First Bible Lesson: I Corinthians 15:26

“The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”

Second Bible Lesson: I Corinthians 6:13

“Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them.”

Golden Text: Philippians 3:18-19

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.”

I have told you before that I have not yet opened my bag containing the article of trade I have brought to the whole world. What I have tried to do so far, is to introduce the Father to you. From day to day, and as time goes on, I will continue to unfold to you the shortcomings and hindrances in your lives.

Food Kills

Today’s sermon concerns food, and the art of feeding, the evil of food, and food as the source of destruction. The last enemy is death. What is death? Is man death? Is death spirit or tree or any other thing? What do you consider to be death? You have heard what the second lesson says: Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Food is that death referred to. Food makes you sick, it makes you angry, and it kills the spirit in you. Food is death and it is responsible for all the evil things in you.

What God Prescribed For Man As Food

All those who desire to have eternal life have started to live according to the will of God. What did God prescribe for man to live on?

Read: Genesis 1:29: And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

God commanded that man should freely eat of every fruit of the trees of the Garden. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil man should not eat of it: for in the day man eats thereof he shall surely die. (Gen 2:17).The enemy of life is food. Food makes you sick; it kills. Food brings about high blood pressure, diabetes and other forms of incurable diseases. You complain of charms, mermaid and bewitchment. These are not true. You are affected by the food you eat. You may grow fat but what does it all mean? Your fatness leads to death. Food is the sting of death. When you prepare all forms of diet for yourself, they destroy your spirit, soul and body.

The Evil Connected With Food

If I should now expatiate on the evils of food, I will not exhaust the topic for ten years. But I only want to give an introductory part of what you call a new doctrine. I have dealt on this issue on many occasions but you do not seem to be bothered about it. We are now staging a go-back to the Garden of Eden. Have you not heard what had been read out to you? All herb bearing seed and all fruit of a tree yielding seed, shall be your meat. This does not imply a system of feeding but a form of medication. Just as one will seek a cure for an ailment, you can suck one orange and drink a cup of water and that will serve you for a day. The next day whenever you feel like taking anything, you can take just one banana and drink water and that should satisfy you. That is how you should live. Take fruits as a cure for an ailment and not what you eat sumptuously. There and then you will feel the pulse and the invigorating power of God in you. You will have no pains, no sickness. Age will not tell much on you, and no problems will beset you.

All along we have been gallivanting around, seeking for life. Is this not the very source of life that we neglect? That is why we are looking for a virgin land of our own. There, we will establish an orchard where fruit trees of all types, oranges, mangoes, banana, guava, paw paw, coconut, apple and other fruits will be planted. Fruits should be taken in very small quantities. There, many will stay without being hungry. When you take a little fruit as a cure, that is sufficient for you. When you look at yourself, you find that you are very fat and robust, you will feel it is a sign of good-health. It is rather poisonous, and extra burden, death, and sickness. When you think yourself fat, you do not even realize that your sicknesses are innumerable. You complain of pain around your waist, a strange object moving in your head. Is it not the food you eat which is responsible. Is it not the food that you eat which has constituted this problem?

The Belly Is The God Of The Gluttonous Person

The body is the house of God and not the house of food. God did not make the body for food. Can you see the last enemy which will be destroyed? In consonance with the Scriptures, I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, your belly is your god. A local adage says, whatever tastes palatable in the mouth of a sick man, that he eats and dies. You keep trying and trying everything. All the things you cook to eat kill the spirit and the life in you. When the Gospel is preached you cannot even listen. Even when you listen you cannot assimilate.

There has never been any point in time when God did not abide on earth with man. It is food which separates you from God. The end to food is death and destruction. Man should neither drink, nor snuff nor eat any of the things forbidden by God, because these are poisonous to the body. It is not given that any one should tamper with the body by rubbing any ointment on it. The body belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. God polishes and dwells in it. You should not introduce anything unnatural to the body. All the things you inject into your body or rub on your body lead you to destruction. Your body is the house of God. You ought not to adulterate it in any way. The only food for the body is for you to practice the Gospel.

