First Bible Lesson: John 14:13

“And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

Second Bible Lesson: Matthew 18:19

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

Golden Text: John 16:26-27

“At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you.

For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.”

I will desire that you open your ears, open your hearts, and broaden your intellect and receive this word because it is not spoken by man but by God. The voice of God has come to you today. It is said, heaven and earth shall pass away, but not a jot or tittle of His words shall pass away forever and ever (Matt 5:18) What do His words say? The Samaritan woman said to Our Lord Jesus Christ, “our fathers worshipped in this mount, but ye say there is a place in Jerusalem where men ought to worship God.” Christ said unto her, “Woman believe me, the hour cometh and now is when it shall not be at Jerusalem nor at this mount where men will worship God because ye worship what ye know not. But we worship what we know and believe because salvation is of the Jews. Believe that the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers of God shall worship Him in spirit and in truth; because the Father seeketh such to worship Him.”(John 4:21-23).

Now, when do you think is that time spoken of by Christ? The time when people do not go to Jerusalem or the mount, or bethel, or any other place, or tell a fellow man pray for me; when is that time? This is that time. Many people will be annoyed that I have deprived them of their livelihood by giving this gospel. This person will claim: “I am a prophet.” In the olden days you have heard that prophet Samuel and the rest of them who reigned at that time were to pray and make supplications for the people but that is not applicable now. Every person is free in the scheme of things of the new covenant, because every person is to pray for himself. That is why I tell you not to come here for prayers because it is a mark of disbelief. After Christ had shed his precious blood on the cross all things have been done. Now, whatever you request for, you will receive. Start doing this from today. Do not go to somebody requesting that he should pray for you. I am making this declaration from the High Heavens that you should not go to any person for prayers any longer. You have heard what the first lesson says.

Ask In That Name and You Shall Receive.

It said, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that shall I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” What is the need of saying, “O! Sister ask on my behalf. Whatsoever you shall ask in His name, God will do for you immediately.” It is said that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. I want you to give this word a trial. Don’t go to any place. Don’t consult any form of oracle. Whatsoever that you want ask God in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whether it shall not be given to you. Why did Christ have to come? He came so that God may be my Father, your Father and the Father of all. He said, “this is a new covenant I will enter into with the house of Israel after those days; I shall write my laws in their hearts, a neighbor shall not teach a neighbor, neither shall a brother teach a brother saying know ye the Lord, because from the least to the greatest shall know me; I shall forgive their sins and iniquities and shall remember them no more.” (Heb 8:10-12) This is what prevails now. This is what I have been telling you because all this time you do not believe. Some people are ignorant that the old covenant has passed, and after the propitiation by Christ, all of us are free to ask whatsoever we want from the hands of God. Never you say: “O! Lord Jesus ask for me, John make request on my behalf, put me in prayers.” You have heard it all today. Whatever you ask shall be done. Try it from today and see for yourself, whatever you want kneel down and ask in that name whether you will not receive. Your testimony starts from now.

Every Person Is Free To Use That Name

Remember when John, a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, told the Lord, we saw somebody using your name to cast out demons and we forbade him, because he is not with us. What did Christ reply? He said forbid him not, for whosoever is not against us is with us. (Luke 9:50) The man we are talking about had not been going along with Jesus the Christ; but he cast out demons in His name, he healed the sick and did many other things. How much more you who are here. Do you think any fee is charged on the use of that name? It is free of charge. Everyone is free to use the name because it does not require any form of ritual. You should have faith, and you have to believe. Try this word and see for yourself. I am not saying you should try it tomorrow but today and from now. Because it is said, the hour cometh and now is when the true worshippers of God shall worship God in spirit and in truth.(John 4:23) For God seeketh such to worship Him. Along the road worship God by knocking your head on the ground for Him, and He will answer you. Call upon God through that name and He will answer you. While in the aeroplane do likewise. Wherever you find yourself do not say, “O! Let me get home.” But remain there and worship God. Call Him faithfully, and He will answer you.

