Beloved children, I have always said that wherever the giver of advice is, there must also be people to carry out the advice. Wherever a preacher of the word of God is, a doer is there also. By the same token, I have repeated all the words and instructions of God several times to you but because of your stubbornness I have to start all over again in order to save you.

The three Bible portions above have one thing, and they reveal the Kingdom of God. You have been assured in the first lesson that with the presence of faith, none is under the law.

Now we walk in Spirit and live by the Spirit. All problems in the world are caused by the enactment of laws. The introductions of laws among people has increased the rate of crime instead of curbing crime in society. Therefore we are not under the law, because we are those who walk in the Spirit. Anyone who wishes to pass through the law to salvation has been separated from Christ. With the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, we have nothing to do with law. Any person who wants to be justified through the law is separating himself from Christ.

So beloved brethren, you have to listen to the Spirit in you at all times. What He tells you to do, do that, and abhor whatever He asks you to forsake. If I am instructed by the Spirit to stop preaching now, I will simply stop and get down from the pulpit. If the Holy Spirit directs me to get into the room and lock myself in there, I would not hesitate. Also if I am directed to come out to sit in a particular place for a whole day, I would not deviate from that. The children of God are not under any law because the law was made for law-breakers; the law was made for evil people, not for righteous and good people. Therefore so long as we are led by the Spirit, we are not under the law, and we have nothing to do with the law.

Your problem is that your actions are guided by the promptings of the flesh, and you subject yourself to the flesh, and that is why you quarrel and fight with the people in your midst. The situation could be likened to the period when the country was under colonial rule and she gained independence. For self-rule, Nigeria started formulating policies without consultation with the former colonial master. For instance, a national flag reflecting the interests and objectives which she wished the people to imbibe, was fashioned and hoisted. A new national anthem was written for the people, and uniforms for both the police and army produced. All these were to give the people of Nigeria identity, and to change the people’s consciousness.

In order to consolidate her independence, the former colonial currency, the pound sterling, was replaced with the naira. It was because of the fact that the pound sterling had on its face the head of the British monarch that Nigerians used to refer to the British pound as the white man’s money and even the civil service was regarded as a white man’s job. That is why till today some people still regard money and the civil service as belonging to the white man. With this colonial mentality, people prefer to bear such names as John, Peter, James and Paul to the detriment of their African names. Was your grandfather’s name John or Peter? You know quite well that these names are foreign. Then, why must you continue to bear them and even give them to your children? Did you know that it is a sign of colonial bondage and an attempt to destroy the root of your ancestors? You are no longer under colonial bondage and you should behave as free men.

Many streets, towns, and cities in the former colonial territories with foreign names are now radically changed to reflect their freedom. The churches are not spared in this attachment to the superiority of the whites. They cannot take any independent decision on their own without consulting their headquarters in the Western world. Under such conditions, it means that countries with churches having their headquarters in the Western world are not yet independent. They are still under the yoke of slavery. Those in the Roman Catholic Church are ruled from Rome.


No matter the level of education and social status acquired by the blacks, the white leaders of these churches still regard them as slaves.

The Pope who is in Rome is their President and ruler. This is the cause of many problems and confusion in the world today. None of the branches of the Catholic missions scattered all over the world has the authority to initiate any meaningful policy with regards to the affairs of the mission and their individual country. The same is applicable to the church of England. All the branches are controlled from England. Members of these foreign churches are still slaves to their foreign colonial masters, and are so regarded by the whites.


It is said when the priesthood is changed, the law of necessity must change: “For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also in the law.” (Hebrews 7:12).

Formerly England and many parts of the world were directly under the Pope. The Pope was the only Kingmaker in many parts of their empire. It was then customary for the Pope to anoint and bless the person enthroned, otherwise he had no authority. So when King James became the King of England, he refused to acknowledge the authority of the Pope and he went ahead to establish the Church of England. The head of the Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury is not under the Pope in any way. But the blacks are, in this last age, still under the tutelage of their colonial masters in their churches. In a wider context, the people claim to have gained political independence but in the real sense they have not gained anything. It is only members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star who are completely free because the fold is original and without any colonial traces. There are a lot of things you are fond of doing, the implications of which you do not know. In Brotherhood of the Cross and Star everything is made new and has no relationship with the old world. For instance, our hymn book, method of prayers, singing and dancing are completely new and without any link to the old world. It is written that we are looking for a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells. (2 Peter 3:13).


Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is that New Heaven and Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness. Here in this kingdom, no one claims to come from any particular community or country. Therefore it is out of ignorance for any member in the fold to say, “I am African, American, British or Russian.” We do not believe in such divisive tendencies. We believe only in the philosophy of Brotherhood – oneness and universal love. Pouring of libation and sacrificing at grave sides or at any place, are signs of bondage. Brotherhood does not encourage the giving or receiving of bribes, we do not believe in calling human beings father, and other names because we are all brothers and sisters.

The various signs people make during ordination in the churches are useless and of no effect. Such things are not found in the sound doctrines of Brotherhood.

AND SO OUR PARAMOUNT DUTY IS TO LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND COMPLY WITH ALL INSTRUCTIONS ISSUED BY HIM. Anyone who does what the Holy Spirit directs cannot commit any sin. But if you walk by the dictates of the law you are covered with darkness.

That is why in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, there is no difference between the old, young, poor, rich, strong and weak. We are all one in the Lord. THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS AS IMPORTANT IN THIS KINGDOM AS LISTENING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS OF GOD AND CARRYING THEM OUT. LIVE BY THE INSTRUCTIONS OF GOD AND THAT IS ALL. It is said that where there is no law, nobody is regarded as a lawbreaker. It is the law that brings about misunderstanding.

The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law. (1 Corinthians 15:56). So when there is no law, there is no sin at all. In the same vein where there is no sin, there is no death at all.


Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is not a church organisation, therefore, the tradition of the churches that a member who is a debtor to the church should not be favored in any matter is not applicable in this kingdom. WE ARE LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND WHATEVER WE ARE DIRECTED TO DO IS WHAT WE DO. FOR THIS REASON WE LOVE ALL PEOPLE. If you observe the activities in this kingdom, you would realise that if people were to be levied for any project, nothing tangible would have been achieved. For instance, if you announce that people should contribute three thousand naira for charity, nobody would like to pay even one naira towards the fund. But under the philosophy of Brotherhood, which is love and oneness, such amount could be easily realised in a very short time during fund raising.

In such a situation one person would even raise the Father’s envelope with about two thousand naira. This shows that love only rules in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. If there is any fund raising activity and you send a special invitation to some selected people who you hope would donate much money, you would be disappointed that none of them would turn up. Even the people you never invited nor had any hope on would raise the fund. That is why I keep on telling you that none has understood Brotherhood yet. Many people are still led by the dictates of the flesh.

We are led by the spirit and whatever you see in this kingdom is done by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes you attend a meeting where several proposals are made yet nothing is done in the end. If you are directed by the Spirit to go to a place like Ikot Ikpene to preach, if you fail to go, then you have disobeyed God and you would have to suffer for it.

If you are directed by the Holy Spirit to set up a building for God’s worship and are in a position to handle the project but out of selfishness, you refuse to heed this instruction, you will have problems. So Brethren, if you compare this Kingdom to the world, you would realise the difference. We are not under the law, for the law was made for evil people and not for the children of God. Read the First Bible Lesson again.


“But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.”


Remember when Our Lord Jesus Christ was in the house teaching his disciples, and someone came in to inform Him that His mother and brethren were waiting for him outside. He pointed to His disciples whom He still teaching and said, they were His mother, sisters and brothers. That all those who did what His heavenly Father directed were His brothers, sisters, and mother. (Matthew 12:50).

So when that lawyer asked Him what he should do to have eternal life, He let the lawyer read from the scriptures, and told him to love the Lord, God with all his soul, strength and mind; and to love his neighbor as Christ loves him. But the lawyer, trying to justify himself, asked Him who his neighbor is. Our Lord Jesus Christ then told him a parable about a traveller who was travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho and he fell among robbers who beat him and left him unconscious. A priest came that way and passed by the side of the road. A Levite also came that way and acted exactly as the priest. Finally, a Samaritan who travelled along the route came to the spot and discovered that the man was in a pool of blood. The Samaritan had compassion on him. He bound up the wounds and finally took him to an inn, where he took care of him. (Luke 10:30-36).

