“Be not deceive; God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


“Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.”


“For with what judgement ye judge ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

Brethren, focus your attention on this gospel. I want everybody to think seriously over this gospel which is neither vision nor dream but the truth. You have been advised in the first lesson not to be deceived for, God is not mocked and that whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. If the whites are truly wise as many are made to believe, why is it that this recondite truth is hidden from them? And if man generally is wise and prophetic, why is it impossible for him to comprehend this truth? Why have the scientists, the metaphysicians and seers not seen this truth? It is therefore, necessary that if all the doubting Thomases, and the foolish ones should examine the gospel well, it will be discovered that it is nothing but the truth, devoid of any guile. It is said that we shall know the truth and it shall set us free (John “:32) There is no sensible man who would continue in sin after knowing the truth. If the whites, the blacks, men, women, young and old were to know that whatever a man sows, same shall he reap, none of them would have continued in sin. The only person who was wise enough and had this true knowledge was Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, this is the same man whom the world has rejected. They have not only rejected Him but have also rejected His words and teachings. The only person who brought peace, love, joy, prosperity, grace and salvation to man is our Lord Jesus Christ.


The kingdom of God consists basically of love. Who ever has love will be truthful, merciful, patient, humble, kind, faithful and will be filled with all the virtues of God. You can now realise why Christ told Peter to put his his sword back in its sheath for whoever goes by the sword shall die by it. He further told Peter that if it were purely a matter of war, He could have prayed the Father to send Twelve legions of angels to fight on His behalf, but that would invariably mean preventing the will of God from fulfilling. All that Christ said or did were purely based on his indepth knowledge of this kingdom. instance, He did not tell lies nor indulge in any sinful acts. Despite the persecutions against Him, He never retorted nor tried to defend Himself in any way. All He did was to continue to love, to help, to heal, and pray for the good of all. He was aware of the fact that God is love, peace, patience, longsuffering, mercy virtues and also that this kingdom is built on the foundation on these divine virtues. It is therefore it is unprofitable to engage in prolonged prayers, fasting and gospel.

The central message of this gospel is that whatsoever a man soweth, same shall he reap. You should also take stock of certain problem faced by people trying to study these problems. By so doing, you would certainly refrain from evil. Many people trace their problems and calamities to their wives, husbands, children, parents, juju, apparition, witchcraft and similar things. Such allegations are false. Such things do not exist. You only reap what you sow. What you do, your thoughts, and utterances, constitute the

seeds you sow. If you conceive evil plans and allow evil communication to proceed out of your mouth, then same shall you reap. On the other hand, if you always think good, talk good, and do good, you will also reap same.


God is not responsible for our problems nor is Christ. Our problems come from us. If you tell lies, you will reap lies. If you hate, you will reap hatred; if you kill, you will reap death; if you deceive, you will reap deceit and so on. Therefore, whatever you do to others, you are directly doing it to yourself. This explains why it is said that, you should do unto others what you would wish them do to you. In other words, do not do to others what you would not wish to be done to you.

Unfortunately, man had been blind right from the time of Adam. People had all along been deceiving themselves by giving drinks, cigarettes, snuff, meat, fish and meat to their friends, relations and others, thinking that they are taking good care of these people. But before God, such services are disdainful.

Abraham and the rest of the people made the same mistakes. For instance, when Abraham heard that Lot, his nephew, had been held captive by enemy soldiers, he got set and left with four hundred soldiers on rescue operation, He arrived at the place, destroyed the city and looted a lot of things, all in the name of rescuing his nephew. Abraham offended God by so doing. God pronounced later that his descendants shall be put in bondage for four hundred years. Who knows that that was the consequence of his destructive act?

The story of David is also clear. He suffered a great deal even though he was acclaimed God’s beloved. David sought the hand of Saul’s daughter in marriage and as one of the conditions, he was asked to give three human heads, which he did. That marked the beginning of calamities in his life and in the entire world today. Students of history and Religious studies would rightly trace the genealogy of the Isrealites to Abraham and to David who were all bloody. Right from then,. the history of Israel is that of violence and bloodshed.

