First Bible Lesson: Luke 12:48

“But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

Second Bible Lesson: Luke 3:11

“He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.”

Golden Text: 2nd Corinthians 8:14

“But by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality.”


Brethren, what you have heard is what we want to reveal to you this morning. The summary of the lessons constitutes the “primary,” as well as, the “University,” Brotherhood. It is the real Brotherhood. The gospels preached about the qualities of love, patience, truth, honesty and humility hang on the lesson on Equality. That is the commencement of Brotherhood, by sharing all you have with those less fortunate than yourself. It is also the complete Brotherhood, sharing equally whatever you possess, so that none is more abundant than the other, and none is in lack, that there may be equality. Whatever is made by God is meant to be shared equally, amongst the Children of God.

It is for lack of the wisdom of truth that, man accumulates everything for himself, in one spot, so that the wealth accumulated gets rotten; some wasting away, others destroyed by rodents and wild animals, while others die. Meanwhile the children of men are dying of hunger. If you are able to practise all other Gospels, but cannot practise this Gospel, you have scored a zero. This Gospel is like beginning to count the arithmetical numerals starting from “zero,” or “nought”. And nought or zero, as you know, is the beginning, and end of the numerals. You are true witnesses to the fact, the zero is the starting point of arithmetical numerals, before one or two is counted. This “0” or the zero makes up most of the numbers. It makes the ’10,’ or ’20,’ or ’50,’ or ‘100,’ or ‘1000,’ or one million, or one billion. The ‘0’ is therefore the “A” and the “Z”: the Beginning and the End.


This Gospel is the initial step, the ‘ABC,’ in understanding, the work of God. If you have two coats, you have to give one to the person, who has none. As God has blessed you, so you have to share all your resources, equally, with those, who are less fortunate, than yourselves. This is the commencement of the Gospel of God. When you possess love, truth, patience, meekness, mercy and self-control, equality is the foundation on which these virtues rest; and if you have equality, in addition to other virtues, you are perfect. It appears to be the least of the Gospels, indeed very infinitesimal; and when you listen to it, you may ask, if that is all, you are expected to do: giving one of your two coats to another person who has none. But I want to put it to you, it is the greatest, the final, and indeed, the most significant of all the Gospels preached.

Our own salvation, and that of the whole world, hangs on this Efficacious Gospel. Those to whom God had promised would inherit this Kingdom, are those who practise this Gospel. If you fail to practise the Gospel, it means, you will have no share, in the Kingdom of God. This Gospel does not require Vision, prayer or preaching. This Gospel should be written, circulated and distributed to all parts of the world, to enable every soul to read, and understand the wisdom, of the truth. It does not serve any useful purpose, for you to seek after vision, prayer, or to receive lessons. But practice the Gospel, and all will be well with you. Whosoever receives and practices this Gospel, his eyes will be opened, and he will no longer steal, or tell lies, or commit murder, or indulge in any act, of sin.


It does not only end with your sharing the two items of clothing, and food mentioned, but includes also, all the material possessions. Having been bestowed with the manifold blessings of God, you are now called upon; to share all you have, with those, who are not as fortunate, as yourself. A great many people become worried, and would want to break their heads, when they are told, in Brotherhood, every person is equal. Those, who call themselves chiefs and kings, find it difficult to accept that, with their possessions, they can be equal with school boys, the unemployed, and the orphans. They feel, they should not be equated, with any other classes, of people. What you are listening to now, is the Gospel of Equality, and I wish that you listen attentively, in order to assimilate it.


You are aware that we have the First Step to God and the Second Step to God. The provisions of the two books lead you to this final Gospel of Equality. You do not require that somebody should preach this Gospel to you, or that you should be offered prayer. It does not require testimony. You know its efficacy. There is no compulsion about it. But whosoever has two things, should give one to him, who has not. You should not wait, until he requests of you. It is intended to be a voluntary, or humanitarian service. Knowing that you are the child of the Father, whatever you have, share with other children of the Father less fortunate, than yourself.


I want every inhabitant, the world over, to know, this gospel is the everlasting principle, laid down in this new Kingdom of God, with which every person has to comply. Once you are elected into Brotherhood, you should know, the practice of this Gospel is your hobby, your extracurricular activity. When you begin to think about money, you will appreciate, money in itself is nothing. In the same way, land is not useful in itself. Food, per se is not useful, unless it is consumed, by man. A motor vehicle is not useful in itself, when no one enters to drive it. You erect a storey building, reaching to the sky, if you do not practice this Gospel, by giving the apartments of the house for people to live in, the house by itself is not useful in anyway. All the material possessions, you will appreciate, are not an end itself, but only means, to an end. The end is the Gospel of Equality, sharing all you have with those who are not as fortunate as yourself, so that every person can use the resources to serve God.