You have heard that in those days there shall be no more death. (Rev 21:4). This is only possible on the provision that you keep the injunctions of God and avoid surfeiting and gluttony, but concentrate on eating of fruits. When you just start it, you will no longer be hungry neither will you be sick nor feel weak. There will be no aging. You will rather always swim in youthfulness.

Man Shall Live By The Words Of God

I am taking you step by step. When we started fasting, we started from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., then to one day dry fasting, then to two days dry fasting and now to three days. A time will come when we will fast for four days, or five days and gradually shall we progress. When you receive this Gospel, you will be satisfied and your problems will all be solved.

You will recall that Satan went to Our Lord Jesus Christ and told him,” If you are the Son of God command that these stones be turned into bread.” (Matt 4:3) What did our Lord Jesus Christ reply? He told Satan that it had been written,”Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” (Luke 4:4) Our Lord Jesus Christ was referring to this end of time that the word of God will be the source of life. You will remember when the disciples invited him to eat but he said, I have meat that you know not of. They began to wonder in their hearts whether any person had given him food. Since He was God and knew their hearts, he told them: “My meat is to do the work of My Father who sent Me, and to finish it.” (John 4:34).

Eternal Life Through The Word Of God

If you continue to practice the injunction of loving one another, of telling no more lies, not exasperating God, how will you become hungry? You will not thirst. You will neither fall sick and die, nor grow old. The Scriptures have it that when the word of God dwells richly in your heart, you will have life. If the Word of God dwells richly in your heart, you will have everlasting life. This explains why he declared to his disciples, “I am the bread which came down from heaven and whoever eats of me shall never die.” (John 6:51).

You will notice that even here in Brotherhood, there are some persons who no longer feel hungry; indeed they have no appetite for food. As I am talking to you now, we have somebody and what remains for him to do is to stop drinking water. He only eats one banana throughout twenty-four hours a day. We also have many here in Brotherhood who stay from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily without any food. After 6 p.m. you find them eating just one banana and until the next day, they will have no appetite for any food. We have yet another group of persons who do not eat any cooked food. We have one such person at No. 26, Mbukpa Road, Calabar. It is not for you to keep coming here and yet you put death into your body by eating virtually everything you find and at the end when it backfires as sickness and death, you will want to complain of your problem as a Brotherhood member. Have you not heard that food is death?

God did not make the belly for food. He created us for Himself as an abode of the Spirit. He did not create us to fornicate with a woman or a man. The singular reason why He created man was to make his abode in him. When you observe carefully, it is a common complaint in the world that there are too many diseases. 99% of the population of the entire world has sickness. Why is this so? It is because of the indulgence of man in what he does not know.

Food Is The Enemy Of Man

People do not understand that this body had been purchased with the precious blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and that the Spirit has come to dwell in it. If the Holy Spirit dwells in you, you will hunger no more; you will no longer fall sick nor thirst, nor die. Indeed, you will not have any problems.

Some may begin to ask, How can one survive without food? Food does not give life but it rather causes death. The last enemy is food. The Bible says: “The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.” (Rom 6:23).You can eat and collapse and die on the spot. But if you practice the word of God, you will not die. That last enemy to be destroyed is food. Some people have started to do away with food in different ways. Many have stayed throughout the year without eating any food.

Why Adam Lived For 930 Years

You have heard and read that Adam lived for 930 years. (Gen 5:5). How was this possible? At that time there was no frying, no roasting, no baking and no cooking as you do today. He fed on fruits. The same thing happened to Noah and others who lived long. Since the introduction of food other than fruit, we now have a shorter life-span. The destruction besetting man issues from food. Right now, you are preoccupied with the thought of food. Before coming to worship today, you had been completely filled with food.

Consider the fact, because Adam had eaten the forbidden fruit he was driven out of the Garden of Eden. In spite of this, he was able to live for 930 years. How did he do it, even though he had a misunderstanding with God? When Our Lord Jesus Christ did not yet come to die for us, people lived for 200 to 900 years. But today, after he had shed His Blood, you find people dying in their youthful ages. Why is sickness rampant now? Why do you not question yourself why things should be so?

