First Bible Lesson: 1st Peter 3:12

For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open onto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

Second Bible Lesson: Romans 5:19

For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one many are made righteous.

Golden Text: Matthew 24:22

And except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

This Gospel will also indicate to you that God does not forget His people. It will show you that God is merciful unto mankind. It is also the gospel that gives life, it gives us hope and absolute faith. It also gives us salvation. It is because of only one person that all the inhabitants of the whole world are saved. Who is this person? He is Our Lord Jesus the Christ. That is why He says as many as receive Him to them He gave them power to become the children of God.

You do not know that the Father is thinking about us and does not desire that we should perish. The Gospel of today will be written down and circulated throughout the entire world, concerning the love of God with mankind.

Remember the statement made by Our Lord Jesus Christ that it is finished, but many of you continue to ask why sufferings are still rife in the world. You will also realize why the various dates which the church groups and individuals prophesied as the end of the world did not come to manifestation. Others look at their failures and refer to them as false prophets. They are not false prophets. You remember the Jehovah Witnesses fixed the end the world at a certain date. That year passed and nothing happened and so people argue that they should be left alone because they are all false prophets. They are not false prophets.

It is because of that statement which God made that He will save the entire world through the righteousness of one man. It is because of that one man that the whole world was spared on those dates.

Many wicked persons and sinners ask why God continues to preserve their lives inspite of their evil tendencies. They fail to understand that it is because of that one man that God has spared them. He knows the fault and weakness of man and that is why He uses one righteous man to save the entire world. As many as accept that righteous man, the Lord Jesus Christ, they are changed and saved. There is no righteousness of yours that can save you except you believe in Him.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said:” For their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.” That is why I tell you that it was God Himself who came in the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Since God does not make noise, He did not come according to the expectations of man. He does His things His own way and that is why I tell you He is a mysterious God. He knew the nature of man and if He had come and said He was God,no person would have believed Him. That is why He always disguises Himself whenever He comes to dwell with men.

It is said when in Rome you should behave as the Romans behave. In His love and mercy for mankind, He came down from heaven in the likeness of man, as the son of a carpenter. That was why after accomplishing His work, He made the pronouncement that : ” It is finished.” If there has been any person among you who counted Himself lost, you are not lost; because of Our Lord Jesus Christ, all of us are saved.

God does not save the world through two persons. He uses the righteousness of only one person. You are witnesses that it was one Man alone who hanged on the tree. His death has saved all of us. It was not two, three, four, five, twenty or a million persons; but it is a single righteous man who was used in saving the whole world. For the sake of this one person, as many as believe in Him shall not taste of death. With all the tribulations and persecutions in the world, apart from Him, there will be not be one soul remaining in the world. So many people have lost hope. They are convinced that nothing can save them from the present circumstances in the world. But the gospel of today is delivered to make you understand that for the sake of the elects the number of days will be shortened. That is the reason why I tell you that there is neither Satan nor man, but God alone exists. Everything belongs to Him and they remain as He has kept them. We are to thank and praise Him in everything. In all things we should rejoice with Him.

Who can, by one person justify one all sinners? If you have three sons and one of them is good, you will receive him and send the other two away. If you have a good wife whose children turn out to be truants, you will not accept them for the sake of their mother. You will send them away.

In the town that you come from if there is only one righteous person, him alone will you know. You will condemn the rest and would have nothing to do with them. God is the only one who uses one person to save the whole world. That is why it is said for bodily exercise profits little but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come. If you are a retired civil servant you continue to enjoy your pension as long as you live. They will not remember your children after your demise. But it is different with God. The pension you receive from God is for eternity. For the sake of one righteous person the Lord does not impute sins unto the inhabitants of the whole world.

The reverend gentlemen, whether a bishop or the pastor will come to you saying that he wants to save your soul. Who is he that he can save your soul? It is for the sake of that one righteous person that all of us are saved. It is for His sake that we have the right of gathering here today. We have only one righteous person throughout the whole world. He is Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have only one mediator of the New covenant; there is no other. Whenever I commit sins and whenever any person commits sins, He solicits for us. There is no other person throughout the world who can solicit for you.