Man’s disobedience and destructive tendencies began from the time of Adam and Eve. God had instructed them to eat of all the fruits in the garden except one at the center of it for, it consisted of good and evil. He warned them that if they should taste of it, they would die. They disobeyed and tasted of it and they died. before their expultion from the garden, God sought to know from Adam the reason why he Adam disobeyed GOD. The excuse Adam gave was that his wife (Eve) lured him. On further inquiry from Eve, she told God that it was the serpernt that deceived her. It was then that God cursed the serpent that it would henceforth crawl on earth and feed from the sand. This explains to you the truth in the statement that, t he wages of is death.

Adam and Eve were not spared from the curse. On the part of Eve, God told her that in travail and pains would she deliver her children. For obeying his wife instead of God, Adam was promised hard times and that through his sweat would he feed. God did not stop at that. He finally cursed the entire humanity that since man came from the earth, there would he also return. Now, one may ask, why is it that, things went that way with the people? The answer is simple and that is, they reaped the evil, the disobedience which they sowed. People had since continued to die and returned to mother earth. The reason is because, man has continued to persist in evil and so has to reap the fruit of his labor. Those curses have not been withdrawn up till now. Snakes, no matter the size, continue to crawl on the ground. Women are ruled by men. No matter how educated, powerful and robust a woman may be, she still comes under the leadership of her husband.


Man is the architect of his own fate. Solomon alone got married to seven hundred wives and kept about three hundred concubines. That is an indication of the extent of that curse upon women – total subjection and humiliation of women by men. Before now, women were never counted when censuses were conducted in some countries. Throughout the world, there was a general disregard for the women folk. None was responsible for these calamities but they themselves. Man on his part , has been toiling continuously yet, he cannot feed well, clothe well or even shelter himself. Individuals, states and nations have now become chronic debtors and hopeless beggars. This is because, men is reaping from what he sowed.

Initially, when man obeyed God and loved Him alone, he had no problem of hunger, sickness or death. He started to suffer from the day he fell short of God’s expectations. Now, he no longer enjoys long life and peace. The numerous afflictions experienced by man over the years are enough for mankind to refrain from sinfulness. Therefore, men should think over and examine the things he derives from his disobedience. It is never too late to make amends and this is why Brotherhood has come into existance. We should not allow the CROSS to extend beyond this generation. We should accept to suffer afflictions and self-denials once and for all, so that a better tomorrow may be possible. lf we begin to and love God right now, the future would hold a lot of pleasures and prosperity for mankind.

God has made it clear that He will visit the iniquities of the parents upon the children and be graceful towards the generations that 1ove Him and obey His commandments. Therefore, it is in our own interest to abide by God’s commandments. We do not love God purely for the sake of getting certain gains or prosperity from Him but in order to rectify and reconstruct all that had gone wrong.


This period could rightly be called the era of RECTIFICATION AND RECONSTRUCTION. Remember the two robbers on the cross, how one of them told the Lord to save Himself and save them too. But the other one on the right hand side of Christ rebuked and reminded him that they merited their punishment but the Lord was suffering unjustly. That is a clear indication of the fact that all our sufferings are as a result of what we did. If we could divert all our efforts we have been putting into iniquities into righteousness, then we would reap bountifully.

Cain and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve but Cain killed his brother without any just reason. That was an extension of the iniquities of their parents. From that single evil act, the children also had their own records stained. Therefore, it is high time that we rose in concert and reordered our thinking and returned to God.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came for the purpose of deliverance. The Almighty God wanted a spotless blood that would save mankind hence, thousands of people were slain but such blood could not be accepted for the atonement of the sins of man. Even the blood of two thieves nailed along with Christ was not accepted, except the blood of Our Lord Jesus himself.

Christ accepted to shed His precious Blood for the salvation of mankind with the hope that man would repent. That is the reason it is necessary that we repent and return to God now. That is the objective of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star – back to the garden through PERFECTION. It is only the foolish man who would want danger to get close to him before he takes precautionary measures. But a wise man sees an evil afar and immediately, decides on alternative options to take.

