First Bible Lesson: Matthew 8:8

“The Centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.”

Second Bible Lesson: Roman 10:10

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Golden Text: Matthew 12:37

“For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”

Brethren, that is our spiritual food. First and foremost, I have instructed you that whenever you come in here you should fix your gaze at the Red Garment and believe that your sickness, your court case, lack, poverty, afflictions, and all your tribulations are gone; by looking at the Red Garment, whether you were blind, dumb, deaf, impotent; whether you suffered from hypertension, diabetes, anemia, hemorrhage, as soon as you listen to this gospel and imbibe same, believe fervently that your problems are solved. There is wealth, money and employment here, but only honest and faithful persons are required. Those who have this belief are looked for. You have heard what the Centurion says in our first lesson: “Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof “: He made this statement from the bottom of his heart. That was why he added: “But speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.” Have you seen the efficacy of faith. That is what is meant by “God helps those who help themselves.” If you believe in your heart what that means you are okay. It is with the heart that man believeth in God unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. I am grateful to the Father because ninety-nine percent of those in Brotherhood have this type of faith. It is only one percent of Brotherhood members, made up of new entrants and a few others, who have no such faith. The ability to have this faith is not from man but is a consummation of the scriptures that “They shall believe in Him.” The faith exercised by those outside the fold is stronger than that expressed by members of Brotherhood. A great many people outside the fold regard you as rebels. At times they question the rationale behind your coming here, since you lack faith. Others maintain that since they have faith they don’t need to be here. They, having derived benefits from their faith, become proud of the Father.

So was it in the beginning that God created the world with the WORD. (Gen 1:3) Our Lord Jesus Christ came and ministered with the WORD. What do you think the Holy Spirit should have used in accomplishing His works? It was spoken already that the Word is God. And if the Word does all the works, then why not believe that the Word can give you salvation. The Centurion said to Christ, “Speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.” The statement he made was from his heart of hearts. He sincerely believed in his heart that if Christ should speak, then his servant would be healed.

Everything Fulfills According To One’s Faith

Faith goes with works. God does not require your money, beauty or handsomeness; nor does he require your fluent talk, or any other thing you possess; God requires that you should believe fervently in your heart that as you are sitting down the Father is with you. He requires that you should believe that whatever you want the Father has bestowed on you. You should believe that as you are walking or talking, He walks with you, hears you and has accomplished all things. That is what He requires from you. The Bible says: “It is fulfilled unto you according to your measure of faith.” (Rom 12:3) In your house the Father is there, and if you believe, when you knock your head on the ground all your problems are solved. It will be fulfilled accordingly. That is how you believe it. But another person may believe that as soon as he calls on the Father’s name his problems are solved; and when he calls on the Father’s name it will be fulfilled accordingly. That is how that person believes. Another person may also believe that if he has any problem, immediately he goes on 6:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. fasting, his problems will be over, and it works out accordingly for him. That is the person’s belief. Another person upholds that as soon as he pays his tithe his problems will be over. Some other person says: “Immediately I step my feet on 34 Ambo premises my problems are over,” and as soon as he steps his feet on this precinct he becomes free. Another person maintains that as soon as he looks unto the Father’s face his encumbrances are over, and as soon as he does that his difficulties will be over. There may be some other person who upholds that immediately he comes into the hall and knocks his head before the altar that his problems will be solved, and it is fulfilled to him accordingly. There is yet another person who says, “As soon as I reach the headquarters, attend evening or morning service and listen to the Father’s gospel, my tribulations will be over;” and when he does that his problems become solved.

There is another person who believes that if he is lucky to have the holy oil (no matter how small the quantity) to anoint himself; and even though you make a droplet of the oil into water for him to drink he will be well. Those who possess the type of faith which was exercised by the Centurion are over one hundred million. These persons don’t bother to come here but they boast in the Father. You may find it difficult to identify these persons, but their faith is so strong that the mouth can’t express. That is why they don’t have any problem. They are always with the Father. At times they may not even baptize. What draws them is faith. No matter the number of days you come here if you lack faith you will always go empty handed.

You have heard what was prophesied before the birth of John the baptist; “that he shall be great before the sight of God, and will come in the Spirit of Elijah and will turn the hearts of parents to the children, and that of children to the parents and shall cause them to walk according to the prompting of God. (Luke 1: 15-17) The Father was the one doing that work and the Father is still at work. Those were prophecies. It was also prophesied that Christ will inherit the Crown of Glory in the house of his father, David, and shall reign for ever and ever. (Luke 1:32) Therefore, realize that this glory has no beginning nor end and He shall remain the king for ever.