God created all things first, before He created man. He created water, dry land, trees, animals, food and all other things, and kept them properly; preparatory to the creation of man, so that man might use those things to maintain himself, and that all might be at peace; and that man should superintend over all His creations. Man cannot live properly without these possessions. Similarly, if man does not exist, the material possessions are void. God the Father is greater than us, and we are greater than any of the possessions.

All possessions are under us, and in turn, we are under the Father, who owns everything. God has created these things so we might be strengthened, and enabled to serve Him, and glorify Him for His handiwork. That is why, the rich is cursed. “Woe unto you who are rich, for you have received your consolation.” (Luke 6:24). The rich will not enter into the Kingdom of God, for as long as they continue to amass wealth, put their money in the bank, or build store houses, and keep their wealth, no useful purpose is served. Such an action does no good to any person. What is it to you, if you erect a house, and furnish it heavily, but no person lives in the house; the house becomes useless, and you, the builder are useless as well.


In this Kingdom, there is no place set aside or a city created specifically for the rich, where they keep their money and wealth. This means, no rich man has a place in the Kingdom. In the Kingdom also, there is no place set aside specifically for a person, who has many children, but would not want them to serve God and his fellow man. There is no room for those, who build houses in all the towns and cities, and put up signs, “House To Let.” As a result of the number of houses they have built, they boast since they have houses in all the towns, they should be allotted important places in the Kingdom. There is no room for such house owners. That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ says: “What shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul, or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matthew 16:26). He also says: “go to now you rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.” (James 5:1). How do those, who are rich in the things of this world, look at their wealth? Do they regard them as pieces of furniture, or articles of adornment? They are not for any of these purposes, but are given to them for safekeeping, intended to be distributed to those who are less fortunate than themselves. Consequently, they will not only have self-satisfaction, but also loose eternal life. Wealth is an instrument to us, and we are instruments to the Father. We have to employ these resources in the Service of God, that there may be satisfactory service in the Father’s vineyard. All the currency minted should be used in the Service of God, distributed to those who are poor. All food crops, planted and harvested, should be used in feeding those who are hungry.


You have heard, in the beginning God said: “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” (Genesis 1:29). There is no place specifically allocated for money, or wealth to be kept, in this Kingdom of God. There is no place where food is prepared and kept, without being eaten; but people keep watch over it, fanning it and protecting it from being destroyed, from day to day. When food is prepared, it is meant for people to eat, this is done everyday. There is no empty or unoccupied house, in this Kingdom, on the wall of which is inscribed: “house to let.” All are occupied. It is a wrong connotation to say, “home to let.” For whom is the home built? Who built it? It is my home, and you own it, it is built for us. Do not put up that notice, and as soon as a house is erected, get in, eat there and sleep.


You should go home and sleep over this gospel, and then ask yourself, to whom do all the things belong. The things are owned by man, who has no second. It is said heaven and earth belong to Jehovah, and the fullness thereof. What belongs to him, also belongs to His children. That is why the Scripture has told us, a slave, who is ignorant of his lord’s will, shall be beaten with few stripes. And so, if you do not know, all the food, and other material things belong to man, and that you should use them for the benefit of your fellow man, you will be inflicted with a few strokes of the cane. But any person, who has known the provision, since this Gospel has now been imparted to the whole world, from high heaven, but fails to comply with the provision, then he will be inflicted with many stripes. (Luke 12:47). I want this Gospel to be properly written and circulated to all parts of the world, and to men of all stations in life from Queen Elizabeth of England, to the presidents of European and American countries, because it is the voice of God, descending upon the world. This Gospel is the cause of confusion and rebellion, death and sickness, the affliction and tribulations plaguing the world. An English adage has it, a hungry man is an angry person. What will you tell a hungry person, to induce him to listen to you?


The Wisdom of God is higher than that of man. So He started by creating the earth, heaven, water, dry land, food and other things; so that, His children might not perish of hunger, under pains of starvation. But you have not been instructed to accumulate all the things, in reservation for yourself, as your bona fide property. You neither eat them, nor give them out to others, but you preserve them there, while many are dying of starvation. Observe that their souls will haunt you.

The rich always argue, it is not a true statement, it is woe unto the rich, they cannot explain why they, who possess wealth, should be cursed. I want to tell you, the statement is true. As long as you are rich in the things of this world, but you close the bowels of your kindness, by not distributing what you have to others, who are not as fortunate as yourself, it is woe betides you.