If Christ had sinned, salvation would not have come to man and we would not have had any association with God. Now is the time for us to strive to resemble Him for it is His footsteps that we have to follow. We have to refrain from every manner of sin and live a righteous life. Read the first lesson again.


“Be not deceive; God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


If indeed you had known that, whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap, why do you continue to kill one another, why do you continue to steal, tell lies and plan evil against your fellow man? People explain that, the criminal tendencies prevalent nowadays are very great. Yes, it should be so because it is what the people sowed that has now manifested in the world. There is problem in every community, and in fact the entire world. There are also diverse forms of persecution and people are complaining about these problems. It should be known that they are the aftermath of our evil deeds. Whatever happens to your life, you are solely responsible for it. You cannot claim ignorant of it for whatever one does returns to him like a boomerang. One does not do good for an immediate reward but he is invariably protecting himself. Therefore, since we are aware of this fact, it behooves us then that in this kingdom, we should sit up and mend our ways.

If you should consider all the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, you would recall that Paul was the one who suffered most and none of the disciples persecuted others as he did. There is nothing to change this retributive justice. Whether you are a slave or free born, you should realise that whatever you do will surely re-visit you. If you do that which is good and hold fast to it at all times, you will surely reap it. Do not do any good thing to please anyone but know that you will reap the good things you do. In the same token every evil deed has its own reward. If you have not done that which is evil to anybody, nothing evil can also come to you. On the other hand, if you have not done anything good but you practice evil all the days of your life, nothing good can come to you. If you like, you can put this law to test and you will surely discover that, it is real. If a thief comes across another thief who had killed and escaped with someone’s property, he will also plan on how to kill him and take away his property. This is to steal his property and to kill him because that was exactly what the former person sowed. But whoever does that which is good before the Lord, even if people will lay ambush to kill him with all the dangerous weapons, as soon as that person emerges, the enemies would forget about their wicked plans and embrace him. This is because the person is innocent.


Brethren, there is nothing to add nor subtract from this everlasting gospel. Nobody can do evil to you. God created man perfectly but since you have chosen to do that which is evil, evil will also befall you. But if you are one who is desirous of doing good, good things will also follow you wherever you may be in all the days of your life. The mere fact that despite the recondite teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His death, we still do not witness His glory means that we have refused to do that which is good. People in their nefarious desire to kill, steal, fornicate and commit every other evil will claim that they are not Jesus Christ. Whoever identifies himself with Christ is indestructible and nothing shameful can happen to him. He can never taste of death, he cannot have problems nor be in lack. Have you identified yourself with Him? He presented Himself as a perfect example for us to emulate so that we may share in his glory.


Whoever does that which is good also receives that which is good. That was why, in spite of the fact that Christ was often called all sorts of vilified names and rejected by the people, He never retorted. And today, do you not see that His works have followed after Him and ours have also followed after us? When you complain that this person or that harmed you, you should realize that none has harmed you but you are only being paid back for what you did because whatever you do, you are doing it directly to yourself. As long as you continue to kill, tell lies, blackmail people or have sinister plans against another person, you will sit there on your throne and reap all what you planted. Even the war that is waged all over the world is directed not to the little children but against the presidents, millionaires, governors and the so-called mighty men. Whenever the people revolt against their leader, the government will lock them up in the prison or even kill them.

God is not a respecter of any person. Many people complain that the children of a good man are often not prosperous; but the question is, are you sure the father of the children was truly good? A poor man who is really good in the sight of God can never fail to raise good children and God will always exalt such children to high positions. The people of the world would rather say that the parents were not good but their children were. The reason is that your works follow after you. God is not a respecter of persons.

Having known that whatever a man sows same shall he reap, you should now resolve, never to commit evil no matter the amount of intimidation, persuasion so not allow anything to, lure you into it. I have not taught you any other thing apart from love. Come out of darkness into light for whatever a man saws is what he will reap.


There are people who are categorized into the family of God and there are some who are in the family of Satan. The children of God are blessed by the Almighty Father. If your parents are the type that reverence God and do that which is good, that family-can rightly be called the family of God. But if they are ungodly, it therefore means that they are satanic and you should utilize this golden moment to save yourself. You should always realize that, whatever a man saws is what he will reap.