Do you have the least realization to help yourself? The whites, you say have introduced the use of tea and you demand for stew. These are poisonous to the body and lead to death. Tell me the real truth. Did you know that the food you eat is poisonous to your body? It is said, whatever tastes deliciously in a sick person’s mouth, that he must eat till he dies. Have I not told you that if you are destined to die, you cannot fail eating those foods. But those predestined for eternal life will begin to comply with the instructions. Of all the food you eat, have you found any in the Bible except fruits? If there is anyone of you who is sick or has any problem and begins from today to live as instructed, his sickness, anger, troubled heart, and troubles will vanish in no time. You will also begin to hear the voice of God distinctively. God will equally respond to your calls.

Wear Not Death As A Garment

Life stands aloof when you put on death as a garment. That is why life runs away from you. You complain that in your dream you see graves, apparition and other dreadful things. Is it not food that has cost you such scenes. Is it not the poison you take into you? I want you to experiment right from today; everything by experimentation. Deny yourself a while of so-called good-health and delicious food you have been eating. Begin to practice this Gospel bit by bit, and besides your problems being solved, your eyes will be opened. Let me tell you that much eating is like taking plenty of liquor. If you are given to much eating, it will do no good to your body system. Just as you will be drinking and passing urine, so will you pass the food you eat out as stool and your belly will return to its former state. It will not do any good thing for you. The feces passed by a white man is scanty and small but a large container will not be enough for a black man’s feces. The situation therefore is that after eating, you excrete all and become hungry again. Your belly has become your God.(Phil 3:19). If you stay without food for sometime, and later in the evening you take some fruits in the way of medication and thereafter drink a little water, you will feel the impulse in you. You will have no problems. The following day you do the same thing and continue in that manner. After a time you will notice the revitalizing spirit in you. The Holy Spirit will enter into you and your eyes will be opened.

All the diseases, awful dreams, and nightmares are brought about by all sorts of foods that you eat. Brethren, since I do not want to overload you, the first lesson will now be read.

First Bible Lesson: 1 Corinthians 15:26

“The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”

Brethren, have you heard what has been read out to you? The last enemy is food. The Bible has advised that it should not be because of surfeiting and much drinking that that day takes you unawares. All those who love food abide in death up till today. All those who love food are the enemies of the Cross of Christ. The arch enemy of the Holy Spirit is food. Watch carefully, once food is brought into this Hall there will be fighting and scrambling. Also watch when we are on dry fasting, this Hall will be very quiet and the Holy Spirit will gently conduct His affairs without resistance. He heals your infirmities and takes away your problems. If there is any good thing in Brotherhood, it is the dry fasting. The benefits of Thursday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. fasting cannot be over-emphasized. In the world, you will clearly see the sign of old age on the faces of men and women, your age-mates now walk with the help of the walking stick. Here in Brotherhood, we look very young and are regenerated from day to day. Those of you who had pot-bellies have now been trimmed to size. Such bellies are signs of death and not good health. Sometimes when such persons go to the hospital, they are declared anemic whereas if you examine one person in Brotherhood, the amount of blood in him is enough to sustain many lives.

Abstinence From Food Will Follow A Gradual Process

This issue eludes the worldly wisdom. This is why we are told that the last enemy to be destroyed is food. The way to get about it is what we are telling you. But I am not telling you to go and start off. It is an issue which requires a gradual and progressive step. When you hear and practice the Word of God, He will take away the spirit of surfeiting from you. Do you not see how you are told not to drink, or snuff, or smoke, or indulge in diabologies or other vices. It is gradual and when the Word of God takes control of you that is the end to it.

Do not eat meat. Do not eat fish. Do not eat anything at all. All those instructions are the different knots that have to be tightened one after the other till finally we arrive at eating of fruits. If God instructed Adam to eat of all the fruits of the trees and did not tell him to kill an animal or any other thing for food, and we have various kinds of fruits these days than were in those days, why are you still stubborn and have chosen death for yourselves.