When he was about to leave the following day, he left two pence to the innkeeper to take care of the traveller. He also promised to pay whatever cost was incurred when he returned. Then Our Lord Jesus Christ asked the lawyer, among these three people who came across the unfortunate traveller, who was his real neighbor? The lawyer said it was the merciful Samaritan. So Our Lord Jesus Christ told him to go and do same to others. (LUKE 10:27-37).

The word of God says that not all the Israelites are the children of Israel. Also that not all the children of Abraham are his real children. (Romans 9:6-7). Who are the real children of promise? Who are the real children of Abraham? All those who are controlled by the spirit of God are the children of promise.

Your real brothers and sisters from the same womb may not necessarily be your relations. In other words, a person who really loves you is your brother or sister. That person who is ready to help you anytime you are in trouble is your brother, sister, and mother. Your spiritual brethren are your real relations and they are the ones who love you. Some people in Brotherhood have already understood this fact but many others are yet to know this fact. That is why people claim that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members love each other so much. A real Brotherhood member should know that the person who helps in time of trouble is his real brother or sister or mother.

A person who thinks about your welfare and helps you when in need is your real neighbor. The world is only concerned with the welfare of their close relations. Like the testimony of Brother Ime Akpakpan, that in Lagos some members have grouped themselves along tribal lines. For instance, they now have Oron brethren, Annang group and Ibibio members association among others. Such an attitude amounts to rebellion and it breeds confusion. BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DIVISIONS AND TRIBAL GROUPINGS. If you will recall when some gentiles received the Holy Spirit, some of the apostles agitated that they (the gentiles) should be circumcised before they were fully accepted in their midst. After much argument Peter rose up and said:

“Men and brethren, ye know how that a good while ago God made choice among us that the gentiles shall hear the word of the gospel and believe. And God which knoweth the hearts, bare them witness, giving them the Holy Ghost, even as he did unto us. And put no difference between us and them, purifying their hearts by faith. Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put another yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear? But we believe that through the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they.” (ACTS 15:7-11).

Therefore, as a child of God, any person who is led by the Holy Spirit is your real sister/brother. So we are living in the Spirit, not in the flesh. So long as you continue to claim that you come from Nigeria, Britain, America or any other country or continent, it means you are in the flesh. It is a worldly statement from the flesh that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is from the Nigeria or Africa.

When you claim that this is the time of the blacks, you are being led by the flesh. IN THE SPIRIT, THERE IS NO DISTINCTION ON THE BASIS OF RACE, COLOR OR SEX. The moment you start causing division by claiming that this person is white, or black it means you are in the flesh, and you are therefore under judgement.

If you call some people strangers and others indigenes, you have failed for there is no stranger in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. We are all indigenes and offspring of God. In the world, kings and wealthy people are given special seats in a meeting while the poor ones and servants are given low seats. This is not practised here in Brotherhood because everybody is given equal treatment.

If you fail to walk in the Spirit of God by being a respecter of persons instead of giving equal treatments to people you are under judgement. You can see that what God did for the Israelites, He did equally for the gentiles. (Acts 10:34-35). If you love all people equally, you are not under the law.

If you love one person and hate the other, then you have broken the law, and you have placed yourself under the law. If you are sharing something and you give three to one, and two to the other, and one to the third person, but to the fourth person you give nothing, it means you have failed and it means you are not in the Spirit.

ANY PERSON WHO IS IN THE SPIRIT DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. HE LOVES ALL PEOPLE EQUALLY, AND HE HAS NO DIFFICULTY IN ANYTHING HE DOES. That is why I always ask you to come here, 34 Ambo street, Calabar to hear from the horses mouth.


Some people say a woman cannot preach the word of God to them. They claim that women and children should not be permitted to preach before the congregation. Then the question is: “is there any distinction between men and women or adults or children in this kingdom?” The Holy Spirit is the teacher and everything.

Therefore let nobody walk in the flesh to judge others. Do not look, hear, or think in the way the flesh directs, but always act according to the dictates of the Holy Spirit. If you claim to walk in the Spirit, it means you must not tell lies, steal or commit any sin.

If you love truth, patience, and you practise righteousness, then you are in the Spirit. Whoever is in peace with all people loves him and will be truthful to him because he is in Spirit.

