

And so, it was because of His expressed agreement that He moved His physical body into the Nissan Quest car, which He Himself in the physical body of His Beloved Son, drove.

This time, the car did not sink because it was the Father’s direct desire to honour the insistence from the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja to appear at the Diamond Hill Cross River State Police Command headquarters, the new venue for the meeting.

This was the first time in 53 years that the Father ever moved out of the precincts of 34 Ambo Street and 26 Mbukpa Calabar.

Officials from Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja needed most importantly to meet with the Supreme Father to resolve the controversy about which of the two lists of Board of Trustees. There was the list smuggled by the renegade bishops in agreement with Mrs Helen Johnson, erstwhile secretary general in their failed attempt to legally take over the BCS Kingdom.

The rebel bishops had lied that if the CAC officials entered the 34 Ambo premises their safety would not be guaranteed. And so, if they must attend the meeting, the venue should be changed. The CAC then insisted that venue for the meeting to resolve which list was authentic should go elsewhere. They also insisted that the Founder and Sustainer of BCS should please appear in person.

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu told the Supreme Father about the development, and the Supreme Spirit surprisingly agreed that He would go to save His Kingdom for His Son. He directed His Son to take Him there. This was on Monday April 22, 2002 in the afternoon.

He did not direct any other being for none was holy enough to discharge such task. None was also holy enough or of same spiritual pedigree to withstand the heaviest spiritual vibration that exuded from Him at the time.

The Father arrived at the premises of the state police headquarters on Diamond Hill, and legions of brethren physically and spiritually had thronged the place to witness the meeting. The huge presence of brethren gave the policemen a tough job to contain. As expected it attracted a kick up of security activities to cordon off the Father, and keep the place in check.

One Mrs Akalonu who led the CAC team from Abuja interviewed the Father. The Father sat inside the Nissan Quest car throughout the few minutes of the meeting. The Father merely responded ‘No’ to the question if He had appointed C. O Akpan, Matthew Ejedawe and Okpalla Williams as His trustees.

He however affirmed a heavy ‘Yes’ when He was asked if He had appointed His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, Ibum Obu, Enum, Aja, Onugen, Emmanuel, Esu and Ugo Olumba Obu as well as Bishop Michael Akwang and Prophet RSD Tei.

Mrs Akalonu, trembling, apologised profusely to the Holy Father, who sat at the ‘owner’s corner inside the car, and dressed in His famous wrapper over a white tee shirt. He was totally at peace with Himself. Akalonu said she was very sorry for having bothered the Father, saying He was the Only Person that could resolve the raging controversy, and save the situation.

In company of His Holiness were Barrister Esu, Onugen Obu, Mike Ntuk, Winston Nakanda, Bassey Imowo, Uxhe Raymond, James Ellerbe and a host of others.



  1. Bro. Okwa Gogo
    June 13, 2019 at 10:29

    The Kingdom of God (BCS) will reign forever and ever, amen. Thank You Father.

  2. Pauline Barlay
    June 14, 2019 at 15:15

    Thank You Holy Spirit of truth for Your infinite grace and mercy upon our lives. May Your Name be glorify now and forevermore. Amen!

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