Tell the whole world that whatever we are today is not our making nor the making of any other person. We are what we are for the sake of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the only righteous person. Through Him salvation and redemption are being brought to man. The law says that you should not steal. It also forbids adultery. If you do not steal but you commit adultery, you are a transgressor. The law which states that you should not kill also states that you should honor your father and mother. If you do not kill but you do not honor your father and mother, you have transgressed all.

The question which we all have to answer is why those who kill and do not honor their father and mother continue to live. It is because of the intersession of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of what happens in the world that people argue that God is no more in existence. The reason is that they are all spared for the sake of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ says, “I have many things to say unto you but ye cannot bear them now howbeit when He, the spirit of truth is come He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself: but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak and He shall show you things to come. He shall glorify me: for shall receive of mine, and shall show it unto you all things that the Father hath are mine.”

Why we are living today, and why we see all that we see today, is attributed to the intervention of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from Him, by now the world would have ceased to exist. This New Covenant stands forever. It is not for any other reason that we are saved. It is for the sake of the one righteous man.

You remember how Noah preached for 120 years but no person repented of his sins. Then the flood came and only Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives- eight souls alone were saved. The flood destroyed the whole world. You will also remember that when the Israelites left the land of Egypt the population of the people, not including women and children who were under the age of twenty-one, was 600,000. And you know that in any census, the population of the women and children outnumber the rest. And so if you included this in the number, it would have been an uncountable host.


That is why He says this is the New Covenant that I will enter into with the house of Israel after those days: Not according to the Covenant that I made with their fathers; because they continued not in my covenant and I regarded them not, saith Lord. For this is the New Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, I will put my laws in their minds and write them in their hearts. And they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest, for I will be merciful unto their unrighteousness and their sins and iniquities I will remember no more.”

Why does he forgive the sins of the whole world and will not remember them anymore? It is for the sake of that one righteous Man, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people pray to Him that He should not let His blood pour in vain. God forbid. His blood can never be set at nought. Till eternity, only His blood can save the world.

WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE, AND NOT BECAUSE OF OUR WORKS. We are not worthy of His Grace. It is for his sake alone that the entire world is saved. There is therefore no point in lamenting and complaining that you are perished. You are not perished for as long as Our Lord Jesus Christ has shed His precious blood, you are all saved. Many of you wonder why God continues to shower His blessings on you because you are not worthy. Do not be surprised any longer because it is for the sake of that righteous person that God has saved all of us.

His law is that you believe in Him and love one another as He has instructed. If the entire world should love one another there would be no problem again in the world. The love of God is sufficient unto all. It covers man and beast. And there is nothing that can take away this love. Whether you look for Him or not, He has seen you and He will change you. Whether you are a sinner or a righteous person, He will call you and save you in His kingdom.

Do you think that the life you are living now should be attributed to your to your father or to your good behavior? It is only attributable to that one righteous person, Our Lord Jesus Christ. You heard that God sent Enoch to inspect the works of the sons of men in the world. When Enoch came and went with the report that man has completely derailed from the ways of God and there was no righteous or God fearing-person on earth.

You and I are aware of the way and manner we deal with each other. Even within the same house, people betray and kill one another. They hate, they fight, and do all sorts of evil things against one another. Right now it is neither the animals nor the trees nor the fishes which are troubling us. But we ourselves constitute stumbling blocks against ourselves. The wife you take unto yourself is the one who seeks to kill you. Your own husband is the one who is against you. Your children are after your life. It is your neighbor, your landlord, your tenant, who is after you. This will show you that man has reduced himself to an object of ridicule.

All the weapons of war which you have manufactured are for the purpose of destroying the life of man. There is no person who thinks good of the other person. If the wisdom of God did not surpass that of man in His decision that His Son should come down and shed his blood for mankind and because of this sacrifice, God has sworn that He would not destroy the world. But for this grace, where would mankind have been today? That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ says that no man knows the Son except the Father and no one knows the Father except the Son and to whom the Son will reveal Him. You see that because of the report that Enoch took back to God, He came and destroyed the world of Noah and only saved Noah and his household. That you may comprehend the expanse of His love, after that incident, He established a token of the covenant with man that He will never again destroy the world with flood. What is that sign? It is the rainbow. Whenever the sins of the world are multiplied, God will place a rainbow in the sky and remember His Covenant.