He said: “… The Comforter, even the Holy Spirit of truth, will teach you all things and shall guide you unto all truth.” (John 14:26) That was a prophecy and that was the truth. It is also said: “I will write my laws into their hearts; a neighbour shall not teach a neighbour, neither shall a brother teach a brother to know God; because from the least to the greatest, they shall know me; for I will be merciful unto their unrighteousness and their sins and iniquities will I remember no more. (Heb 8:10-12 /Jer 31:34) This is a lucky generation. This is fulfilled according to the words of prophecy. It does not come because we are good, worthy, righteous, or faithful and not also that we seek for it. It is fulfilled in our time because it was prophesied. And those who are meant to know Him will know Him. It is said that all those who call upon the name of Jehovah God shall be saved. (Joel 2:32) This is the time in which you should call upon him and receive salvation. This is not the time to seek for prayers from others, neither is it the time to seek oil, barks of tree, charm or concoction. Call upon His holy name and receive salvation. It is by faith that the righteous live. It is not by shouting, or praying, or dancing that you receive salvation.

Salvation comes to you by your measure of faith.

There is nobody in this world who believes in Him, and lacks eternal life. There is no kind of problem, difficulty or injury which He cannot take away and cure once you believe in Him. If you station here in Calabar or Nigeria, without going out, you will not realize that the inhabitants of the world do believe in Him. Remember what our Lord Jesus Christ told one of His disciples. “Blessed is he who does not see but yet believes.” (John 20:29) To behold anything with your eyes is not unto faith. The fact that you don’t experience many manifestations in your life is because of what you have seen. But if you go to out-stations like Britain, America, etc. you will be startled by the wonderful testimonies they give. This is possible because of their measure of faith. Should you behold the various manifestations of the Father’s works there, you will conclude that the Father does not exist in this part of the globe, Nigeria. The Father is here in Nigeria. He is present everywhere. The fact is that faith does all the works; and faithlessness has caused you not to see the Father’s marvelous works.

You Know Not Where You Are?

If you search the scriptures it is written “Though Jesus was known in the flesh but after Him, know we no man in the flesh.” (2 Cor 5:16). Recall when the Pharisees asked Him when the kingdom of God should come. He said: “The kingdom of God cometh not by observation, neither shall men say, Lo! here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom is within you.” (Luke 17:20-21) You err when you say, “I want to see the Father and dialogue with Him; or I want to give Him a letter.” Whenever you need the Father, go into your bedroom and converse with the Father and He will surely give you the answer. Don’t bother to write a letter; but believe in your heart that the Father has accomplished your requests; once you do that it will be fulfilled accordingly. Whatever one sees with his eyes is no faith. But such a thing somebody does not see yet he believes, that is faith. (Heb 11:1).

If you want to know what Brotherhood means, don’t come here; but have that faith, believe fervently that the Father is with you and has taken away your problems and has granted all your requests; once you act in this way it will be fulfilled accordingly. All those who attended the evening service here on Friday must have heard the testimony which was given by Christ Witness Ime Akpakpan about the happenings in Cameroons, and the one which was given by Pastor Umiong about a Hausa man. If you have heard you would realize that this thing is not yet clear to you. Christ Witness Ime Akpakpan testified about what happened in Cameroons; that an Indian drove a motor car which got broken down at a place close to where the Choirmaster lives. It was reported that the man tried his best to rectify the fault but it was to no avail. And the choirmaster fixed Father’s photograph at his door panel which was spotted by the Indian the following day. The man was said to have been alert when he saw the photograph and inquired to know who lives there. The choirmaster told the Indian that he was the occupant of the house, but the Indian argued that he (choirmaster) was not the occupant of the house. To the Indian, the choirmaster was a common man and he wondered how he could get that type of expensive and sacred picture. The Indian could not hold his peace, then asked the choirmaster what stage he has reached and the name of the society he has initiated into. The choirmaster said he was not a member of any secret society. The Indian told him that the picture on his door panel, while in the society he belongs, he can only be seen by those who must have excelled to 25th “temple” and even then, at such a level you could only behold the picture very far away in the sky as a flame of fire and nobody reaches there. The man questioned the choirmaster how he managed to get such a wonderful picture of the Great and sacred Being.