Remember that it is written in the law that you should honor your parents and elderly people, but here we honor all people and love them. A common mistake many people make, even in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is that the first good things they would want to do is in their villages. How many establishments were Our Lord Jesus Christ responsible for in His village? He did not do anything worthy of mention in His hometown.

So He listens to the Spirit; for anyone to walk by the Spirit is not under the law. Sometimes you plan to attend a fundraising activity, and right from your house the Spirit directs you to donate one thousand naira which you can afford. But when you get to the function, and you discover that the highest donor presents only fifty naira, and so for that reason alone, you change your mind and you donate only one hundred naira. With such an attitude, it means you are still in the flesh. This is what I have seen a lot of people do, even in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. If the chairman gives say one hundred Naira, you who had intended to donate two thousand naira would change your mind and donate one hundred naira too, so as not to annoy the chairman. This is the way of the world.

So do not emulate any human being, but always listen to the Spirit, whatever He directs you to do, do that promptly. Right now I declare that there is no power either from a human being or from the laws made by man. ALL POWERS ARE OWED AND CONTROLLED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT WHO IS NOW RULING AND REIGNING THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE. THAT IS WHY WHENEVER WE WANT TO START OUR MEETINGS OR FELLOWSHIPS, WE SING THAT THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD SHOULD COME AND LEAD, FOR IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN THAT HE WOULD LEAD.

THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE LEADER AND PERFECT TEACHER. WHATEVER HE DOES IS CORRECT AND PERFECT. Those who are under the law have been separated from God. Read the second lesson below.




If you really take stock of all your activities daily, then you would accept the fact that it is good to be led by the Holy Spirit. Can you count the wrong things you do every minute? But for the sake of the Holy Spirit would you survive? Are you not aware that you are not under the law? Why should you say that you would not attend prayers any day? Do you own yourself? Whenever the Spirit asks you to get up for services, you complain that you are feeling weak. If you stay back, it means you have disobeyed the Spirit and you would have problems.

Sometimes when you are ready to leave for a place the Spirit asks you to stay back for a visitor is coming to you. Instead of obeying this still small voice, you decide on your own to go, assuring yourself that for many days you have been planning to attend but failed, and you must go today. If you go then you have failed.

SO, OUR MAIN CONCERN IS TO LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND CARRY OUT HIS INSTRUCTIONS. At times when you have a disagreement with somebody, the Spirit directs you to go and reconcile with him. But because of your human volition, you disobey this voice. You claim you cannot go to beg someone who had offended you. If you do so, you have failed and you would have problems.

Sometimes, the Holy Spirit tells you to give someone about twenty naira, but because of your serious attachment to the flesh, you ponder over the matter and finally decide not to give the money to such a person because he had not asked you for it. If you fail to give that twenty naira, you would receive great punishment.

Similarly, you may want to give free-will offering, say, the sum of five naira. But the Holy Spirit directs you to give ten naira. If you disobey by dropping just five naira in the tithe box, you have equally failed. If all of us would accept to walk by the Spirit, we would not have had any problems in life.

All those who walk according to the law have many problems. Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the kingdom of the living God. We have nothing to do with evil. We have nothing to do with human beings, for the Holy Spirit is the doer of everything.

Whether a person hates or loves you, do not mind; but always listen to the Spirit. Whatever the Spirit directs you, accept it as the truth.

Recall what took place between the woman of Samaria and Our Lord Jesus Christ. The woman said unto Him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet. Our Fathers worshipped in this mountains, and ye say that Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. Jesus said unto her, woman believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor at Jerusalem worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what; we know what we worship; for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship God in Spirit and in truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship him. (JOHN 4:19-23).

So, that is what is meant by worshipping God in Spirit and in truth. You have to listen to the directives of the Holy Spirit at all times. The Spirit would always instruct you about the word of God. Any statement that is directly for you, and which relates to your problem should be upheld and practised. Those meant for other people should not bother you. The children of God are not indebted to the flesh but to the Holy Spirit to do His will. Sometimes you go to a particular place and the Spirit instructs you to not to preach the word of God to the people there. If you disobey this instruction, you will not fail to have problems.