God does not dishonor His word. He does not dishonor Himself because He is the Word. Whenever the sins of the world are very glaring in the sight of God He will re-establish the rainbow and remember his covenant. If 23,000 Israelites died in one day because of fornication, but for this righteous man Our Lord Jesus Christ, what will be the position today? No person would have been spared. For tempting God, the Israelites were destroyed by the destroyer. But today all of you are tempting God. And yet for the sake of that one person, God does not destroy us. He forgives us. Because of murmuring against God, they were killed by serpents. Today we curse and again blaspheme God and we argue that he does not even exist, yet we continue to live healthy and fine lives. For what reason? It is for the sake of that one person; because He had promised that He will use Him to save the whole world.

We are saved by Grace. Whose grace? The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He has promised to change us within the twinkle of an eye for the sake of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is written that the eye of the Lord are upon the righteous and His eyes are open to their cry. Who is that righteous person? It is Our Lord Jesus Christ. And the eyes of God are always on Him. What do you lose if you believe in His name and love one another in order to have eternal life? There is no other name through which you will be saved except Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why it is written,” those mine enemies who would not that I should rule over them, bring them before me and slay them.”

Go and spread this glad tidings to the entire world. Whether you are a member of a secret society, or a juju doctor, or a pastor, or a pagan, know that it is through this one Man that you are saved. His promise does not change; it abides forever. Can you now realize that we do not lose in any way when we choose to serve God? Serving Him goes with a promise. If we serve Him apart from ourselves, the whole of our family, village, town, country and even the entire world will be saved.

Remember when the king of Assyria sent a letter to king Hezekiah that he would wage war with him and destroy the whole of Israel. Why was it possible for the Israelites to be saved? Was it because of the righteousness of King Hezekiah or that of the Israelites? Or was it because of their strength? Was it because of the fervent prayers or their constant calling upon the Name of the Lord? Was it because of their righteousness?

It was for the sake of only one person, David, and for his own sake that the Lord defended the city and promised that the King of Assyria would not set his foot in Israel. It is also against this background that the Bible asks how great is the joy in heaven, for a single sinner who repents. If one person repents, the world is saved.


Brethren, if you read through Isaiah Chapter 37 you will see what we are telling you. The good Lord did say, “For I will defend this city to save it for my own sake, and for my servant David’s sake. For this reason God sent an angel to the Assyrian camp. The hundreds and thousands of Assyrian soldiers were smitten by an angel.

Whatever you witness shaking up the world at anytime without involving you, do not bother yourself. It is not because of your righteousness but for the sake of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For His own sake, for the sake of the elects and for the sake of keeping to the words of His promise that He will shorten the days for the sake of the elects.

If you still persist in stealing, or fornicating, or drinking, or in any other sin whatsoever, realize that for the sake of this one person, He will change you and make you whole. Brethren, the spiritual chorus is rendered that Jesus laid the sure foundation and open the gates of mercy, it is a chorus we should accept with joy. Our Lord Jesus Christ has laid the foundation and has actually opened the gates of mercy. There is nothing that can flap its wings. Nothing can cause us to perish. For His sake and for the sake of His elects all the inhabitant of the world are saved.

It is for this reason that we are instructed that whoever has any boast should boast in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Boast neither in yourself nor in the government, nor in concoction. There is no other thing in existence that you should boast about. Boast only in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Do not boast in your faith because you have none. Do not boast in your righteousness or might. If right now God changes you, it is for the sake of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are righteous today, it is because of Him. All the good things bestowed to the world are because of this one righteous person. It is very pathetic to find some people proclaiming that they do not recognize Our Lord Jesus and also congregate to announce that they are capable of any righteous act. There is no other foundation apart from Him. There is no supporting foundation. He is the only one. He is the king of kings and the Lord of Lords. We are saved because of Him. We are changed because of Him. He has done everything for us and has overcome temptation for the entire world.