Pastor Umiong testified that three weeks ago a Hausa man came into his office and found the Father’s enlarged photograph there, and did something which called his attention. He said the man stared at the Father’s picture for some time and said to him, “Do you see this man, he is the ruler of heaven and earth.” The man says at Mecca all of them make request to Him and if He does not approve of anything nobody can receive same. The man further said that He is fire, and asked whether people who get closer to him don’t know that they are joking with fire? The Muslim spoke at length concerning what he knew about the Being he saw on the photograph. There is nobody in the whole world except you, who does not know who is in your midst and where you are. As long as you come here with the notion that you want to see the Father, does that portray your knowledge of Him? There is such a person, though you may promise to give him N100 million so that he could come here, he will not come. He will refuse on grounds that the Father is with him and whatever he desires he requests from him and receive same. If the Father gives something, that is when you receive it, but should He not approve of your request you have to be patient since there is no problem.

When Dr. P.C. Aggarwal came here he was scared. When queried on why he was scared he said there was a consuming fire which he could not withstand. What is required of you in this kingdom is faith. Let our first lesson be read.

First Bible Lesson: Matthew 8:8

“The Centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.”

Faith Does Mighty Works

Amongst you here, how many people have this sort of faith? But there are millions and one in the world who have this type of faith, some have never even come in here. There is no use for somebody to request for water, or holy oil, or any kind of prayers; there is no need for somebody to say that he wants to see the Father nor is there any need to write a letter to the Father, when you have this type of faith.

He is sufficient unto all. He is the Sole Spiritual Head. He lives in you, in your child, in your goat, fowl, fish, trees, and is Omnipresent. Immediately you dial His telephone number, whatever He tells you is final. There is nobody who has not seen Him. He directs you not to do one thing or the other; he approves of what you have to do which He has perfected; and once you have faith you have solved all things. But once you don’t believe what you are told that, “all is well,” either spiritually, or physically then what is your worth? And why do you even come here? This is the recondite wisdom of God. The whites have invented locomotive engines, and manufactured aeroplanes, jet bombers, etc. but this phenomenon in question is lavishly seen everywhere. While standing along the road you are with Him. He goes with every person, advising, and blessing all. What is expected of you is to believe in Him. He has not come to dwell with us in the flesh or to dialogue with us in the flesh. He exists in the spirit. As you are here if you pick up one of our publications (Father’s gospel) and go through, all your problems will be over. Even mere looking at the Father’s picture with faith takes away your problems. It fulfills to you according to your measure of faith.

Right now the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is here. You have received the Holy Spirit which in-dwells your heart. The Father is speaking to you; do you believe in Him? Do you have faith in Him? Does your problem not stem from this? You are advised to listen to your spirit. At times you intended coming to Calabar because you are ill. But when He was speaking to you not to come to Calabar for your illness is over, did you hear? Did you comply with that instruction? Were you not still bent on going to Calabar? Your prayer does nothing. Your word does nothing. It is faith which accomplishes the work. A great many have adopted the Father’s decree that when somebody is ill no long prayer should be offered other than “Go, your sickness is over”. Christ Witness Ime Akpakpan pinpointed that he does not bother on prayers any longer, and no matter the magnitude of one’s ailment, whether mental derangement, etc. he would only say “Go, your madness is over,” and that patient will be healed. If somebody has a court case, stand there and tell him that his court case is squashed. That will be fulfilled accordingly. That is peculiar to those who have unshakable faith and strong belief. If somebody tells you that his wife is barren, just tell him that she has started putting to birth henceforth, and that will be fulfilled. You don’t need to pray in such cases because there is no need for prayers.

“God helps those who help themselves” is no other thing than faith. Once you have faith, no matter your status, if you tell a job seeker, “Go, you are employed”, if he believes, the same will be done; before he knows what is happening he will procure a gainful employment. Whichever of you should make this declaration, it will be fulfilled. But what have you resorted to doing? Is it not calling on the Father to send down His power? What is the meaning of that act? It is written that “The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nation.” (Rev 22:2). Don’t you remember the days of the Apostles? What other thing than the name of Christ did they use in healing? At all times they would tell an afflicted “In the name of Jesus, rise and walk” and that was fulfilled.