Leave The Skin And Hair Unattended With Chemicals

To the angel whom it was given to hurt the earth and sea it was said,” Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees.” (Rev 7:3). He knows for certain that the trees were food. God is changeless in His covenant. He made fruits for us to eat. The fruits give us life. These foods are not cooked but are ready-made. This serves as the body-supporting medicine for your sustenance.

Do not rub any pomade or cream on your body. Do not do anything with you hair. There is no difference between a man and a woman. Do not perm or do anything with your hair. This is the instruction from God. Anything other than this is destruction. All the ointment you rub are chemicals. They destroy your body which is the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever you are forbidden from doing is for your own good. If you fail to comply, you have only yourself to blame. David wanted to build a temple for God but God told him not to build because his hands were not clean. (2 Sam 11:12-17). For this reason, David gave up the attempt. Although he had money, building materials, and could build the house, he had to obey God. The owner of the temple tells you that he does not want cream or ointment rubbed on his house but you still insist.

The Holy Spirit Has Arrived

The Holy Spirit wants you to eat fruit. He does not delight in much food. Since your body is His, you have to purify it. The Holy Spirit does not require taking of drugs or enema or anything into your body. All you need to do is to purify the temple because he has come to dwell with man. When the Holy Spirit enters into your body your condition can be likened to that of a pregnant woman. You will notice how selective the pregnant woman is. It is not the pregnant woman who is selective but the child, which is the spirit she carries. Some will demand for water, some for groundnuts. Sometimes they demand for many other things. The Holy Spirit behaves that way. He directs you on what to do.

Right now the world does not know that He has come. But we have known that he has arrived and it is for this reason that we celebrate the reception of the Holy Spirit. He comes with the intention to dwell in His house. Our bodies are His abode. When a person builds a house, he has the right to live in his house. He shed his precious blood to wash away our sins so that He can make His house clean enough to inhabit. Now that He has come to dwell in His house, surrender the house to the owner. Some other person’s property is a likely source of trouble. If by the time the owner of a house travelled you had used his house as you liked, when you hear about his arrival, you have to sweep his house clean before you hand over to him to avoid trouble.

To Please God, Be A Teetotaler

This is our duty, go and preach to the people of the world about the arrival of the Holy Spirit and His requirements. That is why you are instructed not to drink or fornicate. Comply yourself with the instructions of God. All types of liquor, whether it be a whisky, or beer or mineral, all of them are poisonous. None of these is good for the human body. Snuff, cigarettes, cigar mean death. All forms of injection, syrup, tablets, capsules are poisonous and death. All kinds of pomade, cream, perfume ointment are death. Costly clothings are death. Dress in a very decent and simple manner, and that is good enough. Right now, what He requires from us is the white apparel. He has made the choice for us. You do not own yourself. He who owns us has chosen what He wants for us. He had promised that He will give you the white raiment which you will put on and walk with Him.

This is the time that we should listen to the Spirit. Your fathers lived the way they did when they did not yet believe. But now that the Holy Spirit is leading you to the accurate wisdom of the truth, why are you obdurate and recalcitrant? Observe how sickness, death, punishment and tribulation are besetting man. If you now go to the hospital, there are no drugs. If you take enema, it does not work. The prayers you offer do not work. Nothing tends to work again these days. When you are told this truth, the church denominations will rise to challenge that whoever tells you not to take injection or syrup is a killer. You who were here in the morning heard the testimony of that chief medical consultant; he does not take any form of medication again. He is a great physician but suffered from heart attack and hypertension which caused him to consult from one specialist hospital to the other but no cure was provided him. But on his getting baptized here in May 1986, all his sicknesses were completely healed. I am saying this to your shame. He, as a great physician, no longer takes injection or swallows any tablet or capsule, nor drink any liquid, but if you go to him, he will administer injection on you. This development induced his wife who hails from one of the communist countries to demand for baptism. She observed that the husband no longer complained of his heart pains and hypertension, and did not take any medical treatment but only took the holy oil.