A great many people erroneously argue, food is nothing, but I tell you, food is an important thing. Of all the material things enumerated, food occupies the first position. When Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared unto His disciples after His resurrection, what did He ask them? (Luke 24:41). What was the first thing done by Abraham and his wife, when the angels went to their house? The first thing they did was to prepare food for the strangers. (Genesis 18:4-8). That is why the Scriptures have advised, we should not be forgetful in entertaining strangers. (Hebrews 13:2). Entertaining visitors is the first and foremost thing, one should do. It was by entertaining strangers, Abraham had a share, in the Kingdom of God. Do you not remember Our Lord Jesus Christ asked His disciples about the guest chamber? What is a guest chamber or a guest house? Guest chambers are established anywhere for strangers to lodge. This is the preliminary thing that should be done in Brotherhood. Very soon guest houses will be established and opened so, whoever comes, lodges there, eats, washes, and rests. What did Lot and his wife do, when those two angels entered their home? (Genesis 19:1-3). The first thing was for them to prepare food for the strangers. What did Rahab, the prostitute, do for the two spies from Israel, who visited Jericho? (Joshua 2:1-24). The first thing she did was to entertain them, and to make them feel at home. She gave them water to wash, food to eat, and a place to lie down.

When the various signs and omens shown by God, through Moses to convince Pharaoh, to release the children of Israel from bondage, failed; because Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, what was the last omen on the last day? God instructed Moses to conduct a feast, using the first male of each animal, whether of sheep or of goat, or of any other animal slaughtered, roasted and eaten by the congregation, with great jubilation, after which the Pharaoh will release the Israelites. That was the function of food, you do not regard as anything. Who says food is not important?


By what means did Jacob usurp the birthright of his brother Esau? It was through red pottage of lentils. Returning from his hunting expedition, where Esau had killed large animals, he was about to die from hunger. He asked for food but was told there was no food. As he was almost fainting, he said to his brother Jacob: “feed me I pray you, with the same red pottage, for I am faint.” But Jacob gave a condition: “Sell me this day your birthright.” Esua told him: “Behold I am at the point of death, and what profit shall this birth right be to me?” Esau therefore, with an oath, sold his birth right to Jacob, for a pottage of lentils. Jacob did not usurp the birth right with any other device. And Esau did not consider it important to consider his birth right, because when you are hungry you are not yourself any longer; you will complain, and curse every person, and ask your God what sort of life you are living.


When Isaac was about to die, he called Esau and told him: “my son I am old. I know not the day of my death. Take your weapons and quiver and your bow, and go to the field, and take me some venison, and make me savory meat such as I love, and bring it to me, that I may eat, and that my soul may bless you, before I die.” Why did Isaac not tell Esau, come and let me bless you, but said go and bring a venison, and prepare a savory meat? Why did the mother of Jacob not urge Esau to go and receive blessings from his father? She did not say that because she knew what it was. That was why she took a fat goat, and prepared a delicious food for Jacob to give to Isaac. This explains why it is said, we should not be forgetful to entertain strangers for some have entertained angels unawares. (Hebrews 13:2).

When you argue, food is nothing, why is it, you have food enough and to spare in the house, but you refuse to give a part to some other persons, who have nothing to eat? You assert that you do not worship anything, but why do you have five naira, and the other person has not even got one kobo, but you fail to give him even one naira?

If your brother is hungry and is sick, and has no clothes to cover his nakedness, you offer prayers over him and he recuperates, but he is very hungry and naked, and you pray that God should be with him. How is that? He is now naked and hungry. When he was sick he did not feel the pangs of hunger, and he did not realize that he was nude, but you prayed, God should be with him, at the time he is hungry, and has needs to wear clothes. Have you remembered what happened between that widow and prophet Elijah? It was the question of food. He was sent to hide himself by the brook Cherith, to drink from the brook, and ravens were commanded to feed him everyday. After a while the brook dried up, and he had to face the stark realities of life. But when he wanted to go up the hill, he met the widow who was assigned to sustain him. (1st Kings 17:9). Following that kind gesture, the Father’s work continued to grow, from strength to strength. There are so many examples, I may not want to cite here.


Remember that rich king, who said the man of God was lazy, and for that reason refused to help; but one of the wives always prepared food, and took to David, whom the king referred to as an idle fellow. When he discovered, the wife used to sustain David, he was very angry. What happened at last? God took away all his wealth, and handed them over to someone, who was prepared to use the wealth, in the glorification of the Kingdom of God.