Don’t Go To A Specific Human Being Or Place

That was why Christ said to His disciples, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when He shall come, even the spirit of truth, (John 16:12) He shall guide you into all truth, because he shall not speak of Himself, but that which he had heard from me will he reveal to you. The spirit of truth which is here is that you should not request any person to pray for you again. Ask whatsoever you want in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and it shall be done for you. Do not go into the bedroom any longer. Don’t go to the tree trunk again. Do not go to any particular place. Because God is Omnipresent. Wherever you are call upon Him in the name of the Son, He shall answer you. I know really that some Brotherhood members have understood this, but others, like the prophets who were ordained are leading a great many people astray. You will hear such people say, here I am, come unto me and I will pray for you. This claim he makes is not true. Every person is free to pray for himself. Ask whatsoever you want from God. Do not attempt to ask any man, but ask of your Father and you shall receive. Have you not realized that everything has a reason? There is a reason why I don’t conduct ordination any longer. So that you may see this glory of God in its true perspective, because this is the real glory of God. This work is not done by any person. But ask in that name. From this day you will learn to hearken to instructions so that you may have great testimonies. We have no other thing to reveal to mankind. Whether you are a juju doctor, or necromancer, woman or man, infant or adult, put it to test today. Wherever any person is, do not say let me go to 34 Ambo Street, Calabar. Do not think of going to the Bethel. Whether in your house, or in the forest, or in the market, or in the farm, or in the toilet, etc. worship God and ask whatsoever you want in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and you shall receive it. This is the promise he made, that is why He exalted this name so that whatsoever would be asked in that name shall be done so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

This Promise Is Meant For Those Who Believe In His Name

You are true witnesses to the fact that that is what Brotherhood has used to overcome the entire world. The key which is given to you is this, that whatsoever you ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ shall be done. When you want to pray begin with the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. When you want to give testimony do likewise. This name: “Our Lord Jesus Christ,” is the code-word. Whatsoever you will ask in that wonderful name, God shall not fail to do it for you. I want the inhabitants of the world including the doubting Thomases to put it to test. From today, whatsoever you want, just kneel down, ask without doubt in that name and see if you will not receive. This thing is not meant for a handful of people but for all those who believe in that name. Because God is my God, your God, his God, our God, and the God of all Creations. He died for these things. He resurrected and lived because of these things, so that in all things God may be glorified in Him. There is no need going to Jerusalem, or Bethel, or into the bedroom or any other place. Call His name wherever you are and He will grant your request. It is said, let all those who call upon the name of the Lord alienate themselves from sins. That is why we have to separate ourselves from sins, so that when we call upon that name He will answer us. Confess your sins, repent, believe and put your request across. When it goes according to His will He will do it for you. That is why here in Brotherhood no matter when you were called, you are free to pray. Every person is free to pray and raise the dead, cleanse the leprous and do many other things. Wherever you go you are free to pray because there is no ceremony attached to it. That is why even somebody who has not come in here whenever he calls on that name it works accordingly for him.

Every Person Should Pray For Himself.

This gospel is released so that the inhabitants of the world should not get bothered any longer by one person going to the next for prayers. Every knee should bow for Him, and every tongue should sing His praises. Be not compelled by any person to pray for him. And if somebody requests you to pray for him, advise him to pray for himself. All of us must speak for ourselves. Every person has the right to pray to God and get immediate result. Because He has said, this generation shall not pass away until all things are made manifest; (Matt 24:34). He has also said, I will not pray the Father for you, but ye shall ask anything of the Father in my name and I shall do for you. This is that time He spoke about. Ask anything in his name. Whoever believes and is baptised is saved. (Mark 16:16) And these signs shall follow them; in his name they shall cast out demons; they shall pick up serpents with their hands; they shall speak in new tongues; if they drink any deadly poison it shall not hurt them; they shall place their hands on the sick and they will recover.(Mark 16:17-18).That is what is meant for those who believe and it is free of charge. Let not your thoughts be at 34 Ambo Street, or 26 Mbukpa Road, or Bethel, or village, or street, but let your thoughts be in the Father and believe that He is there with you wherever you are. Whenever you call Him He will answer. Because He answers whenever He is called.