Lament no longer that you have no father or brother of sister. Do not lament about relations or money or child or husband or wife. Lament no more about Our Lord Jesus Christ. For His sake we have eternal life. But do not boast in yourself or in any other person but in Him alone. Upon the attempts of many to refrain from sins, how many people were capable? How many now accept that they are unable to refrain from sin? Do you not notice that sins have departed from you? How does that come about? It is because of this one person. It is so surprising to people.


First Bible Lesson: 1st. Peter 3:12:

” For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.”

Brethren, have you heard that? What do you lose if you refrain from telling lies? What do you lose if you refrain from fornication? What is your loss, if you love all? It is your complaint that when you do good, you are paid back with a bad coin and all the good things you do are losses. Who tells you that the good things you do are losses to you?

Have you not heard that the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His eyes are opened to their prayers? God does not use millionaires to save the world. He uses neither professors nor pillars of the world, nor the prominent nor the highly esteemed figures in the society to save the world, but He uses the righteous ones, those who revere Him, to save all the world. It surprises me when I hear many people here advise, Go yet and keep the family in order; go and build a house for your father, train your children until they complete their university because contemporary society places high premium on university education. Is university education more important than forsaking the world in order that your family may be saved.

The question is what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul in perdition? Do you remember what the blind man whose sight Our Lord Jesus Christ restored said? When the people heard that the miracle was wrought on the Sabbath Day, they concluded that Our Lord Jesus Christ was a sinner and did not hallow the Sabbath. But the Spirit of the Lord was infused into the blind man who said that God has never harkened to the prayers of any sinners but that as many as reverence God, them God harkens to their prayers.

Now that you go to set your house in order, or keep your husband’s house in order, or the house of your family in order, and in the process you steal, fornicate, prepare concoction, fight, and tell lies, have you not heard that the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and His ears are open to their prayer: but that He is against them that do evil?

You argue that you want children so that when you are no more you will be remembered. You want a house or many other things as momentos? What will aid your remembrance? It is righteousness. Whoever is righteous is the one who has made an evergreen mark on the sand of time. Anything short of this is a loss.

When Abraham travelled with Sarah his wife to purchase corn in Egypt, the Holy Spirit revealed to him that he should tell any person who asked him whether Sarah was his wife that she is his sister and not his wife. That is why you are told to listen to your spirit that whoever walks according to the dictates of the spirit does not err. The Spirit is true. All His actions are true. He sees near and afar. When they arrived in Egypt, messengers were sent to usher them to Pharaoh. Pharaoh asked them of their relationship and they maintained that they were no husband and wife but brother and sister. Immediately, Pharaoh negotiated to marry Sarah and paid the bride price to Abraham. Thereafter, Pharaoh took Sarah as his wife and gave Abraham an apartment befitting an in-law.

I am narrating this to you to enable you realize that neither wealth nor glory nor anything else apart from righteousness can save. Abraham made no fuss but surrendered his wife unto him. But the same night God revealed Himself unto Pharaoh asking why he took Abraham’s wife unto himself. He was commanded to immediately return the wife or the alternative will be to face not only his own destruction, but the destruction of household and kingdom. Pharaoh woke up startled, shivering and quaking. He immediately sent for Abraham and asked why he told a lie to him and put him through great trouble. In reply Abraham asked him if he had told him that Sarah was his wife, if he would not have killed him and also taken his wife unto himself.

In an attempt to please Abraham, Pharaoh gave wealth, slaves, cows, parcels of land and many other things, pleading that Abraham should plead with his God not to carry out His threats against him. See it for yourselves! You seek for wealth and earthly glory instead of seeking for righteousness and following the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Have you heard that you are saved by any carnal thing or by the righteousness of man? It is said that the reverence for God profits when one realizes that what he has is sufficient. Because we came with nothing into this world and we shall certainly go back with nothing. In so long as we have what to cover our nakedness, and what to eat, let us rest content. But those who want to become rich have left the path of life unto the path of iniquity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said through the mouth of Paul, if my gospel is hid, it is hid unto those who are perishing and then to whom the Lord of this earth hath blinded.

