"We are all we need and we are better together''
His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu
The King of kings and Lord of Lords


In order to achieve the divine objective of the New Kingdom of God on earth, The Supreme Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has set up The Government of God which was physically revealed on 23rd April, 2012 and solemnly inaugurated on the 2nd January 2017.


Under this arrangement, the Government functions by divine guidance. Policies, rules and regulations are formulated by divine pronouncement and founded on the teachings of The Holy Father centered on peace, love and righteousness.


The Unified Universal Theocratic Council (UUTC) is the apex governing body in BCS worldwide. It is a broad based new Administrative structure designed to suit the conduct of various aspects of the Theocratic Government of God. The Unified Universal Theocratic Council is a complete overhaul of the administrative system in the Kingdom whereby brethren, information and material resources are better and more efficiently organized with regards to purpose, mission and implementation of strategy to build the Kingdom of God on earth. The UUTC is responsible for discipline, as well as general corporate management of all properties; both moveable and immoveable, belonging to the Kingdom. Under the Divine Directives of The Holy Father, the Council also oversees all Financial Accounts and the General Administration of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.


The UUTC is structured into three divine pillars with various departments under each pillar which are Spiritual, Administration and Business. The Spiritual Pillar has the Peace Board, Evangelism Board, the Universal Assembly of BCS Priesthood, Christ Universal Spiritual Council of Churches and all Fellowships. The Administrative Pillar has the following departments; Government Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Protocol, Audit, Events, Transport/Logistics, Information/Media, Legal Services, Works and Security while the Business Pillar is structured with the Business, Budget, Investment and BCS Enterprises departments. 


The divine Theocracy, the Unified Universal Theocratic Government, is different from any other theocracy in that The Almighty God, who has manifested in human form, is directly and personally in control. It is the Government of God that unites all the worldly kingdoms in love, righteousness and justice. The UUTC is the executive arm of this Government under the spiritual and physical Leadership of The Universal Monarch, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, The King of kings and Lord of lords.

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Every year, BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR hosts thousands of national and international visitors. People travel from around the world to witness and receive from the Mighty work that God is doing in His Kingdom. We welcome visitors from across the globe to stay with us and witness first-hand proof that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

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BCS Starcross TV is Brotherhood of the Cross and Star official television station, broadcasting 24/7 around the globe via satellite and on the internet.

The purpose of BCS Starcross TV is to preach the Good News to all mankind. That is what we are born for, living for and what we shall die for. BCS Starcross TV is committed to changing lives, changing nations and changing the whole world through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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