This Gospel Is Unique And It Is The Key Given To You:

Those who want to cause you to derail, get your thoughts from them. Put on this gospel over you as a garment. Allow this gospel to indwell your mouth, your body and your heart. Let this gospel lead you in all your endeavors and wherever you go, so that people will not mislead you. You have heard the prayer which was given by Apostle Ewa that the gospel given by the Father is food, is wealth, is motor car, and clothes, is wisdom, is power and everything; and the gospel should live in us. This gospel shall indwell you for ever and ever. If you don’t practise this gospel it means that you don’t believe in God. And your blood shall be upon you, because this key has been given to the entire world. I am not the one speaking neither is it a particular person talking, but this is the word of God and it shall endure for ever. This explains why some members are annoyed when you come in here. Because whenever you come here your eyes are opened. I give you this gospel as the key. Because as some people have heard this pronouncement of the Father that people should not come to see Him again, they will begin to tell others, come to us because we are mandated by the Father to operate. It is not true. Every person is now free to make request for himself. Speak to your Father at any point in time. You will use this gospel to shut up their mouths. Whoever reads those portions of the scriptures will not fail to keep his mouth shut. If you did not practise this gospel, put it as a garment over you from today; and always try your best to practise it. Whatsoever you want, ask in His name because He indwells you now. If there is any other gospel which is powerful and interesting it comes immediately after this gospel. This gospel is the first of its kind.I don’t think there is any other gospel so great as this. Because He says, “Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name shall be done.” I want you to say out what other thing remains. He tells you, whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, my Father shall do it for you. There is no iota of doubt in this statement. Let our first lesson be read. Open your ears, and broaden your intellect because today is a great day and this gospel is going to live in you from today. Even though you forget all other gospels; you will not forget this gospel, and it shall dwell in you for ever.

First Bible Lesson: John 14:13

“And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

This Is The Time To Practice The Word Of God:

Have you heard that? Have you asked anything in His name? Don’t you go to somebody else to ask for you? Have you no mouth to ask for yourself? Has He told you to go to someone else? But he says, whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do. It is said, today when you hear His voice harden not your heart.(Heb 4:7). He has not told you to go to Jerusalem, or a specific person. But he tells you, whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do. Don’t bother yourself any longer. All this while you were ignorant. This is the time because everything has its time. This explains why I have decided not to ordain people any longer. I don’t wash people’s feet again, I want you to practise the word of God. I have told you that this is the time to practise the word of God. Because whatsoever you shall ask the Father in His name none shall He not accomplish for you. Do not doubt, and do not ask questions. Believe and ask whatsoever you want in His name and it shall be done. Every person who asks in His name shall receive. The “phone number is our Lord Jesus Christ.” May be you did not know the phone number of your Father, let it be known to you today. Brethren your testimonies are full. I am making this declaration from the highest heavens unto the kings and emperors of this earth. Those who go about collecting things from people to minister unto them may you all forgive me for giving this gospel. I have to reveal this, because some people make it a means of livelihood. They kid about with you. They toss you about, because you want it so. Right now pray at your end as they also pray. You have heard what had happened in Cameroon sometime ago that people have been going from here to Cameroon to deceive the people there that power generates from here. Eventually somebody was baptized in Cameroon and the Father endowed the person with the gift of seeing visions and healing. Because of such development, the self-acclaimed visioners and charm removers who have been influxing Cameroon to dupe people have ceased to operate, and that chapter was closed.