If you help somebody just because he is related to you and you refuse to give help to others who are not your relations, you have failed. You have been warned by Our Lord Jesus Christ not call any person a teacher or master for He alone is the teacher (Matthew 23:8). So the Holy Spirit is the only teacher and Master who is able to do all things. So we are those who live in the Spirit. If you do things by the dictates of the flesh, it means you have been separated from Christ. It is stated that:

“For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die, but if ye through the spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.” (Romans 8:12-13). We are not indebted to the flesh but to the Holy Spirit. If the entire people in your community advise you not to do a particular thing but the Spirit gives you the command to go ahead, you should continue to accomplish your task, there would be no trouble with you at all. It was for this reason that Peter and others refused to obey Satan when the worldly people asked them not to preach in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In reaction, Peter asked him whether it was better to harken to the voice of man rather than the voice of God. (ACTS 4:18-20).

So beloved brethren, the problem of many members of this fold, and indeed the world in general, is that of not listening to the Holy Spirit and walking in His directives. Those who want to be justified through the law would be judged by the law. All those who commit sin are under the law. All those who walk by the Spirit are not under the law. See the Golden Text.


“For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.”


From the text you have heard we are not under law but we are under grace. Since we are not under the law but under grace, people would accuse you of not sacrificing a goat or a cow at the death of father or mother. You may be accused of not performing the acceptable funeral rite according to the tradition of your people. If you dare comply with their wishes you are gone completely. DO NOT LISTEN TO SUCH DEVILISH ADVICE. At some other time they may come to you to say that your wife has given birth to a baby and that you should buy this or that to initiate him into one cult or the other. If you accept their advice you have failed. ALWAYS PRAY AND LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND WHAT HE DIRECTS YOU TO DO, DO SAME FOR SUCH IS BEST FOR YOU.

The flesh has no power over us again for it was nailed to the cross. Since the day of the crucifixion when Our Lord Jesus Christ pronounced, “it is finished,” the work of the flesh was completely destroyed. So you would be cheating yourself if you walk in the flesh.

The Holy Spirit has come with love, truth, patience, meekness, joy, righteousness, and all goodness. Can you see any evil in goodness? His works are perfect. He has brought unity, oneness, wealth, lowliness, progress, and universal love to mankind.

So let all people know that wherever the giver of the word is, the one to practise what is spoken is also there.

YOU ARE HAVING THESE LITTLE PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE BECAUSE YOU HAVE REFUSED TO ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT TO LEAD YOU. Our Lord Jesus Christ said to Peter: Verily, verily, I say unto thee, when thou wast young thou girdest thyself, and walkest whither thou wouldest but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee and another shall carry thee wither thou wouldest not. (JOHN 21:18).

Our Lord Jesus Christ went to the wilderness not because he liked it but because it was the spirit that led Him there. (MATTHEW 4:1). You also have to be led by the Spirit at all times. Apostle Paul did not on his own go to Jerusalem but was led by the Spirit. The Spirit told him to go though both imprisonment and suffering were awaiting him there.

That was why when the prophetess raised his girdle and told him not to go, he was not perturbed at all. Rather he questioned the congregation: “What mean ye to weep and to break mine heart? For I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus. (ACTS 21:12-13).

You are all aware of the fact that when Our Lord Jesus Christ was with his disciples He never asked them to go to the gentiles; instead, He directed them to go to the lost sheep of Israel. Anyway, after His resurrection Peter saw a vision as recorded in the Bible. However it was not long when three people started looking for Peter. At the same time, the Holy Spirit told Peter to go down because He the Holy Spirit had sent three men to meet him. These people came from Cornelius, a soldier and a gentile by birth. Since it was the Spirit that asked Peter to go, he did, and followed the three men to their master’s house.

When the other disciples heard of Peter’s visit to Cornelius the gentile, they were offended. Later, when they inquired from him why he mixed with the gentiles, he told them that it was not his will to have done that but he was directed by the Holy Spirit. Peter narrated the whole thing as it happened to him. It was from then on that the gentiles started receiving the gospel of salvation. Whenever you are directed by the Holy Spirit do not hesitate, for He is before and behind you.

It is said that one stroke of the cane is sufficient for the wise. Let those who have ears hear. May God Bless His Holy Words. Amen.


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