Did they pray at all? But now you pray at times and wake people up, what type of prayers do you think you have been offering? Does that not connote faithlessness? As you sometimes shout, “Olumba Olumba Obu,” that is not what we mean. The Bible says, “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” (Rom 10:10) As long as you don’t believe in your heart that by mere calling on that name you receive salvation, no matter how well you recite that name it profits you nothing. But those who believe in that name; those who are faithful in that name, conscious of the fact that the name can accomplish all things, do not shout nor call it many times, and before the sound comes out of their mouth something spectacular will happen.

Those of you who lack faith and disbelieve God, are short of testimonies but those who have faith have great testimonies. Such people can dialogue with the Father’s picture; somebody can just thank the Father for what he receives (even without getting it) and it will be fulfilled. It is faith which does the work.

There is no need for drinking holy oil or bathe in the Biakpan water, there is no need for long prayers; you have His telephone number which you have to dial in times of emergency. Immediately you believe in your heart that there is no apparition, witch or wizard, sin nor death; when you believe that you have no problem and declare same, that is the end of your problems. It does not require any prayer than what you have heard. If you lack money it is because you lack faith. But if you believe in your heart and become convinced that you have money, then money will always be within your reach. But once you speak negatively “I don’t have money” you will lack money; though you shout at the top of your voice for people to give you money nobody will lend you ears.

Have I ever told you there is no wealth here? I continuously tell you that wealth, money and employment are here, but honest people are required. You declare now that you don’t have money and it is fulfilled to you as you have said. If you believe in your heart that there is no juju, charm, mermaid, apparition, witch or wizard, fetish etc. and that only God exists, then you would have received righteousness; and when you speak out your heart it will be fulfilled. Faith is like a magnet. You intend to board an aircraft which is about to take off at exactly 9 o’clock, but if in your heart you are wholly convinced that you will not miss the flight and that the plane will have to take off when you have boarded, then the plane will not leave until you are there; and once you get into the aircraft it will take off. This is what occurred to the Leader’s Representative (of Cameroons) at Cameroons. She testified that no matter who is involved the plane cannot wait on the tarmac beyond the time it has to take off, but in her own case the aircraft waited one hour above the scheduled time; and as soon as she boarded the plane it took off.

I Am Omnipresent

Whenever you tread on road which vehicles do not ply, just believe in your heart that you will enter a vehicle along that road and it will be fulfilled accordingly. Neither the driver nor you will know how it came about but such is what faith can do. You are suffering and on the other hand imposing sufferings upon yourself even though you know that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is here. Why do you fast and pray in a way that you disturb your next door neighbour? Why do you go to endless ministry works? You have also celebrated feast to such an extent that you don’t know what to do next. What is the profit derivable from these acts of yours? Have faith and believe in Him in order to behold His glory.

I am aware that this lecture is too advanced for you but then you have received it. I have given you the ability to receive it. I have opened your ears, eyes and have broken the walls of your hearts for these words to go in and dwell. The songs you render that the Father is at 34 Ambo is always wrong, the Father is in your house and in your heart; the Father is with you along the road, He is above and beneath; the Father is the water and is present everywhere. Who tells you that the Father is stationary at 34 Ambo Street, Calabar? Is it not faithlessness that causes you to speak in this manner?

You are equally wrong to claim that the Father is here on earth. Who tells you that? I am making declarations to you from the high heavens, and those words are heard and received by all the inhabitants of the world, all creations of God and all planes of manifest. Those who are asleep receive the same gospel I deliver; those in the water, those above, those in America, India, and all countries of the world, all spirits and angels and indeed all creations of God receive exactly these words. Nobody has told me this but this is the truth. Why do you bother yourself having known that the Father is here with you? Whatever type of problem you have is known to the Father and He has taken same away. You don’t need to tell somebody your problems. Exercise this faith with strong belief so that things can work out well. Faithlessness has always been your problem. You are shouting “Olumba Olumba Obu!” everywhere and yet He has done all things but you have always refused to believe and are faithless.

Like those from Asata Bethel, Enugu, I just laugh at them; perhaps they think I don’t know what goes on there. I am there at Asata and I am here too. Some of them have started believing now. When you come to me, before I start asking you questions I have answers ready made with me which are things I have known already. But when you begin to enumerate what transpired, to whom are you talking? Are you talking to the blind or deaf? Let our second lesson be read.