The Disciples of Christ Used This Name And It Worked

Now there is no need for somebody to tell his brethren please pray for me. There is no use. You have to go on bended knees and call upon the Father whenever necessary. This system must be practiced all over the world. The word of God cannot be nought. Because if you go to the Bethel it means that statement which Christ made is not fulfilled. Because He said to the Samaritan woman, “the hour cometh when it shall neither be in Jerusalem nor at this mount where men will worship God, because ye worship what ye do not know, but we worship what we know; because salvation is of the Jews. Now, when you kneel down and call upon God in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, He will answer you. Wherever you are, whether you are in the inner chambers, or inside a car, etc., do not attempt to come out, remain where you are, kneel down and call on Him and He will grant your request. Recall to mind, when Peter, John and James went to pray at the beautiful gate: they met a cripple at the gate begging for alms. Peter told him, “watch us.” The cripple thought they were going to give him alms. Peter said, we have neither silver nor gold to give unto you, but in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, arise and walk; and immediately the lame man stood up and walked. (Acts 3:6) That was the name at work. This requires no specific formula. You have to take to same. Every person should practise the same thing. Don’t go to beg to pray for you any longer. Do not write prayer requests begging for people to pray for you. Tell whoever is involved to pray for himself and let all pray too.

This System Is Prevalent in Brotherhood of The Cross And Star

What pleases me is that this is what operates here and Brotherhood members are acquainted with this system. A certain Sister from northern Nigeria testified here the other day and I thanked the Father immensely for such testimony. Right now, the work you have to do is to spread this gospel to people. Spread this gospel to people and let it not end at your door. Tell every person that mankind has been liberated and directed to ask whatsoever they require from God and receive. The sister said that there was certain Army Major who was told to pray and he refused; he was advised to go on fasting but he refused that too. But when something happened to him he wrote to her that she should come and pray for him. You have to realize that Brotherhood is in stages. A lot of people have not come to this knowledge of truth. Some other people came out yelling. O! we have already gone to pray for that Major. And the sister questioned why do you pray for him, has he not got the telephone number? Let him pray for himself. And they went later and told the brother (major), who do you expect to pray for you? You have the telephone number of your Father already, why not dial him via prayer? Kneel down and pray for yourself and realize the possible results, because nobody was going to pray for you today. The Major prayed and instantly heard a voice calling him and saying to him, “your problems are over.” And his problems were over and he said he has believed in the Father. I want you all to believe. I want every person to believe that God is his God, since He is found everywhere. It does not work if you go to people to pray for you. Because he has stated here categorically, on that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you. That means you have to pray for yourself; because obedience is the first order and for that reason you have to obey. Pray for yourself. The scriptures says, “a neighbor shall not teach a neighbor, neither shall a brother teach his brother to know God, because from the least to the greatest shall know him. (Heb 8:11-12) Every person must know Him. Every Tom, Dick and Harry must call him with that telephone number and that must continue till eternity.

When You Are Troubled, Fast And Pray

When the Pharisees requested of him when the Kingdom of God shall come, he said to them, the Kingdom of God cometh not by observation, neither do men say lo, here, or lo, there, for the Kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:20-21) He is here with us. When I descend the pulpit I have to pray. Before I came up I prayed. And you have to tow my line. That is your work, my work, and our work. All of us are now good at offering prayers to the Father. I have liberated all of you. You are free to call on God, so that whatsoever you ask in that name you shall receive. Don’t be deceived by any person that you will not receive what you request from God if it goes according to his promise. The key that He left to Peter was this prayer. He said teach them to pray without ceasing and untiringly. That was why at all times they prayed. There is nothing you ask in His name which you will not receive. Whenever you are troubled, go on bended knees and pray calling on His name and he will take away your troubles. Whenever you are worried go on fasting. You can fast from 6:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., or you can go on dry fasting and prayers. That is the key. And when you do that He shall take away your problems. If you bear malice against any person, when you want to pray confess your sins and be repentant, remove that person from your mind, and pray to God, and the Father will answer. Whenever you want to pray purify your heart. Whenever you were annoyed, you have to put away the anger. You have to be merciful unto people. You have to believe in God, and believe that since He had promised to grant your request, He will do it.

Others Seek For Prayers In The Name Of Benevolence

If we comply with this order that is what is meant by the Kingdom of God. Because a lot of people still believe in giving food items every morning to the prophets, or Christ servants, Christ students, or full time preachers, etc. This person will say, if it were not him things would have gone wrong, he prays for me and my household. If you give anything to any person particularly a man of God you shall be rewarded a hundred-fold. Don’t beg for prayers from the servant of God by giving him gifts, but believe that your generosity to any servant of God shall be greatly rewarded by God. Pray on your own in His name and ask whatsoever you want and it shall be done. When you come in here do you see candles. or incense, or do you see me go into the inner chambers? Is it not prayers that I offer to you? Now, pray in that manner.

