BAYA Is To Promote Holiness And Sanity

Considering the urgent need to address the undesirable trend and restore the youths to the path of holiness The Holy Father Himself physically instituted the Brotherhood All Youths Assembly in the year 2013 as a divine instrument to, among other aspects; 

– promote holiness and sanctity among the youths. 

– Encourage youth-led evangelism for peaceful coexistence within the human family. 

– Stimulate academic excellence. 

– Establish vocational/skills acquisition and training programs for youths. 

– Institute and support entrepreneurship development for youths.

– Promoting sports and entertainment
– Design special programs to empower the physically challenged. 

– Encourage the youths to embark on spiritual rejuvenating exercise. 

– Interact physically with The Holy Father who is only true Mentor and worthy Leader of the Youths. 

Now You know the aims and objectives of BAYA. Be in spirit and be blessed for it.

Come and witness total change in your life as over 15,000 youths will gather to witness a total emancipation from all physical and Spiritual situations from the ONLY TRUE FRIEND OF THE YOUTHS HIS HOLINESS OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU.

Thank You Father

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