The Testimony Of A Chief Judge

This doctor also introduced a chief Judge to Brotherhood. Somebody first recommended that doctor to the chief Judge as the only great physician who would be able to help him. But the doctor examined the urine and stool of the Chief Judge and could find nothing, yet the man was dying of pain. When the chief Judge asked for what he should do in order to get well, the doctor told him that since he could not diagnose, no prescriptions could be given. The doctor told the chief Judge that in the face of the critical condition, he would take the man to Calabar where his infirmities would be healed. You also heard the testimony of the chief Judge who was baptized on the 9th of January, 1987 and since then he no longer takes any form of medication. His illness is completely cured.

Do you not know that all the time we go in for medical check-ups, receive injections and tablets, we have taken poison into our bodies and we have taken death into our systems. Many Brotherhood members who die, die in the hospital. When you go to hospital, take drugs and die, your blood will be upon you. God does not compel any person to do anything against his will. As I am telling you, so do I tell all the inhabitants of the world that they should no longer take tablets, injections, and syrup. Check your food and be very careful of what you eat. Eat fruits. Fruits are considerably cheaper here in Africa. We are going to establish orchards and plant citrus fruits. You can eat just one banana or suck one orange and drink water and the medicinal effect will heal you. The only food that is blessed by God is fruit. But anything else you prepare for yourselves as food is poisonous.

The Other Meaning Of Fornication

What is referred to as lust or fornication does not always imply going to lie down with a man or woman. It refers also to being excessive in anything you take. If for instance you drink water more than necessary, you have committed fornication. When you prepare for yourselves a basin full of gari and consume all alone, you have committed fornication. Whatever you have to take, should be in a very small quantity because it is simply medicinal. You can do with one banana daily. Even so, you can still skip some days. In this way you will feel the pulse in you. God lives within you. He guides us, and has everything. We will neither fall sick, nor have nightmares, nor be angry and there will be no problems. God would not leave us at any point.

Do you think that it had been the mind of God that Adam and Eve should ever continue to feed on fruits? If they had continued to assimilate the Word of God, they would, at a later time, not be hungry again. What God did with them was like somebody starting an infant class. It was for that stage that they were taught to eat fruits. This, they would have eaten till the time the word of God would fill them. When the Word of God dwells richly in your heart, you will neither hunger nor thirst.

Take Fruit In Small Quantities

How will we not die as long as you continue to fill your body with mud and poison. Instead of facing the fact before you, you point accusing fingers on to mermaid, juju, witchery, apparition, and charm. Is the charm kept for you or the food you are eating which is responsible for your conditions. Some of you are simply gluttonous. Before attending this Sermon, you have taken up to ten courses of meals.

In the past, you were like sheep without a shepherd. But now a shepherd has come from the highest heaven to pour his instruction on all mankind. Plant groundnuts, pineapples, oranges, paw paw, sugarcane and many other fruits. When you feel like taking something, you can take a little fruit and not much of it.

If we should examine ourselves, God would not judge us but when he judges us, he chastises us that He may not condemn us with the people of the world.(1 Cor 11:31-32). Let our second lesson be read.

Second Bible Lesson: 1 Corinthians 6:13

“Meats for the belly, and belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.”

God did not make this body for fornication. Whenever any person passes by, you call on her or make moves to confront him. He made man for himself. God dwells in the human body. He does not dwell in houses built by man. Hand over the house to the owner. The owner of the house says he does not want those wretched things. Why do you continue to introduce all such things into the house? Does the house belong to you?

Constant Abstinence From Food

I know that a great many people in Brotherhood do not even fast on Thursdays. I know also that many a Brotherhood member would not eat for a week. They chose to go on dry fasting and they feel well and good. The living God converses distinctively with them and they hear the still small voice. Some people stay up to two weeks without food and they feel very strong and healthy. This Gospel strengthens their faith that they should continue in that manner. It is also an encouragement to those who have not yet done so since the common complaint had always been that the Father has been silent over the issue. The Father has now openly announced that you should no longer rub any cream the body since it amounts to body adulteration. The body is no longer ours. We had been bought with a price. No person has a right over his body. It is only Our Lord Jesus Christ who has the right over every person. We have to hearken to the instructions of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Are We Ready To Admit Him Into His House?