God Has Given Power To All And Sundry

Every person should pray to the Father and get the possible results. He has not done this because you are good or worthy, but it is according to His promise. He has said, “whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that shall I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” From today, if you comply with this instruction your joy will be full. Hitherto people thought that God has not imbued them with power. But I say, No. Because God is the God of equality. He gives his power evenly to all and sundry. He gives the infant the same power He gives the adult; and there is no class distinction in His scheme of things. Until now a great many people here are cogitating this power is owned by man. They do not believe in God. Others are of the view that there is a specific place where one has to consult before the power is generated to act for him. Go and spread this gospel to the inhabitants of the world. Advise people that they should refrain from sins irrespective of whatever they want in His name for He will do it. Because that promise is meant for you, myself and for the generations yet unborn. Do not doubt any longer and do not be unfaithful. It does not cost you a kobo to practise this teaching. You are not told to buy a candle, or incense, or anything. At any point in time you kneel down and call on His name, whatsoever you shall ask in that name you will receive. You go to bethel in order to meet with older brethren and sing, dance and clap your hands and give thanks to God. But whatsoever you want discuss it with your Father wherever you are.

Some Ordained Members Make Their Turban A Means Of Livelihood

I am very sure you will be exceedingly glad if you pray and your prayers are answered rather than somebody praying for you. If somebody prays for you, you will always claim that that person was responsible for your fortunes. Many people in Brotherhood until today are still enslaved to other members. Some are prophets, others pastors, but they go with their families to a spirited child that he should pray for them. This is a also because of lack of being taught. Some people think immediately they are ordained they are given a means of livelihood. And when they are praying for you they will put their turbans around you and begin to pull you this way and that; and you think since you have no turban you have to accept whatever they do to you. Such actions cause people to be troubled. Sometimes somebody will say, well, since I am not an ordained one may we find one or two of them to perform this feat. But today such things have been cleared. You are liberated today and given freedom to pray to your Father. Wherever you sit when two or three people ask, He will accomplish; provided you ask through the right way; provided you confess your sins and be repentant, and remove people from your minds. If you pray and call on His name it will work for you. Ask whatsoever you want in His name and He shall do it for you. If you don’t comply you have yourself to blame. You don’t have to pray at random. His telephone number has been given to you. Just dial that number and it will work. If you don’t know somebody’s phone number how will it be possible for you to dial him? The telephone number of the Father is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

And whatsoever you ask in that name He shall do for you. Because wherever you find the talkative there also is somebody who stirs trouble. Why I did not want to open up this fact for the time past was just to allow them toss you about. Because as many people came in here and are ordained prophets, the people who have been feeding fat on them become infuriated that the Father has deprived them of their livelihood. Others trooped in with sickness in order to be cured by the Father’s prayers but I ordained them prophets; even though the person may declare openly that he is sick. When he goes back home he becomes a healer. You will not tell others to bow and do the same thing but rather you will blind-fold people that the Father has given something to you which gives you power to heal people. It is not that easy for somebody to expose this truth. Only Father does it.

Medical Doctors Also Claim To Be Healers

If you tell a medical doctor that it is God that heals your sickness he will be angry with you and tell you that he had spent years abroad to acquire his degree in medicine and now you have said it is God who cures your sickness. The same thing is applicable to those who pray. Such people will claim, I have suffered, fasted and prayed to wrought that thing: but now you claim that it is God who has done it. He regards you as a liar. Your reply should be that the Father is always there to help. Wherever you are pray to the Father and He will answer you. Do not wander to the right or left. What is the usefulness of seeking for prayers from somebody when every person has the right to pray for himself? Do not go to somebody for prayers any longer. Every person should pray for himself. I want every person to start practising this gospel so that your testimonies might be full. Let this word indwell your brains, your hearts, your mouths, and all parts of your body so that you will not forget at any point in time that the Father had declared that every person should ask. Whatsoever happens, call on that name, and that name will perform wonders. Let our second lesson be read.