Do you believe, you are always afflicted for your failure to practice the Word of God, delivered to you today? Sometimes when angels visit your house, they go there with good news and wealth, but you dilly-dally, and wish, God should be with them. They will return with the wealth. If in the past you considered, money was greater than a human being, you should now repent, because you are overwhelmed with darkness. A human being is better than food, or money, or motor vehicle and all other material things in the world. Man is greater, and in a better position than all mundane things. I do not want to overload you with these facts. Our first lesson will now be read. Listen attentively to the words of God.

First Bible Lesson: Luke 12: 48

“But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

Brethren, what is read to you is the foundation of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. This is the sole worker in all parts of the world. Have you not seen this foundation in this Gospel? Are you not witnessing for Him? Are you not seeing these things for yourself? Is there any point in time, when you were brought with sickness, and you were not cured of your ailment, and in addition given food to eat? From the beginning of time, this has been the order, to distribute wealth to every person, and share everything equally with everyone. You have been elected, but you do not comply with the order. You have failed. Is there any particular day, there was no food for any person in Brotherhood?


In Brotherhood there is no secret. Have you not seen the Guest House? It is not opened for nothing. That is the real work of God. When Brotherhood will start in earnest, food will be prepared, and kept everywhere, in all nooks and crannies for people to eat. Clothes will be kept too. Wherever you would want to go, a motor vehicle will be readily available.

In this New Kingdom, no person owns anything. Everything belongs to God. It is time for Him to use all His wealth, to reveal His glory. When you watch carefully you will discover, you are very healthy and strong. No person has dominion over you. If your family rejects you, what else do you want? You have already eaten to your satisfaction. You have food and a dwelling place; therefore, you should not bother yourself with family property. What weapon has your family used to suppress you? Is it not food? They give you a condition, if you continue to be Brotherhood, they will not educate you, and you will not be assisted. They will disown you, and when you turn round to discover, you have no kobo, you will have no better alternative than to remain with them, even under the pain of death. You are aware of the system of policies; if you do not belong to a political party, which holds the reigns of power, then money cannot be given to you; but they want to use the money as an inducement and as a bait, to cause you to cross, to their party. This is what obtains everywhere in the world. It was the same trick Jacob applied, to usurp the birthright, of Esau. (Genesis 25:31-33). This is the order of the day. Tell me why things will be well with a rich man; in as much as, he has been given wealth by God, but he closes the bowels of his mercy and kindness against the poor, who are dying of hunger. They do not understand, the wealth is not theirs. They are only caretakers. But they have chosen to reserve all the wealth for themselves. They do not make use of them, nor do they eat them, nor give to others.

You do not come with anything into the world, nor will you take anything with you, when you will return. Sometimes you are fortunate to be born into a family with a golden spoon in your mouth, where everything has been ready-made for you. A very good foundation, for your wealth is laid, and very soon you become very rich. But you bluntly refuse to distribute them, to those less fortunate than yourself. What wisdom is there? If you do not contribute your wealth, what then will be used, in the furtherance of the work of God, to all parts of the world? That is why it is said, whosoever does not comply with the master’s instruction, as a result of ignorance will be beaten with a few stripes. But when he has known, all the riches bestowed on him belong to God, he should distribute them to the poor, the needy, the afflicted and the wounded, to enable them to serve God, and so turn darkness into light. If you accumulate all your riches, for yourself alone, instead of sharing them with your fellow man, the punishment, which will be imposed on you, will be severe.


When the disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ asked the Master to teach them how to pray, what did He teach them? He taught them to pray saying: “give us this day our daily bread.” He emphasized “Our Daily Bread.” Has God not given you your Daily Bread? Whatever is left over, after your daily bread, does not belong to you. You should share the remaining ones with others, because He will continue to give you your bread, day by day, ad infinitum. Whoever does not have this Gospel is an abominable man, a child of perdition. But if you receive it, and practice it, you will be prosperous, wealthy, and healthy, and have eternal life. And the Father will bestow all blessings on you, being regarded as a good store keeper, into whose care, the Father will entrust all His riches. And Our Lord Jesus Christ asks: “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler, over His household; to give them their portion of meat, in due season?” He continued to say: “Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath.” (Luke 12:43-44).


Have you not heard the parable of the five talents, the two talents and the one talent? What was the five talents? It symbolizes a person who distributes his riches to others. If he has two coats he will give one to somebody, who has none; and when the Father comes, he will be made to rule over an extensive kingdom. If God has given you a lot of money or many children, and you reserve all to yourself, instead of distributing them with others, or if you inherited land, and other property, but refuse to share all with other persons, there is no wisdom behind your action. If you do not distribute your riches to others, you are not only in a pitiful situation, but you have also been condemned. What is the significance of one talent? It symbolizes a very thrifty, and an unknown person. He is a tightfisted, stingy and miserly person like you, who loves carnal things, more than things of God. Therefore, whosoever has been bestowed with riches, and he fails to use them for the good of his fellow man, such a person has his portion with unbelievers. He is in everlasting fire, burning with brimstone, where he desires for life, and there is no life. Even if he desires to die, death runs away from him. Tell it to the entire world, whosoever does not comply with the Words of this Gospel, remains in eternal torment, and damnation.