Second Bible Lesson: Roman 10:10

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Faith Works Like Magic

That is the key. This explains why, when the disciples of Christ could not cure an epileptic patient, they asked Christ why they could not perform the healing; but Christ said they lacked faith. And He further said “If ye were to possess faith even as a mustard seed ye could command a sycamore tree to be removed from here and be planted at yonder and it will obey you.” (Matt 17:20) Myself and the world, who loves the other most? Do the people of world love themselves? Do you love God? But I love you and I have come to save you. Tell me why I should lead you astray? At your house people are scared of you, having realized that you don’t believe. Others testify that they have seen the man who wears Red Garment. At places where they consult oracles they see “Olumba.” When they attempt to kill you it is “Olumba” that will appear. But you don’t seem to recognize His wonderful manifestations. In the wake of this you always say “I want to go to Calabar and report what you have done to my Father.” What do you mean by “my Father?” I am convinced that as many millions as believed, the same are saved; realize that you don’t believe. All those who complain of one trouble, difficulty, problem or the other, are unbelievers. Those who believe have no problem, they don’t even pray but they move freely in a problem free milieu. Others outside the fold maintain that nobody can point any accusing finger at you but you say that it has been done; you declare that incubus torments you every night or that you are always bewitched. But those in the world bear witness that your Father is always with you. But you make negative statements at all times. Whatever was your problem as I am here now talking, your problems are over.

The Holy Spirit does not require your money, wisdom or anecdotes. He does not long for prayer, fasting, or your feast. But He expects you to believe in your heart that there is no witch, apparition, death, lack, tribulations and that all things are well with you; speak out that you have all things within your reach and it shall be fulfilled. Even though a small child from Brotherhood goes into any gathering, that child is greater than them, and they have to obey him. Whatever type of conference that is attended by even a child born today in Brotherhood, all the attendants must bow to the baby; in addition, nothing can harm him. Do you think you are saved because of fasting or because of the protracted speeches you make, or long prayers? You are saved out of mercy and grace. Faith subsumes what one does not see but yet believes. But since I believe that the type of work I do you are doing and that you shall remain with me, though you argue that nobody can stay with God, but does that hinder your staying with me? Are you not staying with me now? You are doing the works that I do and I have changed you into the nature of God.

It is with the heart you believe unto righteousness and with the mouth you confess such things and have salvation. Once you declare that you have relations, brothers, sisters, employment, etc. don’t bother any longer for they will come easily to you. The gospel of yesterday taught us that whatever is meant for a man remains his own. Once you believe that yours is yours, you will not struggle nor scramble for things; you will not talk nor make noise, neither will you enslave yourself to somebody, being aware that your share will be given to you in due season; and if you don’t get it today you may get it tomorrow.

Recall the case of the Centurion, he was not a disciple of Christ yet none of His disciples had his type of faith. He said, “Lord, I am not worthy that thou should come under my roof: but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed.” Nobody knew the distance between the Centurion’s house and the place they were, but he (Centurion) requested for the spoken word. Have you seen what the spoken word can do? When you make arrangement to go to America because your blood relation is sick over there, is where you are not America? Speak the word and things will be alright. Tell that person that at that moment he is well, and that will be done accordingly. Connect yourself with God. God is love, truth, patience, mercy, peace, goodness, long suffering, meekness, lowliness of the heart, etc. when you have these attributes it means you have a link with God. At this stage you have no disappointment in anything you wish to do. How many people always believe that things are well when the Father says “Go, all is well”. Some people argue that the Father is fond of making such declarations. But all those who believe have never experienced any problem.

I thank the Holy Spirit for the faith injected into Brethren from Asata Bethel; they are satisfied with this gospel and great testimonies abound for all of them. Though they intended leaving before now, only to be held back in order to receive this gospel, but now they are happy. Remember that man who suffered from leprosy. When Jesus met him he asked, “what wilt thou I shalt do unto thee?” Does it mean Christ did not know his plight? But it is “with the heart you believe unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” The leper said to Christ: “If thou wilt cleanse me.” And he said: “Be thou cleansed.” (Mark 1:40-41) At that spot the sick man was cleansed. If you lack faith and you are commanded to be cleansed, it will not work out because you are faithless.