Have you not heard of the epistle of James, “Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for the miseries that shall come upon you.” why do you seek for salvation where there is none? What the world despises is what God loves. Whoever has no money does not command respect of the world. If you do not wear shoes, you are not regarded. If you do not build a house or graduate from the university, you are looked down upon. But I tell you count on righteousness. It is through righteousness that He saves the sons of men. The same attitude is noticeable even in this kingdom. When heavy donations are made, many people applaud. For this reason, some people feel that they should rather look for money and make heavy donations so that they may be known. You are not known by displaying your wealth, no matter how ostentatious. Righteousness is the passport. The ears of the Lord are open to the prayers of the righteous. Salvation came unto the world because of the righteous persons, not because of millionaires.

What do you have that you did not receive? If you did receive all that you have, why do you boast as if you did not receive them? Tell the rich that they should not hope on their riches which will disappoint them. They should hope on God who bestows on them abundantly. They should be kind and generous and do good and ask for that which will abide forever. All things emanate from this one person. Riches, good health and peace emanate from Him. He alone takes away all the sins of the world.


He said, as by one man’s disobedience, many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. When you prepared charms and concoctions, were you reformed? When you practiced the doctrines of other church denominations and went to many places in your vain hope, were you transformed?

But now that you applied the righteousness of Our Lord Jesus Christ, do you not notice the difference, how you gradually refrain from sins. The little vestiges of sins in you will gradually go. As the transformation goes on, do you even know? Do you know how you refrained from stealing or falsehood? Right now you have been made a pastor free of charge though you have three wives. You go about prostituting whereas you are a Prophet or Prophetess or Deaconess. You are an Apostle or chorister yet you are committing all manners of sins. You are given these positions free of charge because of the one righteous person.

The people of the world get angry that some of you were lawyers and are made pastors without going through any sort of theological training. In other places, if you are made a pastor without formal investiture, you are either disfellowshiped, or refused communion or suspended. Here you are neither disowned, nor punished nor suspended. But everyday you are changing from your evil deeds and ways. Even when you beat up your children in order to correct them, you cannot do anything to change them. But here our watch word is peace and day after day, the Father is changing us.

This generation shall not pass away till everything written in the Book of God shall be consummated. Listen to how the words are fulfilled as our Second Bible Lesson will be read to you.

Second Bible Lesson: Romans 5: 19:

” For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.”

Have you ever heard that a soldier is either a pastor or a Reverend? Have you ever heard of a police officer being a Pastor? Have you ever heard that a millionaire is either a pastor or reverend of any church denomination? Have you heard of a stark illiterate who cannot afford a meal being ordained a pastor anywhere? But that these words may be fulfilled, can you not witness these sets of people made pastors in our midst today?

For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one, many are made righteous. Are you not witnesses to this fact? Who is this one person? He is Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is addressed with reverence. He is Our Lord, and that is what we know Him to be. He is the Lord of Lords.

The inhabitants of the world do not know His as the one who reigns. They do not know Him as the one ruling over heaven and earth, neither do they acknowledge that salvation comes from Him. It is because of this awareness that we always prefix our prayers with ” IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST” and we also end on the same note. We begin our testimonies in the same way and we end the same way. All our undertakings are done through that name, because this is His reign and this is His kingdom. This also explains why we preach about Him from January 1st to December 31st every year. For this reason too is our faith in His name. So we are expected to practice His teachings and love one another as He advises us.

Since you came into Brotherhood, you have raised the dead, you became emboldened. People express their surprise at your new way of life. They question how and when you became a Brotherhood member. You are no longer living your former life. Why is this possible? It is not because of your righteousness. It is rather because of Him in whose name we believe that we become the children of God. Such a radical change in you surprises the people of the world. They wonder that they used to go about with you preparing concoctions and initiating into secret societies, but today you have become Brotherhood, praying for people, and raising the dead and you are no longer a drunkard. For this reason they conclude that there is something in Brotherhood.