Second Bible Lesson: Matthew 18:19

“And I say unto you; that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

The Father Is Omnipresent

Are those words spoken by Olumba, or are they spoken by Obu? Are those words not spoken by Christ and God Himself? Two people amongst you, as soon as you kneel down and pray, whatsoever you shall ask will be done for you. Even if you are alone, wherever you are, whatsoever you ask in His name He will do it for you. That is His promise. It does not consist in going to the mountain, or to Jerusalem, or to the valley, or the secret chambers or any other place to pray. It does not consist in going to prepare a special place called “altar,” decorated with flowers. You are the altar of God. Whatsoever you ask in that name He shall do it for you. If you are inside the plane and something happens, kneel down and pray call on the Father in His name and He will do it for you. You have alighted from the plane and are inside a car. Whatever occurs while you are in the car, call upon the name of the Father and He shall do it for you. Put away such ideas like, our bethel is over there, or let me go to such a place. God is omnipresent. Wherever you find yourself you are with the Father and the Father is with you at all times. How many people can you alone pray for in a day? We have to spread this gospel to all and sundry that every person should help himself. He has not forgotten His promise. He said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go back unto my Father.”(John 14:12) He further said, “In my name shall they cast out devils;… they shall take up serpents; and if they drink of any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:17-18). Do not ask questions any longer. Wherever you are, whether you are a man or woman, child or adult, go and practise what you are told. When somebody gives you a particular drug with which to cure your sickness why do you begin to ask and argue how effective it will be? My question is, have you tried it first to see? Somebody gives you advice, “when you go home do this thing or the other.” But when you’re home you don’t experiment by adhering to his advice. How would you then claim that the advice he gave to you is not good if at last you have not received what you wanted?

Don’t Go To The Mountains Or Jerusalem Any Longer

Henceforth, whatever you want to do, as far as you live, pray to God. Whether you are two, three, five, etc., pray and converse with your Father, ask Him whatsoever you want in that name and He will do it without delay. This is that new covenant, that was why He told that Samaritan woman that men will no longer worship God in Jerusalem or at the mountains. Because he has shed His precious blood every person has been liberated. Wherever you are you are free to pray. God is your God and whatsoever you request from Him you shall receive. That is what He kept for you, and I have revealed it to you today. Whether there is prophet or not, pastor or no pastor, reverend or no reverend, whether a man or woman, ask, and the Father shall do it for you. You will realize that all that you are doing is because you don’t believe in God. God is closer to you than the tongue to the teeth. He is in your heart, behind you, in your head, legs, face and around you. If you want to prove what I am telling you go and practise this word. Decide within you and put it to test and it will work like magic. When somebody comes in here and I tell him, go I have given you power. What do you think I give to that person? As I have prayed for you, go out and do the same for others. Go and pray to others and tell every person to pray for himself because the world is so large. I have told you that initially I had been praying for people.That assignment was completed, and now is the time for every person to bear his burden. The gospel of today is special and unique. It sounds strange because you have never heard it before. Everything comes at the fullness of time. If the time for anything is not ripe nothing can happen. This is the right time it pleases the Father to reveal this gospel to you so that your eyes and ears will be opened.

I Do Not Speak Out Of My Own Volition

Some people do not enlighten others on the goodness of fasting but they fast secretly. The teaching I have given to you, some people are against it. They are asking, as the Father is exposing all these facts it means that our regulars will not be coming again to us, and if it is so, what shall we eat? God does not want any person to perish. He is not the God of the blacks or whites, man or woman, infant or adult. He is sufficient unto all. His grace is sufficient unto us. If somebody tells you, “may be God does not love you that is why He has not answered your prayers. Come and let me pray for you because I am a prophet.” Do not go to him. Pray and ask whatsoever you want and it shall be done. I want this gospel urgently so that it could be printed and circulated to the entire world; so that nobody will deceive you anymore; and the doubts in your minds will be cleared and your testimonies be made full. What pleases me is that I have never spoken out of my own volition because Christ had said, when He is come, he shall not speak of himself, (John 16:13) but all that He hears from me shall He shew unto you; and now all that He has said I have revealed same unto you. Let our golden text be read.