Do not kill anybody, do not fornicate, do not speak evil words; do not tell lies nor steal, for these vices are the causes of man’s untimely death in the world. Therefore, if you continue to indulge in these vices, you should realize that you are sowing deadly seeds which you will reap soonest. In the world, a man may cheat but instead of being punished, an innocent person is punished unjustly in his place. That is not the case with God. Whether you are a slave, a freeborn, a pauper or rich man or woman, whatever you sow, same shall you reap. Equally, whatever good thing you do, do not think that it is waste for you will surely reap in due season.


There was a young man whose father was sick and he did everything humanly possible to get him healed. He took him to several hospitals and prayer houses, but the sickness persisted. So, this young man gave up hope of his father recovering. One day, he finally decided that he will not take care of him again but then deceived people that he was going to take his father to a hospital somewhere. At a point, he diverted and took the sick man to a certain forest, there he left him in a muddy spot and walked back home, even when his father was crying. When he got home, he told the people that he had taken his father to the hospital somewhere and that he was responding to treatment. He never told anybody about his real act. His father died there. As time went by, he also grew older and turned the age of his father at the time of his abandonment. At that old age, he also was stricken with the same type of disease which his. Father suffered from. His own son also took him round all those hospitals and prayer houses but there was no improvement on his health. This man noticed that all the hospitals and prayer houses he took his father were also where his son was taking him to. He was always watching and monitoring what his son was doing. At a certain point, his son also got fed up with the unrelenting sickness. He then decided within him to bury him alive somewhere. He also lied to his people at home by giving them false impression about his father’s whereabouts. Surprisingly to him, the son took him to the same spot he abandoned his father. When the son was about to depart, the sick man called the son and pleaded with him to take him home and then told the son that where he was laying was the grave of his father.

The sick man confessed to his son that in the past, he had taken his father to that spot, and also to all the hospitals he was taken to, the prayer houses and all he did were also those things he did for his father. And added that at a point, he got fed up and decided to abandon his father in the swamp to die and this was his secret. He said his confession was not for his good but he did this to forestall the repeated occurrence of this vicious cycle in the family. He requested the son to take him home to eschew such unwholesome and unpleasant occurrence. He however pleaded he did not know then what he was doing by committing such a wicked act. When he told the son this, both of them shed tears and the son repented and took his father home. Can you see how Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is portrayed there? The effect of that curse was eschewed from the family, Let the second lesson be read.


“Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.”


THERE IS NO ACTION WITHOUT A REACTION. A depraved life and a good one is like a vicious cycle (State of affairs in which a cause produces an effect which itself produces the original cause, so continuing the whole process). What this means is that any moment you hate someone, another person will hate you. And if you abuse someone, somehow along the line, another person will abuse you. This is summed up thus: anything you do to someone, another person will do it to you.

Joseph was the most honest person among his brothers and in addition, he loved his parents. He always disapproved of all the evil plans of the brothers. As a result, his parents dearly loved him. Joseph was virtuous. But he got on his brothers’ nerves with his first dream, which he narrated to his brothers who did know that interpretation. This dream aggravated their hatred for him. To say the least, they were not happy with the dream. According to his brothers, the eleven bundles of firewood bowing to one bundle depicted them worshipping him (Joseph). At another time, he also had a dream, which showed stars and the moon worshipping one star. When his older brothers learnt about this dream, they felt deeply affronted by the dreams. In order to forestall the manifestation of the dreams, they held a meeting, plotted against him and sold him in order to conceal their wicked plan, they deceived their parents that a carnivorous animal had devoured Joseph. While they were in thy bush, Rueben first suggested that Joseph should be killed, but Judas rather suggested that he should be sold for money. They accepted the deal and sold Joseph out to a certain merchant. To conceal this plot, they killed a ram and spilled the blood on his garment and went home to tell their parents that the leopard devoured Joseph. The merchant later sold him to Portiphar who made him to be head of his estates.

