JACKSON’S LEGACY SALVAGED -by His Grace Archbishop James Ellebe

Venue: Dallas Bethel
Date: 5/26/19

Theme: Leader Olumba’s Mercy is Indiscriminate for He is God

The Holy Father now on earth is the God of the universe and entire creation. His grace is boundless and He shows mercy to whomsoever He desires.

When Michael Jackson was accused of child abuse and other trumped up charges, mounting to about 10 in all, Leader Olumba’s bowel of mercy was triggered. As a result, the Holy Father sent us to visit the Jackson Family House to provide succor to the troubled family.

Our gracious Father made us to cycle around the domicile of the Jacksons and by so doing designing His supreme signature OOO around the building.

When we eventually met the Jackson patriarch, we informed him that the Father’s son, Brother Michael Jackson, shall be discharged and acquitted.

Brethren, that’s exactly what finally happened to that serious case against Michael Jackson–it got thrown out. The Holy Father used us as a vessel to storm the court and destabilize the ugly plans orchestrated by Michael Jackson’s antagonists.

By deduction, If that intervention hadn’t occurred, lf leader Olumba hadn’t imposed His boundless love, Bro Michael Jackson would have been thrown in Jail, rot in Jail, and his famous legacy deposited in the garbage department of History.

Thank You God of creation for your enduring love and limitless grace towards ALL mankind, in the mighty name of His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, Amen.

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