Even some Brotherhood members are of the same opinion that there is something in Brotherhood, especially when you begin to take stock of your past and you wonder how you, of all people, should pray for the sick and he is healed and how you have become a visioner and a dreamer. You become frightened when you cannot comprehend the wherefore of things. This is the fulfillment of that promise, for as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by one man’s, the Lord Jesus Christ, we have all become righteous. You are told wonderful testimonies everyday; how somebody prays for the sick and he is healed. You also heard how a person was immersed into the water of baptism and he immediately gained his sanity.

When you are asked what is in Brotherhood, you reply that there is nothing. There is something after all. It is because of the one person, Our Lord Jesus Christ that many things happened to us. Believe in His name, and call upon the world to come and witness this great thing. Let us respect and honor Him. Let us love Him and abide by His commandments. All the inhabitants of the world bear eloquent testimony about this power. They bear witness about your righteousness and your reformation. All these events are laid bare before them; though their problem is that they are still ignorant of the source of power.

Have you ever witnessed a millionaire siting side by side and sharing the same plate of food with a pauper? Have you ever witnessed a professor or a learned man sitting side by side and eating from the same plate with an illiterate? It has never happened anywhere. And you cannot find it in any other place. But what obtains here? It is what we witness here every day.

Have you ever seen a royal highness, a chief, a traditional ruler, a king sitting with little children and eating with them? Where else have you ever heard of such a case? Even mere shaking of hands, a Royal Highness will not agree to do so. Have you ever come across a leper, a person who suffers from tuberculosis or any other form of disease, being embraced by a healthy person? Have you ever come across grown ups drinking with children from the same cup? They do not even think that the children will drop some saliva in the water but they take up the cup and collect the water and drink anyway.

Everybody rolls on the floor and we all enjoy ourselves. If you go around the entire world you will not observe such a thing. But for the sake of one man, we are made to see ourselves in such pleasant situations. Go to the world and tell somebody to refrain from drinking and see if he will not slap you. Go to the world and tell somebody to take off her necklaces, trinkets, rings, and not to paint her nails and bleach her body, whether she will not spit on you and call you an abominable fellow.

But what happens here? There are people here with ten boxes of rainments and several boxes of trinkets and other articles of adornments. But now they have no need of them. You can notice how the Father has changed all of you. This is because of that one person. Many people offer money to people in order to induce them to refrain from drinking. They engage in the preparation of concoction to cause them to forsake smoking, fornication, and other evil acts but all to no avail. Thieves cannot refrain from stealing. But here we are today. When once you are baptized into this kingdom, for the sake of this one man, all such tendencies are taken away from you. And you begin to wonder whether you are really yourself. You are the very person.

You can observe how God has changed us unto Himself. Can you realize the fulfillment of that statement? For the sake of that one righteous man, you have been changed. It is neither for your own sake, nor for the sake of any other person. But it is for the sake of one righteous person. You can realize that millions of persons are now made righteous.

The Bishop abandons his position and comes here to prostrate on the ground. The reverend abandons his status, withdraws from his church denomination, throws away all he has and kow-tows here. Everybody is caught up in the same situation. A person who is a founder of a church, with branches everywhere. He ordains pastors, prophets in his church. But now he has disassociated himself from the church and he has come down here.

His family members have met, so have his church members met to persuade him that if it is because of money, they are ready to give him the money. If it is because of houses they are prepared to construct a building for him. For they cannot see him as a leader of a church going to remain under another leader of another church;and that he should stand on his feet. But he will pack his belongings and come over to Brotherhood. Brethren I do not wish to overload you. Let our Golden Text be read.

Golden Text: Matthew 24: 22:

And except those days be shortened , there should no flesh be saved: but for the elects’ sake those days shall be shortened.