The scripture has made it clear that whatever a man sows, same shall he reap. Joseph, was a good slave and because of his diligence, his master elevated him. While in the household of Portipher, the wife was keen on sleeping with Joseph but he (Joseph) would not succumb to such love advances. And because of that, Joseph was in for real trouble with his mistress. As Joseph would not succumb to the love advances of Portiphar’s wife, she then contrived a plan to soil Joseph’s name. One day, Joseph was very busy doing chores when the mistress pounced on him, seized his shirt, and she went outside and screaming that the Hebrew boy (Joseph) made an attempt to rape her.

At the initial time, Portiphar felt too disappointed with Joseph and he was so infuriated with him. He could have killed Joseph but decided to put him into the prison, meant for the children of the kings. We all know that as far as Joseph was concerned at the moment, his status was that of a slave but he was not, at this circumstance, treated as such. While he was being incarcerated, he was made the director general to take charge of other prisoners. He interpreted dreams and nothing was done without his consent. He was not maltreated prison.

In that prison there were two former servants of Pharaoh. They had dreams and told Joseph same which he interpreted for them. In one of the dreams, he was able to interpret and informed one of the servants that he would be accepted back while he told the other person that he would not be accepted back when he was discharged.


Pharaoh had a dream and in the dream, he saw seven fat cows and eleven lean ones. He was perturbed by this dream and looked for someone to interpret it for him. Pharaoh was informed by his servant that while he was in prison, Joseph was very good at interpreting dreams and so Joseph was sought for, to interpret the dream. The interpretation of this dream brought Joseph to the limelight. That is how a slave became a freeborn. With time, he was made a governor. And that is the handiwork of God. Whether you are a slave or a freeborn, your good deeds or bad one would hunt you down. As a result of his good deeds, a slave boy became a governor, as was the case of Joseph.

I always use the earthly thing to illustrate heavenly situation, for you. The story of Joseph is a good example to vindicate the fact that if you steal someone’s property yours will be stolen in the same manner. Whatever you do to people, you should expect the same back…. And so, even when Joseph was later made a governor, the problem came from the other side on how to manage food. This is enough to demonstrate the fact that whatsoever you sow is what you shall reap. And if you tell lies to someone else, another person will tell you a lie. If the so called world powers who spend their money and time manufacturing missiles and other weapons of war, were to now this , they would not have done that. And the blacks who think that they know God would have put an end to hate, bear malice, and do any wrong to people. Should the world know this veritable truth

of vicious cycle, the inhabitants of the world would be preoccupied with doing good works to everybody at all time. This truth is laid bare for people to take stock of their deeds and make amends. The bane of world s problem is this fact which is often scoff at. Having known that it is wrong to wallow in sin, I have always taken my time not to have anything to do with sins. There is action and reaction to every event. I do not tell you this because I am Jesus, God or do I tell you this is because I am a spirit. But what I know is analogous to what a bush rat told someone that: ‘even though I am a fool and you set a trap with a palm fruit that I may be trapped, but I know too well that palm fruits cannot be buried right there on the

ground, but or, the top of the palm tree. Therefore, as stupid as I am, said the rat, I cannot be trapped there.” That is exactly what the bush rat said and is exactly what I am relaying to you.


The fact that I cannot be ensnared by any means to do anything unwholesome, I wish you do not give in to that can decoy you. Do not hope on your father, mother, friend but hope on the good things you can do. Let your hope be on the fact that you are able to practise what is good because by this we will be vindicated. The good things you do will always hunt you down and so will the evil things you do.

You cannot be overpowered by any evil, no matter the magnitude, if you know no evil. The law of nature reminds us that evil begets evil and goodness begets goodness, no more, no less. The former president of Cameroon Ahmadu Ahlijo carved out the British Cameroon and ruled for twenty six years and when he felt tired, he organized elections and the incumbent Paul Biya took over. Afterwards he planned a coup d’etat to overthrow Paul Biya and the coup was aborted. He was put on trail. Where is he today? In Liberia what did Sammuel Doe do to people and what happened to him in the end? Brutality begot brutality. In Nigeria, a lot of things keep manifesting which will be vented of the perpetrators. There is nothing one can do to avert the repercussions of one’s sins. Let the Golden Text be read.