Whether you attend church or not, whatever your church denomination is, whether you are a Christian or not, this Gospel is for the inhabitants of the earth. No matter what religious affiliation you have, whatever is your religion, whether Hindu, Judaism, Mohammedanism, Christianity, Buddhism or any other, God’s injunction is, if you have much, you have to distribute to others who have not. Whether you are a member of the Rosicrucian, Amorc, Ogboni, or any of the secret societies, God tells you to give part of your wealth to others not as fortunate as yourself. It is not right that you should reserve anything for yourself, but rather, distribute all your resources to the poor, the pauper, the orphan, the wounded, the sick and the maimed.


Brethren, can you remember what happened to the children of Israel, when they were in the desert? In the wilderness, they were fed with manna, which fell like rain from heaven. Everyday enough manna fell to feed them, according to the words of the Lord’s Prayer, “give us this day our daily bread.” It is the promise of God that for every person born into the world, He has prepared enough for him; and not only humans, but also animals and birds, even the sand on the ground are being catered for. As we are talking now, our food for tomorrow is now ready, our food for next week, next month, next year, indeed, for everyday, till eternity, is ready. He has not refused to give us food, day by day.

The main trouble besetting the whole world is not what they will eat or drink, or put on, but the selfish accumulation of wealth, which they preserve for themselves, without giving out to any person, without using them, but allowing them to rot away, while a great many people are dying of hunger. How many times will something happen to serve as a warning to you? It has been said, every man’s work shall be made manifest, for the day shall declare it; and fire shall try every man’s work, of what sort it is.

What happened to you, during the Nigerian Civil War? Were you left with even a kobo? Were you not going almost nude, like animals? All your wealth had been gradually phased out, and you were left at the position of abject poverty. What brought about the whole situation? It is love for wealth, instead of God, who created them, and their fellow human beings. This is God’s instruction and advice. It is incumbent upon every person to abide by it, no matter your station in life. No matter the figment of your body, do not seek to know anybody, before you assist him. But once God has given you wealth, if you come across any person in need, God wants you to use your wealth for the good of others, in love.


I want to tell you what happens to you, when you complain, your wealth has been seriously depleted, you are completely exhausted, or all your money has been taken away by people, in an extortionate way; that some obtain it under false pretenses, some stolen by thieves, and some of it was consumed in fire. It is because you are not faithful to God, and you are beaten with few stripes, but there is another punishment, more serious than that and which will afflict you in the future. As I have already told you, the children of Israel were fed with manna from on high, day by day, but one of them collected the manna, after eating to his satisfaction, he kept part to reserve it, for his tomorrow’s meal. At any point in time, in every community there must be a tempter, and the temptation must also be revealed to somebody. In the morning the manna melted. It is this selfish attitude, which has brought about all the woes and wretchedness in the world. Sometime ago, Nigeria was said to be the richest country. She even started giving loans to other countries. But today she is the poorest country. Why has she become the poorest country, now? It is because she has not assisted the poor and the needy. She does not make good use of the money. Those in power, put the country’s money, into their own pockets. Others struggle to share the national cake, each trying to grab as much as, they can keep. In the course of these struggles, various avenues are opened through which thieves and swindlers also share in the booty. God knows all about Nigeria.

A great many people suffer and are afflicted, as a result of this attitude. Every time it is reported, a house has been burnt; thieves have broken into the banks; robbers have burglarized a shop. Have you used your means to help the unfortunate ones, as God has instructed?


If we were to understand, the wisdom given us by God, is meant to be used for the good of others, so that we remain in peace; then all money given us, is meant to be used in common, with our fellow man. All other things we have, are meant to be used, by mankind in common. God does not regard, one thing is inferior or superior, to the other. What remains to be done is for us to make good use of these resources, in the Service of God; and for the good of our fellow workers, in the vineyard. This statement does not imply, if you do not have, you should give. The statement is quite plain. He says those, who have two coats, should impart one to those, who have none. Those who have should give to those who have not, so, there should be no sadness, no weeping, no regrets in this Kingdom, and so there may be no sickness. Do not set any condition for anything you do; neither promise paying at the end of the month, nor pledge to your property to indemnify yourself, or ask for a fee, before you render any services. If you behave in this way, you are completely overwhelmed with darkness, and great suffering. Brethren, it does not so much matter whether you are educated or not, for high educational attainment, cannot influence it. Whether you sing or do not sing, has nothing to do with it. Dexterous dance, cannot also influence the turn of events. You cannot be exempted, no matter what your station in life has been. Whatsoever God has bestowed on you, use them in helping those, who have not. Once you do this, it is enough evidence, you are practicing the Word of God.