We are that house, we are the city, we are the field. It is said, Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. (Ps. 127:1) If God does not protect you, can you ever protect yourself? If God does not demolish us, removing from us all kinds of infirmities and encumbrances, and rebuild us for his habitation, who else can rebuild us? He has come to change us and rebuild us, the heart that had been damaged, and other parts that were dysfunctional, he has come to reconstruct and regenerate us so that we may have a share in the Kingdom of God.

How will the person who eats foo-foo, yam porridge, chin-chin, eggs and other things be pure in the flesh? The man who eats meat, fish, and drinks tea, wine, and takes snuff, how will he be pure in flesh and in the spirit? It is said, if the owner of the house had known when the thieves would come, he would have kept watching. (Matt 24:43). You better keep watch because 1999 is fast approaching. Those who are not here present do hear this instruction as well, because I am declaring from the highest heaven. Fishes in the water, animals in the forest, birds of the air are all preparing to see the glory of this Kingdom and what it will come to be.

What does it all mean when you say God helps those who help themselves? As long as you live the life he wants, concerning the food you eat, right from today that you have heard this Gospel, try to put it into practice. When you try to practice it, you will notice a remarkable change in your life. Anger will subside. Food causes you to be angry. Food is made up of various kinds of spirit which do not match with your body constitution.

Bodily Adornments

It is said that there is neither male nor female (Gal.3:28). Our Lord Jesus Christ is all and in all (Col.3:11). We all have to maintain low hair cuts, men and women alike. Do not wear any necklace, do not put on any earrings, and do not paint any part of your body. All such things are abominable, they are works of death, and signs of death. We have a piece of land where we are going to build Our City. You will not enter this city with any earring, or shoes, neither will you go in with any hair-do. Fruit is the only food to be eaten in the city. If you are unable to do away with all these propensities, it will be impossible for you to enter. You may claim, to be Obu’s child, or you have been a member of Brotherhood for twenty years, I am saying that even if you have been a member for one hundred years, the hair you are plaiting, the necklaces and bangles you wear, the cream you rub disqualify you. I will tell you, get you behind me. However you will operate as a Brotherhood member in Calabar or Lagos or in any other place. How will the City be conducive for you when there is neither wine, nor fornication, nor the kinds of food you eat? How will you survive in it? Excessive eating is not accepted there. Even the available fruits will be rationed to every person. If you do not get prepared now, it means the place will not be congenial for your living and you will not be there.

As I am telling you, it is said, whatever is bound here on earth, is bound in heaven (Matt 18:18). It is also said, let thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. It is what is done in heaven that is also going to be done on earth. (Matt 6:10). Those who long for this city are making their preparations now. But I warn that you should not be like the five foolish virgins who did not go with their kerosene. (Matt 25:3). The issue does not call for pleading with God to forgive you. Once you are unable to resist and overcome death, death will overcome you.

Food Is Man’s Enemy

Because of his recalcitrance, Moses was shown to the promised land but he did not enter. My duty and yours is to war against food. Your enemy is food. You complain you are irate, easily irritated, quarrelsome; that evil spirits torment you. Food is the source of your problems. Food leads to evil spirits, nightmares and the anger you find in your system. Do not broadcast your intentions. When you return today begin to practice this Gospel. Stay on your own and leave food. You will not be hungry. Preach and practice the Word of God. Listen to the Word of God and carry out God’s injunctions. In this way you will not feel hungry. When you have the desire to eat, take just one banana and drink water. Within one week, you will see that you will be a completely different person. Sickness, and other evil spirits will disappear.

By Means Of Fruits God Rejuvenates You

I had already told you that I do not want these electric fans. They are chemical products which are poisonous, to the body. I do not also want anything from the refrigerator. I do not want any cold water, it contains chemical and is, therefore, poisonous drugs. I have told you publicly but you would not hear. What I am preaching to you is about myself. Compare your bodies with mine and notice who looks younger and fresher. If the Father’s age is mentioned, many people will be bamboozled. Yet, in the next twenty years He will be younger than He is today. You have adulterated your body with perfume, ointment and cream, your hair is poisoned and now you look wretchedly old. But day after day, out of His love God tries to rejuvenate, regenerate and reconstruct you, but you are at the same time dragging yourselves into mud again.

