By Eyo Charles

Right from the day Father Olumba Olumba Obu was born, He began to exhibit mysteries. His earthly parents became dumbfounded and afraid of Him, their own Child!

Since Father Olumba hardly ate even as a Child or did such things normal children took delight in, like playing, truancy, etc, His own behaviour was conspicuously different.

One day, ignorant of who she was dealing with, in order to force Him to eat and conform, His own earthly mother put pepper in His eyes as a form of discipline! Would you blame the poor mother?

Hear the Father:, “Brethren, I can recall what My carnal mother did to Me when I was a Little Child. She had to put pepper into My eyes as a measure of discipline. My own cousin who was My namesake did not take it lightly with her. He had to put some pepper into her own eyes, too! But My mother loved and respected Me much.”

The Father said there is no condition He cannot endure. He said it was because of food that His mother tried to ‘discipline’ Him to eat.

“I have never been hungry. I can never be hungry. I am Ready Made. I can stay throughout without eating. I was born like that. I can stay for one week or more without urinating or excreting. I started to fast when I was less than two years..!

” Right from when I was born, I have not had any business with food. I don’t eat fish, meat, neither do I drink.

“I can remain in the sun for days without any effects from the heat. I have slept inside water till the next day. Even if you leave Me inside water or fire, I will still be happy. I am positive to all conditions. Do not say that you want to live your life like Me.”

Even though, the Father hardly eats yet He says when He cooks people would eat to the point of using their tongues to clean the plates!

“If I visit you in your house you are lucky to fi s a house help. If I visit a man in his house, he may send his wife parking because of My cookery skills. I cook very delicious meals, especially soup. Brethren, if you witness me grinding pepper on a grinding stone, you will be very happy and thank God that you have a female child. I am all-weather….


Quotations from Everlasting Gospel (The Revelation of Leader OOObu And Brotherhood – The New Kingdom of God, published by BCS College of Bishops, in a compilation called ‘ Movement From 8 Eton Street To 26 Mbukpa Road – Historical Overview’.


  1. Pauline Barlay
    June 14, 2019 at 15:28

    Thank You Father for coming down all by Yourself to establish Your Kingdom.

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