How Ministry Work, Fasting and Feasting Saved the lives of Three Christ Ambassadors.

By Christ Ambassador Patmeh Patrick

When OLUMBA is with you no one can be against you.
Some time in 2018 there was a revealed message that all Christ Ambasadors (CA) in BCS , should quickly embarked on a ministry work, gather in one place depending on your locations, observe one day Fasting and then feast, so that the Father His Holiness OLUMBA Olumba Obu will use it avert disaster form three Christ Ambassadors.

When I heard the revelation, I knew I won’t be able to be present physically at Mpape bethel Abuja, which was the venue for the Fasting due to fact that I was pregnant and just want it to be private.

So since I knew I won’t be able to join in the ministry work I decided to contact the Coordinator UCCA Abuja for account details for my personal contributions towards the feasting on that day,which I did.

I informed my other colleagues which were CA Ben Koko now Christ Shepherd (CS) and CA Mercy Utteh now Her Eminence for us to come together and conduct the feast in the resident of CA Ben Koko now CS

So while the Fasting and ministry work was ongoing at Mpape bethel, myself and mummy Utteh were partaking, Fasting and also praying in the residence of CS Ben Koko

Exactly 6pm myself, mummy Utteh and some Sabbaths children joined us and we broke the Feasting and celebrated a sumptuous feast.

Beloved brethren all this happened on a Wednesday, so while CAs were still at Mpape bethel to observed the watch and pray, we had finished ours, then went to bed.

Exactly few minutes pass 1am, I had a dream, as if robbers had invaded the house, and took away lots of things. I woke up immediately and sat down in the bed wondering what kind of dream was that, I said to myself that I can’t wait to tell my Sis, Egan the dream in the morning.

While sitting there still pondering, I went on my knee and I prayed, then I picked up my ipad to surf the net. Suddenly I started to hear sounds, this time around not a dream but reality.

I heard people trying to gain entry into the house. So I quickly stood up, collected my white kaftan and I wore it immediately and tired my white scarf; it then occurred to me that Father actually woke me up to get prepared, so that j will not be taken unawares.

These boys were still trying to gain entry, I quickly dialled Sis Egan number it was saying number busy, I dialed chairman no response, I then called mummy Utteh, as a one time police woman she’s always alert, she picked and i said to her, mummy is like robbers are trying to gain entry into the house . She said to me hold on so that she can call the boys sleeping downstairs, meanwhile the boys upon all the noise and banging of these assassin boys trying to gain entrance, the boys downstairs didn’t hear a sound, only for these assassinator sent to take the life of CS Ben Koko to find their ways into the building. Got hold of the boys and locked them up inside the sitting room toilet, and then proceeded upstairs.

Suddenly I saw my room door open, all I could do was to scream, calling upon the only name that subdues all powers OOO .

Three hefty men, very ugly with long guns, matchets and any other dangerous objects you can think of, pointed at me with their guns asking me for Chairman (CS Ben Koko) or his room, I told them that chairman was not around, i was so traumatized and shaking with the baby in my womb somersaulting countless time, I almost had miscarriage, but thanks to the Father who kept my child.

They Left my room after collecting all the money I had with me and located Chairman’s room.

They try to gain entry, hitting the door with their boats forcefully, as they did the door became more stiff, we could hear the heavy sound and forces used, but Father never allowed them to gain entry. So chairman asked them what they wanted in his house, they responded that they were assassins sent to eliminate him, he further asked them if they were with guns, they answered yes, he said to them okay wait for me, when they heard that, they quickly ran downstairs, while chairman was busy dialing the police, they heard him calling the police , so they decided to shoot from the window since they could see him.

My brethren when I heard the sound of the gun shoot at chairman through the window i was so scared even my child in the womb was very unstable. I thought they have succeeded in eliminating chairman, I was shaking and traumatized at that point it was as if I was on labour.

I opened my door which of cause wasn’t locked, and went straight to chairman’s room, I was so scared, I got there and behold not even a scratch on chairman, but they had succeeded in damaging the window, glass scattered everywhere, and they ran away, with one of them saying the target is down. Suddenly the police arrived after they assassin had left.

That was how fasting and feasting saved three Ambassadors from untimely death.

Beloved brethren I’m sharing these testimony to encourage you to always harkened to instructions and partake in anything because this is a spiritual kingdom, contribute your quota, don’t say it’s not your business .

When ever a ministry work, Feast or Fasting is revealed please partake, because you never can tell if the message, or Fasting and ministry work is actually on your behalf.

Thank You Father

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