There are now certain countries practicing “oneness,” communism. If therefore, every person in our country practices this Gospel, there will be no theft, no death, no sickness, and murder will be considerably reduced, and every person will remain in peace and tranquility. That is what I have brought. What you hear today is the real truth, and it is Brotherhood. Every person should be engaged somehow, in order to help others less fortunate than himself. This does not mean people should be idle. All hands should be on deck, producing something not only to support one’s self, but also to assist others. He has given you hands to work, for Him. He has given you eyes to see, for Him; and He has given you the mind to reason, for Him. This is not a matter to wait until it is revealed to you in a vision, or until you have a dream.

The Spirit has already told you to work and earn a living, and, whatever you have should be used in the Service of God. Whether we like it or not, that is the indebtedness of every person to God. And if you do not comply with it, you are lost. It is said, to obey, is better than sacrifice, and to harken than, the fat of rams. Do what you may, you only deceive yourself, if you are rich in the things of this world, but you see your brother, who is in want and has need; but you shut up your bowels of compassion from him. How can the love of God dwell in you?

God has given you one thousand naira, but you come across a brother, who does not even have a kobo, neither has he any clothing to cover his nudity, must you wait for him to ask you for aid, when you have known his need? You have to give him money, buy clothes for him, and arrange for his food. God will surely bless you. This provision is neither grievous, nor burdensome on you. If you have only one, you have no problem. God Himself knows, you have only one, and cannot give it away to another person. This injunction is not binding on you. In the same token, if two of you have equal quantities of goods, it does not imply, you should add your own, to what he already has. The injunction is also not binding on you. It does not imply, if two of you have twenty things each, you should add ten of yours to his, so that he may have thirty, while you have ten. What it does imply is that all those, who have, should look after those, who have not.

Our Second Lesson will now be read, because in the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word may be established.

Second Bible Lesson: Luke 3: 11

“He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.”

Brethren, have you heard what has been read to you? He has merely used these two items to serve as examples. This is the finality of the Gospel of God. These two examples are meant to help you work out a system, of distribution, of all other possessions, of yours. Decide within you and take it, as a point of duty. Whoever is lacking in anything, if you have two of them, give one to the person, who has none. You shall have then complied with the instruction, of God.

If you come across somebody, who has children, but has no food to feed them, and you have enough food, send food to them; and henceforth, you have to look after them food wise. If you have a number of children, but know of someone, who has no child to fetch water for him, you have to send some of your children, to serve him. With whatever item you have been blessed with by God, whether food or land, or house, or any other thing, since that particular thing is not yours it belongs to God; and it is God who owns it, you are bound to share with others. He has given this injunction that any person, who has two coats, should give one to him, who has none. He who has food should do likewise. And every other item should be treated in the same way. This instruction does not come from man, but from God. Those who are blessed abundantly, but who refuse to give out to others, are regarded as saboteurs.


Angels are now going from house to house inspecting the attitude of every person. That is why there are so many losses, and people suffer from diverse forms of illness. Sometimes they are sick to the point of spending all their money to obtain treatment and yet no success. What has brought about bribery and corruption? Is it not for this very reason? What brings about robbery? Is it not misery? What prompts necromancing and preparation of concoctions? It is the same thing. All the sins and vices plaguing this world emanate from this Gospel. If we, therefore, abide by the Words of the Gospel, there would be no problem and difficulty, no theft, no falsehood, no exasperation, no deceit and no sickness. Abiding by this Gospel is not grievous. Whatever you are blessed with does not belong to you; whether it is money, food, house, land, children, all are given by God; and you are ignorant of how they managed their way, into your hands. It is expedient that, since nothing belongs to you, distribute these things to those less fortunate than yourself. So Brethren, if you have not put into practice this Gospel, you have not yet started the work of God. Sometimes a person may have money, but when you ask him for aid he denies that he has. This is different from a case in which somebody has been known to be koboless, but you have money. What prevents you from giving money to such a poor person?


God has never instructed you to give a loan of ten thousand naira to any person. Somebody, who already has five thousand naira, comes to you to obtain a loan of ten thousand naira. What does he want to do with the money? It is said, “he who has two coats should give one to him, who has none.” Sometimes somebody has five naira, but goes to another person to borrow five naira, to make ten naira for his need. If I am placed in that position, I would not give you, because you have not exhausted the five naira you have. God has not implied, you should give to those, who already have, but He says: “Anyone who has two coats should give one to him who has none.” He who has food and other things should do the same thing. The emphasis is on, “Those who have none.”