What of the blind man Bartimaeus? (Mark 10:46). He cried out: “Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me.” Though the disciples cautioned him not to shout, that did not stop him. Christ gave him attention. Does that mean he was not aware of the man’s blindness? He asked him “What wilt thou I shalt do unto thee?” He said: “Lord, that I may receive my sight,” And he said “receive thy sight.” And immediately he received his sight. (Mark 10:45-51) If the man had disagreed, do you think Christ’s command that he should receive his sight would have worked? Faith works like magic. If all of you possess this faith all your problems will be over. When I told you that the war missiles produced by four powerful nations: France, Great Britain, America and Soviet Union, was for nought, nobody believed; now what happens? Are those war implements not a waste now? I stand on the high heavens and make this declaration to the world that there is no witch, wizard, apparition, mermaid, fetish, charm, juju, diabology, and man does not exist. Have you heard any challenge from any quarters? It is faithlessness that causes you to believe in these transitory things. There is nothing which can do any thing good to you.

Your father, mother and the government cannot do anything for you, but it is your faith which works wonders for you. Our Lord Jesus Christ said “whoever believeth and is baptized shall be saved;” (Mark 16:16) and that statement is firm. He further stated “And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out demons; they shall speak in new tongues; they shall pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them; they shall place their hands on the sick and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:17-18). Have these signs not followed you?

You have heard the testimony of that man who came from Italy, how he was ill and was taken to many hospitals in Italy and Paris, yet there was no cure. He was advised to return to Nigeria. On coming back, as soon as he was baptized into BCS his ailment was cured. Some of you are still going to hospitals and there are remnants of tablets in your bags; you are taking enema and going to the juju doctor, where lies your faith? How many people have heard this injunction or practiced it? Those who believe are not sick but those who disbelieve are still sick because of faithlessness. I am aware that all the inhabitants of the world are saved except a child of perdition.

That confirms the statement of our Lord Jesus Christ in John 17: 12. “… those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition that the scripture might be fulfilled.” You cannot bestow faith on any person. Faith comes from the heart. When you believe in your heart you will have righteousness which will empower you to confess and receive salvation. Brethren I don’t intend to overload you. Let our golden text be read.

Golden Text: Matthew 12:37

“For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”

With Faith And Belief, All Is Well

Have you seen that? The Centurion said: “Speak the word only and my servant shall be healed,” and it was fulfilled accordingly. As you believe in your heart that all is well, declare that all is well, and it will be fulfilled accordingly. But when you confess that things are not well with you, it will manifest as you have spoken. Some people maintain that God loves a group of people and hates the rest. Those who believe in Him, it is fulfilled unto them according to their measure of faith. Those who don’t believe lack this luck because of faithlessness. Those from Biakpan take their bath in that Biakpan water at all times and their sicknesses are not cured. But all those who believe that immediately they bathe in that “wonderful” Biakpan water their problems will be over, once they do that their problems become solved.

A certain woman, while going to Biakpan, took with her a child (her own) who was sick, and at Asaka the child died. People dissuaded her from continuing the journey since there was no need going to Biakpan with the corpse of the child. The woman stood her grounds and continued the journey to Biakpan in spite of the tragic event. As soon as she reached the Biakpan community the child came back to life. Have you seen what faith can do? It is fulfilled unto you according to your measure of faith. It is with your words you are saved. If you allow good words to proceed out of your mouth; if you believe unto righteousness; if you confess what you believe then salvation has come to you. A great many people in Brotherhood believe in the existence of witch, fetish, juju, etc. but conclude that such shaky things cannot affect them. Others maintain that they are still being worried by wizard, incubus, apparition and diabology. Others concur what the Father says that there is no witch, wizard, fetish, mermaid, juju, charms, etc. and such persons are free. That fulfills the golden text: “By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” You don’t get into this kingdom by anything or means but by faith. Therefore, let us believe and be faithful. You have troubled yourselves that much, whereas the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is at work with his angels, spirits, apostles and all the children of God. Why should you bother yourself instead of giving testimonies to glorify God. Now you are struggling hither, thither, complaining to be the bread-winner for yourself, that means you don’t glorify God, you neither know Him nor have faith in Him.

Believe fervently that all the blessings bestowed on those at Imo State now, is equally bestowed on you; and those at Imo State have equally received the blessings bestowed on you now and the inhabitants of the world have also shared in the blessings equally. Everything boils down to the fact that all is well. When you believe and confess that all is well, know that all is well.

It is said that one stroke of the cane is sufficient to the wise. I don’t intend to take you further. He who has ears let him hear. May God bless His holy words. Amen.

Thank You Father.

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