Have you heard that? If He has not shortened those days, no person would have been saved. For the elects’ sake, those days shall be shortened. Therefore, you have no difficulties again. Do not think about the happenings around you. For your own sake, those days shall be shortened and the world shall be saved. What do you lose in worshipping God, going on ministry, preaching the word of God and by so doing your family is saved. The difficulties and problems of life which were besetting the inhabitants of the world are taken away for your sake. What do you lose by so doing?

You can then realize that it is a blessing to serve God and to surrender yourself completely unto God. There is no regrets whatsoever and you stand to lose nothing. Rather, it works salvation to the entire world. Go on ministry work to Cameroon, to America, to India, to Spain and to France. Go everywhere on ministry work, to Liberia and to every part of the world. You are free to go anywhere. For by so doing and for your sake, all the inhabitants of the world are saved.

You remember that when God wanted to destroy the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham asked if a hundred righteous persons were found, whether the destruction would still be carried out. And it was said that the cities would not be destroyed. And he continued till he asked if twenty righteous persons were found? And the Lord replied that if that number of persons was found the cities would not be destroyed. He did not go further to ask if one righteous person was found. There was no where to be found twenty righteous persons and thus the cities were destroyed.

Under the new covenant, only one person can bring salvation unto all mankind. For His sake, wars and lack are taken away. Therefore do not be disturbed in mind. Rather, hold tenaciously to your talent. Hold fast to your crown of life. For the sake of one man and because of you also, the whole world has saved. The day the scales fall off the eyes of your government functionaries, they shall no longer order weapons of war. Soldiers will not be in existence again because they serve no useful purpose. Weapons of war cannot serve any useful purpose. What saves us are the elects of God. The elects of God alone bring salvation to the whole world.


At present fear has been let loose upon the entire earth as to what will happen. There is nothing that is going to happen. For the sake of the elects, God shall shorten those days. You have been given this Gospel so that you refrain from bothering yourself in anyway. And it is to make you realize that it is because of you, the elects of God, that God has saved the world.

Therefore whether you are rich or poor, whether you have a house or not does not count. Do not claim that you will not continue to do good, because, when a person does good, he is paid with a bad coin; that you will die since God has not blessed you with a child; that since people hate you, and that the world is so bad. Stand firm because for your sake, God shall shorten those days.

The scripture tells us that a city without a prophet perishes. A city where there is no man of God, that city is damned. It is said,” Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it, and except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

Let us allow this rulership unto Jehovah God and His Christ. For He is worthy. Let us all and even the government believe in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and “Love ye one another,” as he commanded us. For He shall shorten those days. That which we regard as a problem shall be made easy. If all Nigerians should accept God now, they will receive money and everything instantaneously. If the whole of the African continent should accept Him, the inhabitants will be blessed with everything now. If the entire world should accept Him now, all difficulties would be taken away from them. ” And except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the sake of the elects, those days shall be shortened.

I want this Gospel to be documented for everybody to read and come to the realization that it is for the sake of the elects of God that salvation has come onto mankind. Remember the king of Nineveh. When God sent Jonah to intimate that they should refrain from sin, he came down from his throne, prostrated on the ground and accepted what God told him, and for that reason God shortened the difficult days. Remember Pharaoh when he had dream which he could not interpret. He had seen seven fat cows and seven lean cows. And he sought desperately for someone to offer the interpretation to that dream. One of the men told him that there was a prisoner named Joseph who could offer the correct interpretation to the dream. He immediately sent for him.

When Joseph arrived, he interpreted the dream that the seven fat cows indicated seven years of plenty. And the seven thin cows meant that there would be seven years of famine on the land. Of all the claims that Pharaoh was wicked, he appointed Joseph the man of God, governor.

For Joseph’s sake, the entire world then was saved.” And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elects’ sake, those days shall be shortened.” Brethren, can you realize why this generation is hardhearted and stiff neck? It is now incumbent on all of us to surrender rulership unto Our Lord Jesus Christ because He is worthy. Even as we are now, do you know how He manages to Change us and feed us ?

Brethren it is said that one stroke of the cane is sufficient unto the wise. I do not wish to be tedious unto you. He who has ears let him hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.

Thank You Father.

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