You are calling upon the Holy Spirit to come to your aid but you have adulterated your body and because of the repugnant and obnoxious odor fuming from your body, He stays afar and will not come close. How will he come and save you. He alone can heal us. There is nothing impossible with him. If we surrender ourselves to him, there is nothing which he cannot do for us.

When he wants to demolish us in order to reconstruct and rebuild again, we misconceive his activities and are carried to the hospital for treatment during which period we are given injection and tablet. The last thing is for us to die. The grades of doctors, surgeons, paramedical staff and nurses we have in this Kingdom, the type of injections and tablets, and the stock of drugs we have, if your eyes were open to behold the hospital set up here, you would see yourself clearly as the most foolish man to attend a carnal hospital. Each and every one of us has a body guard and escort. All of us undergo medical check-ups by our attendant doctors. There are some staying by you, keeping watch over you to treat anything that affects you. This is for everybody. Right now that you are here, food is served. This explains why you are not always hungry. That is why, if you were to hear the instructions of God, you would have enjoyed this Kingdom more than what happens now.

Holy Spirit, The Greatest Physician

God thinks about us much more than we think of ourselves. As you go to the hospital, have you seen the Leader going to the hospital? That has always been your problem. You have been going to the hospital all your life but what good has it done for you? The Leader has never gone to any hospital. I have no business with medication. You often complain that the Leader has not taught you. When did you see the Leader taking drugs? I do not even keep them, nor do I consult any type of physician.

Right now, if you are partly blind, it is because of the poison you take in. But if you eat the kind of food prescribed for you, and comply with the Word of God, your good sight will be restored to you. Let the Holy Spirit gain entrance into you. The heart and blood that is not good, when the Holy Spirit gains entrance into the house and starts His work, even when injection is ministered do not complain. If he is treating a stomach problem do not be worried. He is the owner of the house. When he completes His Work, you will become younger and younger.

When the Leader says that in ten years time he will be younger than He is today, people begin to wonder whether the man will be alive for that long. The enemies will fidget that they are done for. They do not wish that the Father should live that long, so that they may have room to operate as they wish in the world. But I am saying that in the next twenty years, I will be younger than this.

What I am telling you does not require any money. It calls for the mortification of the flesh to enable the spirit to triumph. Why you look for food, woman, and wealth is because of the evil spirit in you which comes from the food you eat. If you refrain from eating the kind of food you have been eating and concentrate your attention in eating fruit, and the purification of your body, no evil thoughts will come into you. You will be in a completely different world.

Do you know that food is Satan? Do you know that food is the evil spirit and death? At present, what are your thoughts filled with? What will I eat, what will I put on, what will I drink? You are enslaved by these tendencies. You beat up your wife because of food. You divorce your husband because of food. You beat your child because of food. You deny your father because of food. But it is said that food does not recommend a person before God and if one does not eat it does not disapprove a man before God. Food is nothing at all. Clothing is nothing at all. Perfume and cream are useless before God. Only the Word of God can put you in a good position before God.

You have been feeling that if you go to somebody’s house and he serves you with various dishes and assorted kinds of drinks that the person loves you dearly. I am telling you that he is the person who hates you the most apart from also being an enemy of God. Brethren, I do not want to belabor you. Let our Golden Text be read.

Golden Text: Philippians 3:18-19

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.”

Brethren, ponder over this situation. If from today you no longer put your heart in the things of this world, would you have the cause to quarrel with any person? If you do not bother about clothes, shoes, food, bed, house and any kind of good, will you quarrel with any person?