Unless you have never experienced poverty, you will be ignorant of the condition of the poor ones. Poverty or want is the worst sickness, in the world. If there is a person, who has not got even a kobo or cloth to wear, such a person is not fit to live. Do not joke with any person, who is in a position of abject poverty. If you toy with him, he can cut off your head, or deal with you anyhow. On the other hand whenever you come across somebody in lack, if you give him even one kobo he will be very happy, knocking his head on the ground several times, and will pray that God should bless you. Indeed, God will bless you. It is incumbent upon you to abide by this Gospel. We should neither add nor subtract anything from the Gospel. Take note, when you get out from here, you should not go begging, somebody should give you soutane. What about the one you are wearing, is it yet torn into rags?


There may be a sick person, who has money, but he wants to recover from illness. If you give him money, has he complained, he needs money? He wants to be well. There may be another person, who has both food and money, but he is illiterate. He cannot even write a letter, and is asking for somebody, who will write a letter for him, but he cannot find anyone. When you go there and give him money, does he require your money? He wants you to write a letter for him. Go and write, since you are educated.

We should be extremely careful in practising this Gospel. We should not practise it in a way, which does not give glory to God. God has said, anyone who has two coats should impart one to him who has none. He who has food, houses or other things, whenever you have two things, give one to him who has none, so that you may be equal.

God has never tempted man. If you have not, He will not advice you to steal form another person. But He says, any person who has should give to you. It is said, “To whom much is given, much is also required.” (Luke 12:48). If he does not give, what will be required from you? He rather wants somebody who is abundantly provided to give to you. This Gospel does not work any evil to any person, who has nothing; neither does it work evil to him who has, but it is beneficial to both. Why those who are rich suffer is, they conserve all they have, for themselves. They may be hopelessly sick, they spend a lot of money to obtain treatment. They may be beset with diverse problems and difficulties, losses, and bankruptcy, because they have refused to distribute their wealth to the poor, the needy, the orphans and the wounded. For not giving to those people you are suffering, as an unbeliever. Sometimes you are induced to drink like the bee; and you spend all your money, and that is when you are in a state of penury. I can also induce you to be a chain smoker, or chronic fornicator, or a notorious idolater. If you were able to abide by the instructions, those problems would be solved, and you would call a halt, to the sinful behavior. It is God Himself who has caused you to spend your money in these ways, because you refuse to spend it in the Service of God, by showing kindness and benevolence to those less fortunate, than yourself.


There is no other medium through which you can be prosperous, and have glory, and also enter into the Kingdom of God, apart from practising the Gospel of this day. The only way through which you can be poor and wretched, and have all your wealth taken away from you, is by your rejection of this Gospel, and the instructions contained therein. Any person in the world who rejects the instructions imparted today, has rejected his life, and his very existence. What is the wisdom in your having all the wealth, but you are of no assistance to any person, and after sometime you pass away? It means, both you, and your wealth are lost. Have you not heard what the Scripture says, “he who has to him shall be given, and he who has not, from him shall be taken, even, which he has.” (Matthew 13:12, Matthew 25:29).

God knew, Eli and his two sons would be taken away. But Hannah surrendered her only son to Eli, even though she was barren. But by giving her only child to Eli, God gave her five other children. What did she lose? If you practice this Gospel, you will never again be poor or wretched. You have entered heaven, and you will be friendly with all men. You will be a good person. You will have peace. Sickness and wretchedness will be taken away. Our golden text will now be read.

Golden Text: 2nd Corinthians 8: 14

“But by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality.”

Brethren, notice the Wisdom of God. That is why, when you are sent as a light into your family, sell the light to every other person; do not regard it as your bona fide property. Use it equally for the good of all men. In your village or community, whatever God has bestowed on you, should be used in a very beneficial way to all. Whatever God has bestowed to anyone in this world, should be used in assisting, and aiding others. This is the divine order of God. He is never discriminatory. You are aware, He loves every person in the same way. He thinks about every person in the same way.


You have heard, Adam was appointed to superintend over and control all God’s creations. God has appointed man to look after His own handiwork. God cannot pour money along the street, at the market square, inside your house, and instruct the money to begin work. But money is given to man by God, and to be used in His own Service. He has also bestowed money, and other wealth for you to use for the good of mankind; and so glorify God. You will not find it difficult to distribute the wealth you have gathered, once you have the understanding, you are a treasurer, a steward, a messenger, and an administrator of estates; and so you are aware, they do not belong to you, but to the Father, and that the owner has come.