“For with what judgement ye judge ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”


If you want to remain in this world in peace, there is no other way to live peacefully than to practise this gospel. Many people think that when they they have money they would do this or that. When they are in exalted position they would do one thing or the other. The truth is that no matter what you are and what you have, if you do not do good things, your health and position, do not benefit you in any way. The inhabitants of the world have done all sorts of unwholesome things but the world does not improve more than this. If you do not have children, money, juju but as long as you do what is good, you will have salvation.

Our Lord Jesus Christ advises us in the scripture to take His yoke upon us and that we should learn from Him for He would give us rest. For someone to say he or she cannot practise a particular injunction because he/she is human is wrong. It does not mean that only Jesus Christ can be righteous. After all, He wants you to learn from Him, but you negate this idea when you say that you are not like Him as such you cannot do good things. It is only through doing good things that salvation can come your way. Therefore, do not think evil about anyone, and do not gossip, bear malice, tell lies or deceive anyone for this is the only way to salvation and there is no truth in sins.

Christ did not come to judge but to save us. Whoever shall learn about His life and practise same will be saved. Imagine the woman who was taken before our Lord Jesus Christ and charged for adultery. The people informed Our Lord Jesus Christ that by the law of Moses says the woman should be stoned to death. They needed Christ’s opinion on the issue. Our Lord Jesus Christ wrote down their names, their various sins, and the time they committed those sins. After, He looked up and told them that it there is any of them who had never committed sins, he should stone the woman man to death. They knew that this was impossible and so each one departed from the scene without casting any stones. When they all left, Christ admonished the woman not to commit sins any longer.


Do not take part in plotting against anyone. You should take your time not to take part in gossips, and shun quarrels. If God guides you, you should be cautious about any thing you do. Do not be exasperated with anyone, no matter the level of provocation, because, the moment you do this, you have gone astray. All the sinister plans you nurse against your fellow man, some one will also be nurse same feelings against you. The unguarded utterances and destructive comments you make about someone will be made about you; there are no two ways about it. If you pronounce woe on someone, another pecan will curse you too. If you wish someone bad luck, you will first experience bad luck. But if you bless someone, the blessing will first corn to you. Every good thing you wish on people will first happen to you. This God’s injunction

From my cradle, I have tried to walk in conformity with Christ’s injunctions. This is because non-compliance to the will of God, had caused the fall of our fathers. I have not come to compete with any body or get involved with politics. I have not come to be called wonderful God or wonderful leader. Christ admonished us not call any man a teacher because He is the only teacher. We are Brotherhood and whatever Christ says becomes my obligation to carry out because I am nothing.

Our elders say that a child who is careful would kill the thing that caused his father’s death. I do not want to be killed by what killed my forefathers.


This informs my great challenge to the world since February 14, 1942 that whoever can provoke me to anger in this world would have a price. To practice the words of God needs not be done by coercion. You need not wait for your wife, your child, nor your community to assist you in doing it because in your attempt to convince them to follow you, they might cause you to get exasperated. Anybody who seeks to do good should forget about wife, children, family or community but should face the truth alone. Our Lord Jesus Christ is a paragon of virtues. He is a noble example for us. Despite the bad reports He received about how Judas squandered the money entrusted in His care, Christ was not interested to investigate and He never had any problem with anybody because He knew that whatever someone sows, he would reap just that. Even if you run to heaven, hades, hell, the good or bad things you do will visit you there. That is the reason you should put an end to fornication, telling of lies, eating of meat, fish, but you would not heed this divine injunctions.

If you do not want to adhere to God’s injunctions, I will not scourge you nor excommunicate you from the fold. I do not have prison custody to incarcerate those who do scoff at God’s injunctions. But I know for certain that whatever a man sows is what he reaps. If you come to Brotherhood of the Cross and Star to play about, you will leave with nothing but if you came with all seriousness, you will certainly gain. If every member comes here to practice the words of God, there will be no trouble at all. Be informed that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the new Heaven and the new Earth which was written about and this is where righteous alone dwells. And righteousness is what is expected of everybody here because, that is objective.

May God bless His words Amen.

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