Golden Text: John 16:26-27

“At that day ye shall ask in my name; and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you;

For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.”

Since You Love Him Ask In His Name

Have you heard that? He said, “At that day ye shall ask in my name.” This is the time for you to ask. Do not say, “O! Christ, ask for me.” Do not say O! prophet ask for me. You have to ask for yourself. If you don’t comply it means you have failed. Obedience is the first order in heaven. Now is the time that all of us are requesting in his name. Do not tell somebody, please put me in prayers, “pray for yourself and let me pray for myself. Do not lay such claims as, until Christ comes back. Don’t wait for His arrival. Ask whatsoever you desire in His name and you shall receive. If we ask in His name it goes in conformity with His statement; and this portion of the Holy writ is fulfilled in us. All that is transpiring in this kingdom conforms to the scriptural nomination which says: “this generation shall not pass away until all things are fulfilled.” Have you not witnessed how all things are made manifest today? You meet a Brotherhood member along the street he prays for you and your sickness is over. He prays inside a car for you and your ailment is cured. If a Brotherhood member goes into the market people will attest, “O! Brotherhood has disorganized things.” This is true because God is present everywhere. All of us are one. Don’t entertain doubts any longer. Because you love Him, and believe in Him, whatsoever you want ask in that name and it shall be done.

Don’t Bring People To The Father For Prayers Any Longer

What I am telling you is the truth. Initially when Brotherhood was physically coming up from stage to stage, I have not been praying to people. When somebody comes I will tell him to go on ministry work and offer prayers. By so doing his troubles will be over. That was what was going on. Apart from that what would have caused the spreading of these wonderful works? If it were so how could people have believed in God? Today is a wonderful day for the entire world. This gospel has gone into your bones and marrows, every person has believed and practiced this gospel, and the whole world is saved. Have you now realised why I have ordered that people should no longer come for prayers. The reason is that you have this power. You have the carcass of an elephant on your head but you are fiddling for snails on the ground. What is the cost of snails? The Father is here with you, call upon His name. Instead of calling upon His name whoever you are, you set off for 34 Ambo street. What are you going there to do? Call on God and receive all that you want and glorify Him. How will somebody believe in God when you bring him here to be prayed for by the Father? He will go to tell people, “immediately the Father prayed for me, my problems were over.” If that person is in London, and does not come here, can he not talk to God from where he is, or does it mean that God is resident in Nigeria? If things are like this how will that person believe in God?

This Gospel Is A Panacea To All Your Problems

However, because of your actions people have been asking, why have you been going to Calabar, if indeed God is doing all these marvelous works as you have said, is God not in existence where we are? Tell that person to pray and his problems will be over because God is everywhere. This gospel itself is healing to you. Because a great many people on hearing that the Father does not see people again at the vestry for prayers will become sick instantly. They will ask, so the Father is not seen again, O! I am lost, what does He say we should do? Now, is your sickness not over? From today that power is in you, go and exhibit what you are taught and see the glory of God revealed. Come in here, listen to the word of God and hearken to same.

Henceforth, whenever you have problems pray to the Father and call upon that name and your problems will be solved. The new covenant gives you freedom to converse with your Father, my Father, our Father, and the Father of all creations. When you are confronted you have to know that He loves you as you loved Him, and whatsoever you shall ask shall be done, so that you may see His love in you.

Brethren one stroke of the cane is sufficient to the wise. We shall not take you further. He who has ears to hear let him hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.


REFERENCE: Spiritual Sermon By The Sole Spiritual Head Of The Universe, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu on:- “THE TELEPHONE NUMBER OF THE HOLY FATHER” From: “Ye Are Gods-The Telephone Number Of The Holy Father” Pages 23-42.

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