What He has promised you is, if you practise His words appropriately and uprightly, when He comes to inspect your performance, He will give you a large kingdom to rule over, and will bestow all riches to you, and make everything quite clear to you. All the power, glory and rulership that we want are based on this Gospel, i.e. whether you have used your resources, to assist your fellow man, in the service of God.

From today you should regard yourself as borrowing all parts of your body. He only loaned His eyes and ears. The hands, wisdom, children, money and every other thing are but His own, and you, as a contractor, are given the tools to execute the contract. If you patiently and meekly execute your contract, without doing the work for your own aggrandizement, without stealing or reserving one for yourself, when He comes He will catapult you to the highest position, which you had never thought of occupying. In order to benefit from it, you should not regard anything you have gathered as your own, but that all belong to God; and, whatever you distribute are not distributed by you, but that God has graciously and kindly given them to His children. You will be quite free. You will not quarrel with any person. You will not bother yourself struggling for wealth but will realize that nothing belongs to you, that God owns everything; and you will continue to practice as you do, for God. That is why, I continue to tell you, Brotherhood is not yet understood by many, because I see you people struggling for one thing or the other. Every person tries to grab as much as he can; and conserve for himself, as his bona fide property. That is why thieves are so attracted, they break in to steal. Some become rotten, some are lost, and others are thrown away.


When you are given money, you take it to your family. When you are given a car, you keep it for your use alone. When you are given land, you keep it as your bona fide property. You are given food, and you keep it for yourself alone. When you behave in the ways enumerated, you will appreciate, your eyes are not yet opened. This Gospel does not refer to your family. If your family is bestowed with wealth, they have enough to eat and to spare. They also owe a debt to give some of what they have to those, who are not as fortunate, as they are. If your village is very rich, every person owning property should give the extra they have to others. You are told to give to him, who has none. It is a very pitiful situation to find people, who already are rich, who go to beg. Upon all that you have and the money in your pocket; have you already exhausted these? When you go to collect property from several people, are you not content with what you have? You are working for wretchedness to yourself.

You build a house and give it out for rent. But you go, to put up with another person, in a small congested and inconvenient apartment, and always complain to people, you have no quarters. Note, your house, can be demolished. You have food, but you hide it; and when another person brings food, you eat with him, complaining that you have no food. Note also that, the food that you preserve for yourself will be stolen. The greatest mistake people make in Brotherhood is: “as the Father likes it.” I tell you, you are doing a great harm to yourself, because before you realize what is happening, your cars have all gone, and your houses taken away from you, and you suffer in addition.


If you are a preacher, but you have money, houses and other things, why do you also collect money from people? You should rather distribute your resources to other preachers, who have nothing. It is not for you to receive pay from others, since you are actually rendering the services to God. At the time you came into Brotherhood, as a poor person, you were given food and clothing. But after you had been healed of your ailment, and you began to own certain things, why do you still want to go begging for food and clothing? Why do you keep these things to yourself alone? Whosoever has one or two properties, but is looking for more, is a thief.


I give this Gospel that it may be circulated to all parts of the world, because what brings about trouble, problems, death, sickness, poverty and tribulation is this Gospel. Have you not seen what God has done in this fold? He does not discriminate between the various classes of people. Every person is regarded as equal, and the same treatment is given to every person. But people have taken undue advantage, and have closed the avenues of assistance.

In Brotherhood every person is the same. But this does not imply that every person has the same amount of money, or that every person has the same amount of education. But it is that those who have should help those who have none; and that everything should be used in common, so, there may be equality, and so, there may be no difference between the rich and the poor. I know, this lesson has been revealed to many by God, and they are practising it, while others do not make any attempt, but regard those who comply as foolish persons. They walk about, telling people that they are in lack, thinking that they are deceiving God. Do not forget what happened to Judas Iscariot. The same thing can happen to them.

Notice that Our Lord Jesus Christ started this Faith and this Work, i.e. the establishment of one common purse. Therefore, wherever the Children of God are found, there should also be established one common purse, the proceeds of which should be distributed to all, that there may be equality. That is the Kingdom of God; and it is, what I have brought, to the world.

You are urged to remember the orphans. When Paul and Barnabas met with Peter and the other Apostles, they told them to remember the orphans. Right from today you have to remember the orphans. Think about them, and assist them. Poverty is the worst sickness, prayer cannot take it away. Always help those less fortunate than yourself.

Brethren, I do not intend to be tedious unto you. One stroke of the cane is sufficient for the wise. Those who have ears let them hear; and may God bless His Words. Amen.


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