The Leader Preaches Himself

I had already told you, that when first I arrived in Calabar, the first pot of soup I prepared cost only one penny. After preparing the soup, I used it for eight days. I was taking half a cup of gari for every twenty four hours. And I had no problem. I had no problems with anybody. My clothing comprised a simple pant, a sleeveless singlet. I went about with it to every place I had to go. I am preaching about myself and not about any other person. The most costly apparel I bought was a pant costing five pence and a sleeveless singlet bought at one shilling and three pence. When you complain every time that you are looking for this or you want to eat the other, I have never lusted after anything. All these things do not interest me. No matter what you eat, I am not bothered. By this Sermon, I am preaching myself. Food is nothing to me, cloth is nothing to me, house is nothing to me. In fact, all the things you can think of in the world have no place in my thought. I am preaching about myself. I have seen that you are not yet mature for this life, that is why I give you this gospel in bits and pieces. This Gospel tells you how to live a pure and natural life. I am preaching myself since I am a born vegetarian. You cannot lead a man to a city you have never visited because you cannot give any person the exact description of such a city. But this city I am telling you about is where I come from. It is a city which knows nothing about all surfeiting and lust. Have you ever seen me growing fat and robust? For ages, my size remains the same. Some of you come here with swollen cheeks. You are given to much eating and your belly is death. Is the content of your cheeks not evil?

The Leader’s Food Is The Word Of God

Many people ask what the Father eats and when he eats. This is my food. I feed on the Word of God. From time immemorial my food has always been the Word of God. If you practice the Word of God, you have no problems. If you preach the Word of God and take delight in listening to the Word of God, you have no problem. The irony of it all is that if you feed fat, you will no longer hear the Word of God. You will become an enemy of the Word of God. When the word of God is preached, you will not even hear. That is why our Brother Paul said, that they are enemies of the cross of Christ, of what I have told you often and now tell you even weeping, whose God is their belly (Phil.3:19).

Our Lord Jesus Christ had earlier warned, “Labour not for the meat that perishes but labour for the meat that will endure for ever which the Son of man shall give.” (John 6:27). As I observe, you are those laboring for the food that perishes. When feast is shared you will collect for yourself many plates of rice and call for Afiong or Etim to give you more plates. That means, this is what has brought you here. You think of no other thing but to fight for food. The same thing you do with money, and position. No person seeks for eternal life.

How will the words spoken by Our Lord Jesus Christ be fulfilled in you? He says: “Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.” (Rev 3:4). But right now is your garment clean? Is your body pure and undefiled? The white garment promised you, if you are undefiled, is that spirit. Brethren, you cannot show the expression of love. The Holy Spirit is Love. You cannot speak the truth. The Holy Spirit is the truth. He is righteousness. Except you purify yourself, for the Holy Spirit to indwell and start working, even if you stay here for one hundred years you cannot do any good thing. The Holy Spirit is God’s embodiment.

No Evil Resides In God

Be you pure even as I am pure, no evil resides with me. No good thing resides in man. Man is like a cage. That is why no matter how much one tries to be patient, he cannot. Do not even waste your time struggling to possess any virtue of God. It is not given to any one. When you see a person showing the expression of love, do not commend the person. It is God who shows the expression of love. Do not commend a person for having faith, or patience, because it is God who has all the virtues. This explains why Paul said, “for the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

Now if I do that I would not, it is not I that do it, but the sin that dwelleth in me.” (Rom 7:19-20)

It had been said, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost whom the Father will send in My Name, he shall teach you all things.” (John 14:26).

Have you not realized that the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit now teaches you? The medical doctor does not know that all the drugs he uses in the hospital are poisonous. All food technologists, dieticians, cooks, and stewards do not know that the food they prepare are poisonous to the human bodies, and that they kill. Do you not realize how you prepare food? You cook, fry, bake, roast and destroy the content and life. If you were to eat food in their natural state; banana, orange, mango, pineapples, you would have life abundantly in you.

I do not want to repeat myself. A local adage says, when you are verbose, your words are not useful to the people. I am sure that this year you will assimilate, and live by these words and you will have life.

A stroke of the cane is sufficient unto the wise. Those who have ears, let them hear. May God bless His Holy Words. A-men.

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